An 18-Year-Old Drew A Portrait Of All 411 People In His Graduating Class And It's Awesome

    Meet Phillip Sossou. He's a graduating senior at Boston Latin High School in Boston.

    For the past several months, Phillip's been secretly drawing every single person in his senior class — all 411 of them.

    Last week, he surprised his classmates by posting all of the portraits around the hallways of the school on the last day of class.

    Phillip and six of his friends went to school early to hang all of the portraits, and students were stunned by what they saw.

    “Our class has been kind of divided,” Sossou told the Boston Globe. “Having these pictures helps us to embrace our diversity.”

    Sossou gleaned source material for the portraits from Facebook, and occasionally took snapshots of his classmates with his phone.

    Sossou is headed to Bunker Hill Community College this fall and is then hoping to attend the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, after.

    Check out this video see more of Sossou's incredible work.

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