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    The Nail Art On This Instagram Account Will Make Your Boring Manicure Weep

    It's couture for your cuticles!

    If regular ol' manicures are getting kind of boring to you, let the Instagram account for the Russian salon Nail Sunny introduce you to the whole wild world of extreme nail art:

    ICYMI: Nail Sunny is a chain of salons based in Russia all specializing in nail art — and they're planning to expand to Los Angeles soon!

    And in the mean time, you can feast your eyes on the crazy amount of detail and imagination that goes into their works, whether it's teeny tiny rolls of TP...

    Or these wedding figurines...

    Or this very Jurassic Park-y number:

    Or these colored pencil nails that ACTUALLY color...

    Or these itty bitty combs probably could detangle like, a hair or two...

    'Cause, hey. Life's short. And getting braces for your teeth? That's so 2017.

    And just imagine: With this nail art job, you'd never have to hunt for a Q-tip again.

    Of course, Nail Sunny also offers more ~conventional~ manicures...

    But don't those seem so totally boring when you could have some actual claws instead??

    Or literal birthday candles??

    Or heck, how about some nail peen?

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    This post was translated from Spanish.