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    Get Ready To Obsess Over This Girl's Hilarious YouTube "Tutorials"

    If you're interested in dismantling the patriarchy with a feminist beauty DIY or becoming the life of a party by means of cardboard One Direction cutouts, you are going to love tadelesmith SO MUCH.

    Meet Taylor, or "tadelesmith."

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    She has incredible style, wants to pet every cat on Earth, and makes amazing videos like this one about math on YouTube. I love her so much.

    She mostly does tutorials, like this bomb-ass parody "feminist makeup" video.

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    "You want the wings of your eyeliner to be so sharp they could kill a man, allowing you to drain his blood so you may use it to summon the goddess Athena." This girl is perfect? Also, while this video is a joke, I actually found myself thinking, "I have to watch this at home later so I can copy her makeup." WELL PLAYED, TAYLOR.

    She can teach you five easy ways to fake a thigh gap.

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    Number one: Carry a soccer ball in between your legs. You can also "crabwalk it out" or stalk around the world like a velociraptor. Also, I'd like to point out that her description for the video is "the only thigh gap you really need: a gap store with a thai box smack in the middle of it." This girl is such a star.

    And she'll make you the life of every party.

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    "If there's one thing that makes you the life of a party, it's when you play the guitar when no one wants you to." I cracked up very annoyingly throughout every segment of this brilliant video. Who keeps One Direction cardboard cutouts in their oven? And why would you choose Liam and Louis over Harry and Zayn? I have so many questions.

    She can also be sincere when the need for that arises, and she's really sweet.

    In short, let her not only teach you how to make a milkshake, but how to live your life in general.

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    Because this girl has got it all figured out: "milkshakes?!? shakesmilk. can you imagine what life would be like if william shakespeare’s name was william shakesmilk? i can. it’s incredible." It IS incredible, Taylor, and so are you!!