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We Tried Lifting A Person With Hair Just Like Rapunzel And It’s Totally Possible

Never underestimate a woman with five feet of strong-ass hair with a plan.

Alicia One year ago

Duckwrth Gives A Thrift Store Makeover

If you're gonna get styled like Duckwrth you gotta dance like Duckwrth.

selormkploanyi One year ago

We Style Each Other For Under $150 At Coachella

Want to be in an upcoming video? Join our Facebook group to see the next challenge and send us footage!

selormkploanyi One year ago

Coachella Makeovers? We're In.

"I’m really hoping that it doesn’t look like every other Coachella outfit that you see at the festival."

Nina Mohan One year ago
selormkploanyi One year ago

I Got Grey Hair

Can Selorm rock grey hair?

camilleseariac One year ago
Christian Zamora One year ago
selormkploanyi One year ago

We Went To Vegas With $50 And Had To Make It Last An Entire Day

Having a blast in the city of sin never looked so cheap!

Eli Vazquez One year ago

I Hired A Love Coach Because I Was Tired Of Dating Shitty Guys

Sometimes you have to take things to the next level.

selormkploanyi One year ago

We Trained With NASA For A Day And It Was Intense

I'm pretty sure I saw this in "Armageddon."

selormkploanyi One year ago

Why Dying Is Surprisingly A Lot More Expensive Than You Think?

Loved ones are priceless, but how much money are willing to bury with them?

selormkploanyi 2 years ago

This Woman Did A Study To See How People Judged Her Based On Different Lip Colors

Fashion is about taking risks not matter what people think!

selormkploanyi 2 years ago

Fitness Coach Jillian Michaels Surprised Desk Workers At Their Office And This Is What Happened

This is what happens Jillian Michaels crashes your lunch break.

selormkploanyi 2 years ago
Farrah Penn 2 years ago
Krista Torres 2 years ago

Today's Country Stars Play A Hilarious Game Of Never Have I Ever

"Never have I ever... written a song about an ex that did me wrong."

Farrah Penn 2 years ago
Farrah Penn 2 years ago
selormkploanyi 2 years ago

What Pacific Islanders Want You To Know

Because how much do you actually know?

Chris Lam 2 years ago