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    We Challenged Joe Jonas And DNCE To The BuzzFeed BFF Test

    "Everyone’s changing their personality for the cams."

    Joe Jonas has been a household name for over a decade now, ever since he shot to fame as the frontman of the Jonas Brothers, the band he started in 2005 alongside his brothers, Kevin and Nick (and yes, we're all that old). Now that his Disney days are far behind him — and the Jonas Brothers called it quits for good in 2013 — Joe is enjoying a new venture as the lead singer of pop band DNCE. Along with drummer Jack Lawless, guitarist JinJoo Lee, and bassist Cole Whittle, Joe took the world by storm in 2015 with DNCE’s debut single, “Cake by the Ocean”. Now they're back with a new EP, People to People.

    Of course, Joe, Jack, JinJoo, and Cole spend a ~lot~ of time together, so when they visited BuzzFeed’s London office recently while promoting the new EP, we decided to put them to the test and see how well they actually know one another...

    Who is one musician JinJoo would most like to collaborate with?


    Jack’s answer: Kendrick Lamar
    Cole’s answer: North Hollywood
    Joe’s answer: H.O.T.
    JinJoo’s answer: The Rolling Stones

    What show is Cole most likely to be binge-watching?


    Jack’s answer: Baskets
    JinJoo’s answer: PornHub
    Joe’s answer: Baskets
    Cole’s answer: Bang Bus

    Cole: Jin wins! You guys actually know me, because those are the two options. Good job, guys.

    What would Joe want to be if he wasn’t a musician?


    Jack’s answer: Zookeeper
    JinJoo’s answer: Animal helper
    Cole’s answer: Magician
    Joe’s answer: Magician

    Joe: You wanna know what’s crazy? The first thing I wrote was zookeeper, but I scribbled it out because I’d rather be a magician. So you both kind of win. Everybody wins!

    Cole: See, we’re such besties that we get both layers. We get answers one and two.

    What is Jack's go-to karaoke song?


    JinJoo’s answer:Wonderwall”
    Cole’s answer:Wonderwall”
    Joe’s answer:Wonderwall”
    Jack’s answer: Creep”

    JinJoo: Noooo! I was gonna do that!

    Jack: To be fair, karaoke’s not my thing.

    Joe: Yeah. Jack likes to professionally sing, not karaoke sing.

    What is JinJoo's most-used emoji?


    Jack’s answer:
    Cole’s answer: /
    Joe’s answer:
    JinJoo’s answer: 🤘🏼

    Jack, Cole, and Joe: THAT IS NOT TRUE.

    Joe: Where’s your phone? Your phone’s in that bag, right? We’re testing this.

    Cole: JinJoo’s creating a fake reality for the viewers.


    Joe: We can actually test this. Go to your text messages. Actually, give it to me, I don’t want you to cheat. There’s so many dating apps, Jin, god.

    Cole: OK, it is in here, but it’s not at the top.

    Joe: Tired is not in here. The top most used would be the love-heart eyes, so none of us win. But you do use those rock hands.

    JinJoo: See?

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    Who would play Cole in the movie of your lives?


    Jack’s answer: Louie Anderson
    JinJoo’s answer: A lightning bolt
    Joe’s answer: Frankie Jonas or The Rock
    Cole’s answer: Matthew McConaughey AND Kurt Russell

    Cole: They’re a team.

    BuzzFeed: Like, they’re walking around together?

    Cole: Yes. The emotional range is so vast.

    What’s Joe's most-used curse word?


    Jack’s answer: Fucker
    JinJoo’s answer: Fucking fuck
    Cole’s answer: FARKNNN
    Joe’s answer: FARRRKEN

    Jack: Close enough.

    Cole: I like this. Let’s play this game all day.

    Joe: The cameras will be off and we’ll just keep going.

    What movie always makes Jack cry?


    JinJoo’s answer: Star Wars
    Cole’s answer: Big Momma’s House 3
    Joe’s answer: Toy Story
    Jack’s answer: Zach Williams Makes It Big Time

    Cole: Everyone knows there’s three movies that make Jack cry. The first is Toy Story, the second is Big Momma’s House 3, and the third is Star Wars. You cry at all three of those.

