That Adorable Sad Twin And Her Sister Have Now Become A Huge Meme

    “You took him back, didn’t you?”

    Meet the McClure family. They're made up of mum Aminat, dad Justin, and their two bundles of joy, Ava and Alexis, who are 3 years old. They live in West Orange, New Jersey, and often post videos on YouTube doing usual family shenanigans.

    The family posted a video last week in which one of the twins, Ava, finds out that she is one minute younger than her sister, which left her in despair. Look at her little face. Luckily for Ava, Alexis is there to comfort her...

    ...but Ava isn't having it.

    "I wanna grow!" Ava says.

    Then Alexis finds out she's a little bit shorter than her younger sister and doesn't take it very well. 😭

    The twins' father, Justin McClure, told BuzzFeed News that the girls are very competitive: "They always want what the other has even if they don't understand what it means, like being older."

    "But they are also very sweet and affectionate," he added. "They are protective of each other. If I get mad at one twin, the other will jump in and say, 'That's my sister!'"

    Since the video was posted on their YouTube channel, the twins have gone hugely viral. They have gained over 7 million views on their FroBabies Facebook account and US rapper Nas has shared it on his Instagram page.

    Facebook: video.php

    And, of course, people are absolutely in love with the twins.

    Some are even here for Ava's sassy self.

    McClure says the twins don't know or understand that they are going mega viral because they are only 3 years old, but he is happy his girls "give the world joy and that's what we need".

    Now Ava and Alexis have become a meme.

    Me @ me: YOU SAID YOU WEREN'T GOING TO SPEND ANY MONEY! Now look at you smh! Broke and sad! I told you!

    And it’s just so good.

    When you're smashed off your head and you're asking yourself why your dumbass had to down those last 7 shots

    Me: come on now sis don't be ridiculous it's only been 17 minutes since you texted Me: BUT THAT'S TOO LONG HE MUS…

    "You're upset because he has a girlfriend? I thought you said you didn't like him."

    It’s even reached Nigerian Twitter.

    "He broke your heart again? Shebi I told you?!"

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