20 Powerful Black-And-White Photographs Of Regular Americans From History

The untold faces of our country.

20. This young migratory worker mother who traveled 35 miles to pick peas for $2.25 a day. She lived in a camp with her two children and husband.


19. This Japanese-American grandmother waiting to be moved to an internment camp during World War II.


18. These 10 small boys who worked in a cotton mill in North Carolina in 1908.


17. This young girl at that same mill staring out a window. She had already worked there more than a year.


16. This worker helping build the frame of the Empire State Building in the 1930s.


15. This young boy working in a canning factory in East Maine in 1911. He got paid five cents per box of cans and produced five boxes each day.


14. These unemployed men attending a meeting of the Workers Alliance Council during the Great Depression in West Virginia.


13. These women at a Florida vocational school learning how to do work to support the war effort in the 1940s.


12. This young girl who worked in fields in Massachusetts in the early 1900s carrying raspberries.


11. This woman rebuilding an airplane engine. The 20-year-old woman had a private pilot’s license and had made cross-country flights.


10. This 87-year-old Georgia man who had 11 sons that served during World War I.


9. These nurses at an American Red Cross parade in Alabama during World War I.


8. This young drummer boy who was a member of the United States infantry during the Civil War.

7. These two young servicemen that celebrated Thanksgiving in New York City during World War I.


6. These two women holding a banner for women’s suffrage in Washington D.C. in 1918.


5. These two women working at a U.S. Steel mill in Gary, Ind. during World War II.


4. This wounded Civil War soldier resting in a deserted war camp.


3. This elderly man who worked in a silk factory during the Great Depression, but after injury was unable to work and had to make a living sewing in his home.


2. These Japanese-Americans at an internment camp in Utah celebrating New Year’s in 1944.


1. This wounded World War II veteran with his son after returning home from the war.


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