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Here Are 17 Legitimately Awesome Things You Need To Know About LeBron James' New Public School

Every kid gets a free bike and helmet.

This week, LeBron James opened a public school specifically designed for "students in Akron who need it most." LeBron spent millions of dollars and a decade of his life working to open this school in his Ohio hometown.

And y'all, every single detail I learn about this school makes me want to cry a little. Here are just a few reasons why the I Promise School is so incredible:

1. Every kid at the school gets a free bicycle and helmet, because LeBron says his own childhood bike helped him get out of dangerous neighborhoods and explore his city as a kid.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

2. Students receive free breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout their school day. They also get free uniforms.

3. If a student's family is struggling to put food on the table, the school has its own food bank for them to use.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

4. LeBron has guaranteed that every single student who graduates from his school will receive free college tuition at the University of Akron.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

5. Not that this is the most ~important~ thing, but can we talk about how COOL the building is? The walls are lined with the athlete's former game shoes.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

6. The school's calendar is uniquely designed to keep students engaged in their learning. This includes having a longer school day and a shorter summer break.

Ready for year-round school πŸ’ͺ🏾 #IPROMISE #WeAreFamily

Jason Miller / Getty Images

7. For the school's seven-week summer recess, they offer an optional STEM-based summer camp.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

8. The school places a huge emphasis on their emotional well-being. Students have support circles every day after lunch, and daily classes to help them develop healthy life habits.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

9. And it's not just the students who are being served by the school: LeBron is implementing programs to help the parents of these children, too. For example...

The kid from Akron with his kids from Akron. #IPROMISE #WeAreFamily

10. Parents at the school are given access to a GED program if they didn't graduate high school.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

11. If a parent is unemployed, the school has resources to help them find a job.

@KingJames touring @Rachel__Nichols through his @IPROMISESchool & showing off what the Akron Community built and came together for! #IPROMISE 😎🏫 #WeAreFamily

12. The school will even help parents find suitable housing for their families. The school's motto is "We Are Family," and they really live up to it.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

13. OH, and you'll be glad to know that the school treats the teachers pretty incredibly, too!

Jason Miller / Getty Images

14. You might not know this, but most teachers have to pay for their own classroom supplies. But at LeBron's school, all supplies are provided for them.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

15. To ensure that they are well-equipped to help their students, every teacher at the I Promise School is given access to free psychological services as well as career development trainings.

Our #IPROMISE School Staff are gathering all around the school to greet @KingJames kids as they arrive for the 1️⃣st day at 9am! #WeAreFamily

16. LeBron even hired a personal trainer for the teachers to use if they want!

Jason Miller / Getty Images

17. Finally (and maybe most importantly), LeBron and his foundation made this a *public* school β€” it's not charter or private. That means it's totally free for students to go, and the school isn't treated differently from any other in the Akron district.

Jason Miller / Getty Images

LeBron James, thank you.

All smiles for @KingJames #IPROMISE Students πŸ˜πŸ™Œ #ChosenOnes

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