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    I Hired A Love Coach Because I Was Tired Of Dating Shitty Guys

    Sometimes you have to take things to the next level.

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    Being single had become part of Selorm's identity. And she was over it.


    Sure she's tried the whole online dating thing. But it can get a bit ... weird.

    So she hired a (distractingly hot) love life strategist! Yes, that's a thing.


    She enlisted the help from the world’s leading dating advice expert Matthew Hussey. His name was the first on google. Yes, it was that easy.

    Watch what happened!

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    Cool, but what makes Matthew "certified" in being a love coach?

    Matthew Hussey is a Love Life Strategist that is well known for his viral YouTube dating advice videos and his New York Times Best-Selling book "How To Get The Guy." So his credentials are PRETTY top-notch!

    The Love Coach dished out four challenges that would help her with guys and her confidence!


    He says "There are too many single people out there who are not happy being single". So he gave Selorm some challenges to improve her love life and her confidence at the same time.

    First things first: Selorm needed to start an actual conversation with a guy!


    Selorm's first task was to ask a cute stranger for a favor. She asked a guy in a coffee shop if he would recommend the newspaper he was reading and the convo went on from there. Check!

    Next Selorm had to initiate PHYSICAL contact in the first 60 seconds. Spoiler Alert: It was awkward.


    Matthew says guys tend to feel more comfortable if you initiate physical contact. That way, if you're on a date and feeling it, it's not so weird to go in for that kiss at the end of the first date.

    Next lesson. Are you familiar with the 2-hit theory? It was Selorm's favorite challenge.


    It's a little tactic Matthew taught her where you casually make a connection with someone and then walk away.

    Ya know? Pique their interest and leave them wanting more.

    It worked! Only thing was...the hot guy was gay. Solid effort, Selorm!


    Hey, at least she's got the technique down pat.

    Which brings us to our last love coach challenge? Host a Happy Hour.


    Selorm hosted a chill happy hour where everyone got to cut loose, enjoy some "dranks" and get to know each other.

    Selorm ended the party with some new love interests!!!


    "We should exchange numbers?"

    Just DO IT. Get out of your comfort zone!


    That's the only way you'll get to know someone and possibly make a connection. It's worth a shot. Hey, you're following the love coach's orders.