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September 8, 2010

Miss Social Contest Winner Krystal Harlow

Krystal Harlow's got the goods.

2010 Dividend Aristocrats Ranked for Safety

S&P's Dividend Aristocrats list is a great 'first screen' for dividend stock ideas -- but remember -- not all dividends are safe.

Loitering Keanu: Keanu Reeves Breaks the Law

Plus Photoshop fun and Juggalo Baby Funerals.

Sassy Gay Friend Meme

Finally! A meme I can totally appreciate.

Survival Tips From Bear Grylls Meme

Bear Grylls' infamously excessive "survival tips", condensed down into informational image macros. I hope you like the taste of urine!

Amazing Suitcase Art

We've seen sushi art, jelly bean art and now we have suitcase art! Yin Xiuzhen creates these masterpieces by carefully arranging old and discarded clothing in suitcases. Take a look at these amazing creations. (Via)

Best Pics From This Year's Electric Zoo Festival

New York City's electronic music festival, Electric Zoo, recently had its second birthday. Again this year, hordes of ravers descended upon the festival clad in anything and everything in varying degrees of inebriation. What a party it was! Here are some of this year’s highlights.

How To Be A Reasonably Thin Teenage Girl

This sounds like a really sensible read. File Under: books you should never give to your adolescent. Unless you really don’t like her.

How To Tie Your Shoes Really Fast

This one's a potential life-changer. Learn to tie your shoes the way the pros do it. I'm still going to hang on until velcro comes back in style, but some of the rest of you might find this useful. (Via.)

When They Were Young: Talk Show Hosts

Jon Stewart was quite the looker. If I could go back to High School, I would probably stand by his locker everyday drooling. Unfortunately, I can’t really say the same for Jimmy Fallon. Sorry Jimmy.

Ray Lewis Is The New Old Spice Guy

Does he live up to the precedent set by Isaiah Mustafa?

Cat Parkour

Cats aren't going to sit around and let the internet think humans are special.

James Cameron In The Amazon

This is a real picture. I'm not sure if I should laugh or be filled with unreasonable rage.

Egg-Bot Draws On Cylindrical Surfaces

And also makes me feel insecure about my crafting skills. One more reason to hate the robot uprising.

No Gamer's Child Left Behind

I would buy all of these. Seriously, Das Chupa, you are sitting on a goldmine.

Proud Geek Parent Bumper Stickers

For the parents of any geek who knows that playing video games isn't underachieving, It's just a different sort of achievement. Do you have any idea how hard it is to beat Woodman without the Metal Blade or Atomic Fire?

Celebrity Cry Babies

Celebs just love to turn on the waterworks. Whether it is because of a run in with the law, a failing marriage, a part of the job, or just plain insanity, these dramatic stars are known to burst into tears at any given moment.

Nintendo Unveils Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver WiiMote

Now I need a Dalek nunchuck and all will be right in the world.

Introducing: The Hamwich

This changes everything.

The Real Stuff White People Like

OKCupid took a sample of 526,00 users to see what different key words various races used in their profile descriptions. I'm a little ashamed of my gender and race after seeing 'tom clancy' and 'phish' so high up on my list.

A Very Jersey Shore Halloween

Do you really need to buy a $50 dollar costume? All you really need is hair gel or a pushup bra. I wonder if STDs are included.

Four Kittens In Jugs

You can do this at home, actually. All you need is four kittens, four jugs, and some distasteful ambient music. The whole thing is pretty sweet. (Via Turtlefeed.)

Lady Gaga Breaks Up A Fight

Lady Gaga pauses her concert to end a fight in the audience.

Alternate iTunes Icons

Don't like the new iTunes Icon? It's an easy switch. If only it were so easy to fix Ping! Click here for a bunch of other designs to choose from.

Justin Bieber Uses 3% Of Twitter

He's got entire racks of servers dedicated just to handling Bieber-related tweets.

James Franco Masturbates A Lot

4 or 5 times a day!

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