    Joe: If you don’t know Zach Williams Makes It Big Time, just google it. It’s our friend’s short film.

    Jack: It’s a classic.

    What is JinJoo's most annoying habit?


    Jack’s answer: She can fall asleep anywhere at any time
    Cole’s answer: Talking
    Joe’s answer: Yawning
    JinJoo’s answer: I’m not even going to write it. It’s too sad.

    Joe: She has a really loud yawn. It takes her about six to seven hours to wake up.

    JinJoo: I’m very quiet most of the time, and then when I yawn, I do this…


    Cole: Every fucking day.

    What phrase or word does Cole say way too often?


    Jack’s answer: Yeah boi
    JinJoo’s answer: Yeah boiiiiiiii
    Joe’s answer: JOHN!
    Cole’s answer: JOHN

    Joe: I mean, it never stops. It’s a phrase, it’s a word, it’s a noun. Yeah boi’s tied with John.

    Cole: It’s like, “There’s a John. Give me the John. Do you want a John?”

    Jack: John can be anything, though.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    What animal is Joe most similar to?


    Jack’s answer: Dog
    JinJoo’s answer: Dog
    Cole’s answer: Dog
    Joe’s answer: Monkey

    Cole: You’re a cute dog! You made that up! Everyone’s changing their personality for the cams.

    Joe: Aw thanks, guys. I appreciate it.

    What is Jack's pet peeve?


    JinJoo’s answer: My FaceTiming
    Cole’s answer: JinJoo FaceTiming
    Joe’s answer: JinJoo FaceTiming
    Jack’s answer: Everyone’s awesome, I have none

    Joe: Jack doesn’t get mad ever, but he snapped one day on Jin, and it was really entertaining.

    Who is JinJoo's all-time musical icon?


    Jack’s answer: Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Cole’s answer: Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Joe’s answer: Stevie Ray Vaughan
    JinJoo’s answer: Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Which celebrity would Cole totally freak out over meeting?


    Jack’s answer: Matthew McConaughey
    JinJoo’s answer: Camila
    Joe’s answer: Louie Anderson
    Cole’s answer: Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss again

    What is Joe's secret talent?


    Jack’s answer: Espresso machine noise
    JinJoo’s answer: Balance anything
    Cole’s answer: Balance anything
    Joe’s answer: Balancing

    Cole: It’s not so secret any more since you do it on every morning show in the world. He can balance anything. You can google any morning show and you can see him doing it. But he can do an espresso machine noise. Everyone close their eyes!

    Joe: [perfect espresso machine noise]


    Jack: It’s like we’re in Starbucks.

    Cole: I have to poop already just hearing that. It’s like Pavlov’s dogs.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    What food can Jack not live without?


    JinJoo’s answer: Meatball
    Cole’s answer: Pizza
    Joe’s answer: Pasta
    Jack’s answer: Wings or pizza

    What’s one place Cole would love to visit but hasn’t yet?


    Jack’s answer: The moon
    JinJoo’s answer: Space
    Joe’s answer: Hawaii
    Cole’s answer: Africa

    What is Joe most likely doing in his downtime?


    Jack’s answer: Fortnite
    JinJoo’s answer: Fortnite
    Cole’s answer: Fortnite
    Joe’s answer: Fortnite

    Joe: I actually asked our driver if he had Wi-Fi and he said I could use his hotspot and I played Fortnite in the car.

    What is Jack's biggest phobia?


    JinJoo’s answer: Snakes
    Cole’s answer: Snakes
    Joe’s answer: Snakes
    Jack’s answer: Snakes

    Cole: You overcame a fear in Australia. You had a snake wrapped around your arm.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    Who was JinJoo's first celebrity crush?


    Jack’s answer: Kendrick Lamar
    Cole’s answer: Barney
    Joe’s answer: James Franco
    JinJoo’s answer: Leonardo DiCaprio

    JinJoo: You guys know this. I talked about it in a radio interview and you guys made fun of me for a long, long time.

    Cole: And that concludes DNCE’s version of this game with BuzzFeed. We do know each other well. Too well. And it’s coming to be torturous.

    You can listen to DNCE's EP, People to People, out now!

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