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    I'm Like 99.9% Sure Bill Skarsgård Is The Devil In "Castle Rock" And Here's The Easter Egg That Proves It

    Did we just cross over into the Twilight Zone?

    We may be four episodes deep into Castle Rock, but we're still pretty far from learning who Bill Skarsgård — also referred to as The Kid — truly is...OR ARE WE?


    Here's the deal...

    In Episode 4, "The Box," it actually looks like the show's creators dropped a very big clue that he is in fact the Devil.


    A hot devil, though, right? LOL, sorry.

    So, when Alan Pangporn (Scott Glenn) returns home after ~helping out~ Henry, there's an episode of the iconic show The Twlight Zone playing on TV. And the particular episode that's playing is called, "The Howling Man."


    Not a coincidence.

    And what is "The Howling Man" about? Well, I'll tell ya — it's a story about THE DEVIL being imprisoned and duping a schmuck into helping him escape.

    CBS / Via Netflix

    Basically, an innocent traveler comes by a hermitage where a bunch of monks there have imprisoned a man that howls a lot. The monks insist the guy is the Devil and explain they've successfully held him for several years, but the traveler doesn't believe them. So, he helps the guy escape...only to discover he really IS the devil. Oops.

    Sounds kinda familiar, right?


    What's even MORE interesting is the cool visual homage to "The Howling Man" later in the episode when prison guard Zalewski pays a visit to The Kid.

    CBS/Netflix, Hulu

    Another innocent dum-dum helping out the Devil?!

    Of course, the theory that The Kid is in fact the Devil is not new — people have been wondering this since very early on.


    In Episode 2, Pangborn recalls how Warden Lacy literally thought he caught the devil. Pangborn explains that Lacy, “said he had always thought the devil was just a metaphor, but now he knew the Devil was a boy, and old Dale said he’d caught ‘em, had locked the Devil in a box.”

    But can we say theory confirmed now?

    What do you think? Tell me your thoughts and theories in the comments below!