21 Dream Dorm Rooms That’ll Make You Want To Run To The Store ASAP

    Get ready for inspiration.

    1. This palm leaf paradise:

    2. And this chic space:

    3. This peaceful oasis:

    4. And this bold bedroom:

    5. This pink and gold babe cave:

    6. And this cozy corner:

    7. This rocker's dream:

    8. And this eclectic space:

    9. This comfortable hang out:

    10. And this gray scale corner:

    11. This adorable space:

    12. And this amazing use of wall art:

    13. This multi-patterned setting:

    14. And this simplistic area:

    15. This brilliantly bold room:

    16. And this soft space:

    17. This twinkle light heaven:

    18. And this patterned and plush room:

    19. These quilted quarters:

    20. And this lovely corner:

    21. And finally, this simplistic space: