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We Went To Vegas With $50 And Had To Make It Last An Entire Day

Having a blast in the city of sin never looked so cheap!

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Could you survive in Vegas on a $50 budget?

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So Selorm and Eli hit the road to Vegas with a whopping $50 each to see if they could stretch it out over a 24-hour period.


The plan was to go to brunch, take in a show, grab dinner, and party like rock stars at the club. Pretty high bar, right?


Next on their Vegas itinerary was to do something fun and more local. Eli had just the place in mind with the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum!


Did you know pinball machines have been illegal in the U.S. for over 30 years? Yeah, we didn't either.

Selorm and Eli had a freakin' blast playing with the pinball machines, and it only set them back $1.75! Whaaaaat!


"No! You know, when it goes down the side thing. It's just, like, it's not fair!"


The last thing on their "to do" list was to hit up a nightclub. Wait. Go to a club? In Vegas? On a budget? Good luck!


They got some excellent advice from Selorm's friend on how to make that happen...with a discount. Score!

It was time to suit up. Selorm managed to get them into a club with VIP service for a $10 tip. No joke.


Selorm was even treated to a free dinner, while Eli sadly ate a couple of tacos at Tacos El Gordo. It's all good, though. Those tacos looked bomb!