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    I Got Real Vampire Fangs And They Look Fucking Badass

    I vant to suck your blood.

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    A few months ago, Selorm found herself on a date with a real-life vampire, who recommended she get fangs.


    So she did! "My mom always said: 'Don't make big changes for a man.' And here I am."

    Watch Selorm get her very own vampire fangs!

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    Anthony and Selorm went to the master fangsmith himself, the one-and-only Father Sebastiaan, who makes fangs for the vampire community.


    He explained that going to a proper fangsmith is almost the first rite of passage for any would-be vampire.

    But first, Selorm had to take a very important oath.


    She promised not to eat or sleep with her fangs, to have amazing sex with them on (yep), and to wait until she had been given permission to see herself with the fangs.

    You know what time it was?


    That's right, baby! BTW, Father Sebastiaan kept his fang mold creation a top secret.

    So, let's fast forward to the part where Sebastiaan shaped the mold using Selorm's incisor teeth.


    Then they waited about 10 minutes for the mold to dry.

    And voilà! Selorm had her very own, custom-made vampire teeth.


    (She hadn't seen them yet at this point.)

    But that wasn't it. Selorm was given a vampire name, that she picked using a book kept on hand by Father Sebastiaan. Dope!


    Ixiona it was!

    And she was also given a gift of an ankh.


    Officially making her a member of the Sabretooth Clan.

    Then there was just one thing left: the big reveal.


    Oh, and Selorm's co-workers loved them!


    I mean, they looked "fangtastic."