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    Take The BuzzFeed Morning Person Challenge

    Stop snoozing and start living.

    Mornings, amirite?

    To wake up earlier, there are three main steps: 1) Go to bed earlier, 2) sleep better, 3) and motivate yourself to overcome your natural morning habits and tendencies.

    Each day we’ll introduce a new habit or task that will build on the one for the previous day.

    The first week, you'll focus on crafting a relaxing evening routine to get you better prepared for a good night's sleep. The second week, you'll actually get up earlier and learn to make that extra time count so you stop hating mornings for good.

    You get to decide how much earlier you want to get up. It will depend on what you want to get done in the morning and how much earlier you want to go to bed.

    Oh, and you can sign up right here to receive daily email reminders to help you as you go through the challenge.

    It's go time!

    Day 1: Turn off all your screens one to two hours before bed.

    It takes a while for this to work, so that’s why you need around an hour and a half of not looking at screens or bright lights to get the full effect.

    If you can't stand to live without your devices lulling you to sleep, use a program like F.lux that reduces the blue light waves from your devices.

    Day 2: Curb your caffeine intake.

    Day 3: Create an evening routine.

    Day 4: Rethink your bedroom.

    Day 5: Prep everything you need for the next day in the evening.

    Day 6: Clear your mind.

    Day 7: Go to bed earlier!

    Day 1: Try a different alarm.

    Day 2: Optimize your breakfast.

    Make time for a balanced and filling breakfast.

    Day 3: Plan a morning reward for yourself.

    Day 4: Make your bed as soon as you’re up.

    Day 5: Get moving.

    Day 6: Make a morning date or appointment.

    Day 7: Stick to your new schedule...even on weekends.

    Congratulations! You did it!

    And remember: To get special tips, reminders, and words of inspiration each day of the challenge, sign up for our Morning Person Challenge emails!