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    We Trained With NASA For A Day And It Was Intense

    I'm pretty sure I saw this in "Armageddon."

    Meet Selorm and Branden. They’re both thrill-seekers and decided to do the ultimate and train like a NASA astronaut for a day.

    Watch their out-of-this-world experience!

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    They used the same training simulations astronauts use before traveling into space. How cool is that?

    First, they had to practice maneuvering in zero gravity.

    Then it was time to experience some of the gnarliest virtual reality you'll ever see!

    Selorm and Branden learned all about the Rescue System. It's one of the main things astronauts have to know.

    Then it was time to simulate getting separated from the station. NOOOOO!!!!

    Both of them had to float towards something on the station to hold on to. It was kind of nervewracking tbh.

    Next the duo had to fly a T-38 Talon Two-Seat Jet Trainer in a simulator.

    They nailed it and even got to do some fancy Aerobatics!

    Both Selorm and Branden did an AMAZING job and could totally have a second career in NASA.

    Kudos, guys!!!