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    This $5 Mascara Is So Freaking Good I'm Pretty Convinced I've Witnessed Witchcraft

    If Maybelline The Falsies mascara gives you such amazing results after spending practically NOTHING, then maybe you really *are* born with it?

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    How many times have we spent WAY too much money on designer mascara just to have our hearts broken when it falls short of our expectations?! The answer is one time too many.

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    I risked having to eat tuna fish for a week because I spent all my money on YOU?! AND YOU REPAY ME BY CLUMPING?!

    But wipe away those raccoon-eyed tears for good, because Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Mascara ($5.16+ on Amazon) volumizes your lashes to *eye-widening* lengths and gives you the same (if not better) effects as designer brands!

    It's available in both washable and waterproof, so you can choose what the day calls for (hello allergies, I choose waterproof).

    Not only does its kera-fiber formula deliver a smooth application, but it's specifically designed to never clump (bless). Plus, its brush is actually flexible and curved so that it moves *with* your lashes for a natural, yet dramatic effect.

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    There are even 869 five-star reviewers and a 4.0 rating on Amazon, because little money + big results = lots (and lots) of happy people.

    Promising review: "I've told myself for many years that I was never going to wear false eyelashes and thanks to Maybelline's Falsies, I can continue without! If you're looking to lengthen your eyelashes, this is the one. They look so beautiful and long that they give the appearance of false eyelashes. My eyelashes touch my eyebrows when I use this! I doubt I'll find anything better." —anjanette

    Who needs to spend an hour trying to glue on false eyelashes (has anyone ever actually successfully done that?) when you can just swipe on this miracle worker?!

    Promising review: "I have tried a lot of different mascaras, and this is one of my favorite. Its curved brush prevents extra mascara from ending up on your eyelids. You can add one coat for a more subtle look, or add several coats for more dramatic eyelashes. I haven't noticed it flaking off at all, and it stays on throughout the day." —CAH

    When people ask in awe if those are your natural eyelashes you can technically say "YES." Bragging rights included.

    Promising review: "I've tried many kinds of mascara and I have to say this version is by far my favorite. I've never have any issues with it flaking off or getting into my eyes. It washes off easily for a mascara that stays so well. It does a nice job of making my eyelashes fluff up and look denser. It defines them in a way that it makes my lashes look fuller and like there are more of them, rather than that look of just caking black makeup on the lashes. They don't make my lashes look like I have makeup on them, but rather have much nicer looking eyes/lashes. One tube lasts forever. It never seems to dry out or get old. After trying this, I don't want to even bother spending the money to try any other brands, since this one works perfectly!" —Where the Sidewalk Ends

    Short- and long-lashed beauties alike swear by this, because its volumizing power is THAT good!

    Promising review: "This is an amazing mascara! I will definitely be purchasing again in the future! My lashes are very short, with so much of them pulled because of false extensions. With this mascara I can now have the same look of fake eyelashes without ruining my eyelashes and save a ton of money!" —Kenisha D. H.

    Need I remind you how cheap this is? All those years of sacrificing Chipotle for disappointing expensive mascara is OVER, my friend.

    Promising review: "This is my favorite mascara of all time — of all time! It's cheap and gives my eyelashes good volume and helps them stay up without using a curler. I've used this forever. I don't like really heavy application like I used to, and I just put it on lighter now and am still super satisfied, so I can say it is versatile. For how not-often mascara comes up in conversation in my life, it seems I've told a decent amount of my girlfriends how much I love this one is particular. I can't ever see myself not buying it." —Lorissa Elliott

    It even comes in a bold blue shade for when you're feeling ~extra~ attention-worthy! Which can totally be every day.

    Promising review: "This is by far one of the best mascaras out there! I've used several very expensive mascaras and this one beats them all! It goes on so smoothly and it really does lengthen your lashes like crazy! I use to pay $20 to $30 for my mascaras, but I'm so happy I discovered this one. I've been using it for several years now. So many of my friends have switched after I've told them about it and they are all big fans as well. I highly recommend trying it out. You can't beat it for the price!" —LOLA

    Get it from Amazon for $6.16+ (available in seven varieties).

    Now go release your show-stopping lashes to the world! And yes, feel free to tell everyone they're ~real~.

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