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    16 Practical Tips For Anyone Who Takes Forever To Fall Asleep

    More sleep, less stress.

    H/t this Quora thread.

    1. Literally set aside time at the end of your day to laugh — it helps you ~be in the moment~ and it relieves stress.

    2. Try a simple body scan meditation, and start by thinking about your big toe.

    3. Turn your bedroom into a sleep cave: pitch-black and silent.

    4. And keep your room cool at night — about 65 degrees — to help your body naturally cool down for sleep.

    5. But wear socks if your toes and feet get too cold.

    6. No way to have a super dark, quiet room? Try earplugs and a sleep mask, instead.

    7. And if ear plugs just won't do it for you, try a white noise machine or a podcast like Sleep With Me.

    8. Create a relaxing ~bedtime routine~ that helps you wind down.

    9. At some point before bed, pick up a book to escape to another world and forget about your day, at least for a while.

    10. Scent your space by lighting a calming candle, or wear a drop or two of lavender essential oil on your wrists as ~sleep perfume~.

    11. Set up your computer and phone so the screens gradually tint to warmer, more calming tones through your afternoon and evening.

    12. (Seriously!) power down all your screens at least 30 minutes before bed.

    13. Try a breathing technique to distract you from your thoughts and relax your body.

    14. Try a quick gratitude journal just before you turn off the lights.

    15. Dim your over-head lights if you can, or only turn on your lamps for an instant ~cozy~ environment.

    16. Stick to or try some of the standard good advice you've heard over and over again.

    Sweet dreams!!!