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17 Servers Who Make Even Chick-Fil-A's Customer Service Look Bad

These waiters truly went above and beyond.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the nicest things a server has ever done for them. Here are the heartwarming results.

1. This immediate savior:

"I was at a restaurant with my 3-year-old, and I was also pregnant with my second child. I suddenly had a wave of morning sickness that had me desperately searching for the restroom. Our waitress noticed, pointed me in the right direction, and offered to sit with my son. I accepted her offer just as I started vomiting into my hands. When I came back from the bathroom, she was at our table, deep in a Star Wars conversation with my son while she cut up his waffle into bite-size pieces. She was a total lifesaver, and I’ll never forget her kindness in what was one of my lower public moments."

Jenny Mae

Harpo Productions

2. This heroic cashier:

"My 5-year-old was stung by a bee in the car on our way to Chick-fil-A. The cashier, who was a nursing student, came from behind to look at it, iced it, told us what to watch for, and then tracked down some pediatric Benadryl and brought it over. She also came to check in 15 minutes later, to make sure she didn't have an allergic reaction. Far above my expectations!"


3. This delightful giver:

"I studied chemical engineering in college, which was a very demanding major, and on top of that, I worked 60-hour weeks. I was depressed, lonely, and worn out. One night after a 10-hour shift, I went to Fuego. When I pulled up to the window to pay for my food, I couldn't find my debit card in my wallet. I started to sob, but the employee at the window just said, 'Don't — It's on me. I hope your night gets better.' I later found my debit card, but I will never forget that man's kindness."



4. This rock star waiter:

"I was at Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin, and my boyfriend ordered a French toast platter with scrambled eggs. Our waitress brought out our food, and we were both very happy with it. Two minutes later, she came out with a second order of his meal and said, ‘I just didn’t like the way your eggs looked... they didn’t look done right, so here’s another plate on me.’ That was the kindest thing a server had ever done for me. I also overheard her at the table behind us when a man wanted to order a Maine Root soda but didn’t know which one to order, so she literally brought out every flavor for him to try so he could make the right decision. She was the best!”


5. This toddler rescuer:

"I was at Applebee's with my husband and our 2-year-old. Our waitress kept coming over to talk to our son because he reminded her of her little brother, and she missed him a lot since starting school again. She listened to him blabber about the show Bubble Guppies. Later in the meal, our son started to get very antsy. Our waitress came out of nowhere and handed him her phone with an episode of Bubble Guppies on the screen, and she let him use it for the rest of the meal! It was honestly so sweet and such a big help."


Harpo Productions

6. This kind act:

"While dining in my hometown, a waiter approached me and asked if I was the lady who always asked for strawberry ice cream instead of green tea. After confirming that it was me, he stated that they just ran out of strawberry. He offered me peanut butter fudge ice cream from the back because he had 'saved a secret stash from the dessert guy who brings in specialty flavors.' After graciously accepting and devouring it, I went to thank him. That's when I found out that the ice cream was actually something he bought for himself to enjoy after work, and when he saw me, he immediately thought to offer it to me!"


7. This kitchen queen:

"I always went to my local Dairy Queen and ordered the same exact thing: a single cheeseburger combo with no mustard. One day I forgot to order it without mustard. I pulled up to the window, and a woman from the kitchen ran over to me at the drive-thru and said, 'I know you always ask for no mustard, but today you didn't say anything. We just wanna make sure you didn't forget!' Shoutout to Dairy Queen for knowing their customers!"


Harpo Productions

8. This generous gesture:

"I was in Florida a few years ago and had a really bad head cold. All I wanted was some tea. My family and I went to get sushi for dinner at a place that didn’t have anything without caffeine. Our waiter must’ve realized our disappointment when he said everything was caffeinated, so he came back later with three different types of herbal tea. This guy literally went to a restaurant next door and got all their tea selections for me, just because I was feeling sick. It was one of the nicest things anyone had done for me."


