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November 10, 2010

The Pedophile's Guide To Love And Pleasure

UPDATE: In a victory for probably no one, Amazon has caved to public pressure and banned this book from their store. Folks are pretty up in arms today about this book by Philip Greaves about how to be a better - i.e., slightly less molesty - pedophile. According to TechCrunch, The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure is the 158,221st best-selling book on the Kindle, hopefully because of the low $4.79 price and not because of the content.

Team Loco, UNITE!!!

Hey, Internet! Let's get George Lopez back where he belongs at the coveted 11 p.m. TBS late night spot that HE HAS EARNED. Do NOT stand by and watch that notorious whiner Conan O'Brien cheat Lopez out of his late night spot, Team Loco compatriots!!! Share this Team Loco image everywhere to show the world whose side you are on, and use the photo editor to give yourself the signature George Lopez hairstyle so everyone knows that Team Loco DOES NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!!!

Paper Cutouts

Artist Jill Sylvia cuts the blank spaces out of ledger sheets and balance sheets to make beautiful stationery sculptures. If you've ever found yourself fascinated by graph paper, these are for you. And if you find that concept patently absurd - maybe just move along. It's kind of difficult to explain. (Via DesignBoom.)

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