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    I Wore Body Glitter Instead Of Clothes To Celebrate My Body And Felt Amazing

    Shine bright like a diamond.

    Have you noticed the growing trend of people who dare to wear body paint in lieu of real clothing?


    It's kind of amazing, and especially popular during ~festival season.~

    Well, this is Selorm, and she thought it would be really cool to give that a try for a day as a way to celebrate her body. Yasss!


    "I'm excited but I'm also really scared because other than glitter, I'm basically naked."

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    So she went to the experts. Sophia Levy and Holly Pollack, co-founders of Go Get Glitter, who agreed to glitter Selorm up with all the razzle-dazzle.


    They run a glitter specialist cosmetics brand that allows them to travel from the UK all around the world so they can spread the sparkle.

    They decided to create a glitter fashion body look on Selorm that took them about an hour to accomplish.

    Go Get Glitter

    They only use biodegradable and cruelty-free glitter to complete their looks. You can purchase some for yourself here.

    Sophia and Holly also want to promote the idea that people should always feel comfortable in the skin they're in.


    Selorm was inspired to do this after seeing someone at PRIDE once walking around in just pasties. She remembers thinking, "I wanna do that!"


    Selorm said, "I think the best thing you can do for yourself is just to embrace every single part of you, and not care about what other people think about it."

    Then it was time for the big reveal, and she looked so shiny!


    "It looks so cool that it kind of distracts me from the fact that I'm, like, pretty much naked."

    Selorm was ready to show off her awesome glitter body paint around the office. Or was she?


    Once she stepped outside she felt ridiculously naked. Although she wasn't exactly letting on, she instantly regretted her decision to be seen in public.

    So Selorm had to remind herself that she didn't do this to get other people's reactions.


    She simply wanted to feel more comfortable in her own skin.

    By the end of this experience, Selorm discovered that if you can exert confidence and be yourself in any situation, wearing whatever — then you can do anything.


    "If you're confident about yourself and your appearance, it doesn't really matter what everyone else thinks."

    Sparkle on, everyone!

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