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    24 Awesomely Thoughtful Gifts For Teachers

    A little appreciation goes a long way.

    1. $ave teachers some money with a school supply cake.

    Get instructions for building a school supply cake here.

    2. Teacher appreciation scrapbooks will help teachers remember all the good times!

    You can get great ideas for creating scrapbooks here.

    3. A tote with the teacher's student work on it, always for the humblebrag.

    Easy DIY instruction here.

    4. Show your classroom spirit by making classroom themed decorations.

    Get ideas for creating decorations here.

    5. Help the classroom library grow with a few books kids want to actually read!

    You can find a list of the 2013 Nobel Children's Books here.

    6. Teachers have dozens of coffee mugs, but they don't have a personalized sleeve.

    Get the DIY instructions here.

    7. Make a donation to a children's charity in the name of the classroom.

    8. Teachers give a lot of feedback, give them something good to write on.

    You can buy personalized stationery here.

    9. If you are going the gift card route, make the whole class contribute to one (big) gift card.

    10. Make some glass magnets to help your teacher hang student work.

    Get the DIY instructions here.

    11. A wellness basket will come in handy during those long winter months.

    Get great ideas for creating a wellness basket here.

    12. Coffee cup holder for the classroom.

    You can buy the coffee holder here.

    13. A reusable lunch bag because teachers often bring their lunch.

    You can buy fun reusable lunch bags here.

    14. Fun classroom learning toys sometimes make the teacher's job easier.

    You can get great ideas for educational games here.

    15. A handwritten offer to help your teacher organize the classroom at the end of the year, could help keep things under control.

    16. Creatively cute gifts that will help the classroom stay organized are always appreciated.

    Get the DIY instructions for the crayon holder here.

    17. Homemade ornaments help teachers remember great classroom moments around the holidays.

    Get great ideas for making ornaments here.

    18. A picture of the class, complete with student signatures, adds the students' character to the memory.

    19. Bring breakfast in a bucket for those early teaching mornings.

    Get great ideas for creating a breakfast bucket here.

    20. A classroom set of bookmarks will help teachers keep students on the right page.

    Get the DYI instructions here.

    21. Grading stamps.

    You can buy grading stamps here.

    22. Personalized clipboard to keep track of important papers.

    Get the DIY instructions here.

    23. You can volunteer to spend time in the classroom.

    24. But the best gift of all is just saying thank you.