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    30 Impossibly Cozy Comforters That'll Make You Never Want To Leave Your Bed

    "I live here now." —me, moving into my bed.

    1. A quilted duvet insert to confirm that never leaving your room really can be a fulfilling lifestyle.

    white quilted comforter on mattress in bedroom

    2. An Egyptian cotton goose down cloud if you prefer the finer things in life, even when you're asleep.

    White comforter, pillows, and sheets on dark bed frame

    3. A quilted down alternative comforter with hypoallergenic filling so a good night's sleep is actually attainable.

    Brown comforter on mattress in bedroom

    4. An ultra-plush hypoallergenic down alternative reversible option so Netflix and chill means literally just that.

    navy blue comforter and gray reversible comforter on mattress in bedroom

    5. A premium down feather duvet insert if you consider napping to be a very serious activity.

    side view, white comforter on mattress in bedroom

    6. A quilted hypoallergenic duvet insert as an inexpensive escape from the outside.

    White comforter on mattress in bedroom

    7. A fancy temp-regulating silk and bamboo comforter, because you are royalty and you should sleep as such.

    8. A floral comforter that puts new meaning to floating on cloud nine and feeling regal in the bedroom.

    gold floral comforter set on mattress in bedroom

    9. A fluffy down alternative duvet insert with hypoallergenic filling so you always feel like the little spoon.

    White comforter on mattress in bedroom

    10. A lightweight reversible down alternative duvet insert to fight against the war of waking up in the morning.

    green reversible down alternative duvet insert on bed

    11. A Brooklinen down comforter touting a 400 thread-count and 100% cotton sateen shell for a fail-proof way to avoid responsibilities.

    Brooklinen comforter on bed

    12. A preppy goose down alternative so at least something looks put together when you're still hitting snooze at noon.

    Patterned comforter on mattress in bedroom

    13. An all-season duvet insert if you're training to be a professional napper.

    White comforter on mattress in bedroom

    14. A fashionable bed set to make your laziness look chic.

    blue, gray, and white patterned comforter on bed

    15. A super-soft Sunday Citizen bamboo comforter to keep you cozy and snug year-round thanks to its temperature-regulating capabilities.

    taupe comforter on bed

    16. An organic comforter for hot sleepers that will keep you warm during the winter months, but prevent your bed from becoming a den of sweat in the summer.

    the white quilted comforter on a bed

    17. A silky comforter to envelop you in a stylish cloud of comfort. It's perfect for bed, lounging, and trips from your sofa to the door when your Grubhub order arrives.

    Black comforter on mattress in bedroom

    18. A luxurious goose-down comforter so soothing it truly justifies that much-needed afternoon nap.

    Khaki comforter on mattress in bedroom

    19. A velvety-smooth and cozy-but-chic comforter that'll have you wondering if you really need to get out of bed each morning.

    black comforter with fluffy white underside and black pillows on grey bed frame

    20. A ridiculously fluffy and reversible comforter that's honestly heavenly, whether you need some serious fluff or velvety-smooth coziness.

    white fluffy comforter with white fluffy pillows on brown wooden bed frame

    21. A lightweight Buffy Breeze comforter made of 100% eucalyptus to keep you cool throughout the night.

    22. A three-piece microfiber down alternative comforter set that comes in variety of prints in case you want your unique bedspread to become an accent piece.

    white grid pattern comforter and pillows on bed

    23. A faux fur comforter you won't be able to stop yourself from rolling around in like a happy puppy every night.

    raspberry-colored faux fur comforter and pillowcases on bed

    24. A diamond puff comforter that looks beautiful and is soft to the touch because you deserve the best of both worlds.

    model sitting next to orange diamond puff comforter

    25. Or a boho comforter and sham set to affordably meet your taste and comfortably snuggle your body.

    26. A stunning, cotton, and floral-printed comforter to add a little ~life~ to your sleep sanctuary (without having to actually suffer the consequences of allergy season). 

    the multicolored floral comforter and sham set on a bed

    Promising review: "Even the dog loves this new comforter! Surprisingly lightweight and beautiful print. The pillowcases are silky and stay cool when you sleep." –Gabriella 

    Get it from AllModern for $180+ (available in two sizes).

    27. A breathable three-piece reversible comforter set in an array of beautiful botanical prints so you can start hitting the flower bed instead of the hay at night.

    a bed made with a white, blue, and brown botanical print comforter set

    Promising review: "We LOVE this comforter! It’s cotton, so it has extra heft and warmth. The pattern is gorgeous and the price was outstanding. Love it!!" –Writergirl

    Get it from Amazon for $52.99+ (available in three sizes and 20 designs). 

    28. A luxury comforter made from a bamboo-viscose blend and stuffed with fluffy polyester that *looks and feels* like down bedding, but is *actually* a hypoallergenic and super soft alternative.

    a bed made with a white down alternative comforter
    Cosy House

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this comforter! It’s not only beautiful but so soft 😍. This is the BEST BUY I’ve made in a long time." –Mary Fate

    Get it from Cosy House for $79.95+(originally $144.95+; available in three sizes and six colors). 

    29. A stunning comforter set for anyone who is looking to upgrade their bedroom without spending much. It comes with a comforter, two standard shams, a bed skirt, and three decorative pillows!

    elegant bedding set with botanical print comforter, paired with decorative pillows and framed wall art in a styled bedroom

    30. And a chic pom fringe comforter set so you make your bedroom a boho-style sleep space. With so many color options (see the pretty terracotta shade below), you can easily switch up your look.

    bed with terracotta comforter that has a decorative pom-pom trim

    Just need a quick seven-year nap.

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