9. This good deed:

"One time at Chick-fil-A, I ordered three chicken nugget meals for my friends and me. I waited for about five minutes, and then an employee told me the food would take a little longer to make, so he handed me a gift card for a free chicken sandwich. Another five minutes went by, so he called me over again, and this time he offered me a full refund on my whole meal, just for waiting 10 minutes! They have the nicest employees."



10. This baby whisperer:

"We were on the last day of a weeklong vacation with 2-year-old twins. We got seated at our table, and our girls were seriously hangry. Our server was so sweet to them, talked to them, brought them extra crayons, and tried to make them laugh. She also made sure to bring out their food before everyone else’s, split their plate for us, and gave them an extra side for free. She was so good about not putting the food directly in front of two hangry toddlers, knowing they'd probably burn themselves. We were all so exhausted that I was about to have a nervous breakdown because I didn’t want to deal with one more toddler meltdown, so she honestly saved my sanity."


11. This seasoned pro:

"I was at Red Robin with my best friend and her mom. Red Robin's fry seasoning is honestly so good, so I jokingly said to the waitress that I wanted to steal it but my friend's mom wouldn't let us. The waitress said, 'Hold on a second,' and then walked away. She immediately came back to our table with three free giant bottles of seasoning for us to take home!"


Harpo Productions

12. This cheese-free dinner:

"We went to Red Lobster for a family dinner. For some reason my older brother won’t eat cheese, and we almost had him convinced that their Cheddar Bay Biscuits were named after the place they were invented, rather than their ingredients, but at the last second our waiter told him the truth. My brother looked so upset, so without missing a beat, our waiter said he'd have the kitchen whip up a fresh batch without cheese for him. My picky-ass brother got a whole batch of free (and cheese-free) biscuits all to himself! Props to that waiter."


13. This personal response:

"My boyfriend and I used to go to Buffalo Wild Wings at LEAST two times a week for lunch. We always had the same waitress, and she even helped us sign up for the rewards program. One day she forgot to write down our number to get the reward points at the restaurant, so she personally found me on Facebook and messaged me how to do it. It may not sound like much, but she always was an amazing waitress and made sure she went above and beyond when she could."



14. This marvelous manager:

"I once got really sick at a restaurant and was by myself, so the manager called me a cab and made sure that the driver got me home and waited outside until I was safely in my house. The manager also requested that the cabdriver call him to make sure I got home safely. So sweet!"


15. This gracious action:

"Right after I discovered I was pregnant, my husband and I took an impromptu weekend getaway trip to Myrtle Beach. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant called Nacho Hippo. As a pregnant woman, you're told to avoid soft cheeses, so I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t have at the restaurant. Our waitress went above and beyond to make sure my order came out right. She even explained to me each kind of cheese I might come in contact with. We never caught her name, but we hope she’s doing well!"


Harpo Productions

16. This giant plot twist:

"About two years ago, my brother and I went to a local pizza place that we had a gift certificate for. We ordered our food, and the total was about $23, but the cashier didn't know how to input the certificate into the system. He told me he would be right back, and I just thought he was going to grab the manager, but instead he grabbed his wallet and paid for our food! He wouldn’t even let me pay him back or give him the gift certificate. Luckily I was able to get his name, and I made sure he got reimbursed. The best part? The cashier ultimately became my boyfriend."


17. And this real lifesaver:

"I had knee surgery several years ago and was living alone. I drove a stick shift, and my clutch leg was the one out of commission, so I couldn't really leave the house. I was also stuck in bed with my leg in a CPM machine most of the time. I ordered Jimmy John's every single day (Seamless didn't exist yet), with instructions that my front door was unlocked and to please come in and come to the bedroom. I know...sounds like either a porn setup or like I was going to get murdered, but they did it every time! I had the same few drivers over and over, so when they came, they'd offer to help take out my trash, etc. Sometimes when I ordered over the phone they'd even ask if I needed anything from the grocery store. Their customer service was A+++."

—Sasha Brannum, Facebook

Harpo Productions

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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