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    We Tried Lifting A Person With Hair Just Like Rapunzel And It’s Totally Possible

    Never underestimate a woman with five feet of strong-ass hair with a plan.

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    Who doesn't love Disney? I mean, the movies, the characters, the songs, the drama. What's there not to love?


    Now get ready for an entire season of Disney drama coming your way with Bogus Beauty!

    Meet Chrissy and Selorm, a couple of non-scientists who love Disney and debunking. They wanted to see if you can actually lift a human body by using your (extremely long) hair — like Rapunzel.


    They would have to talk to a physics expert, and Chrissy would have to get her hair done.

    First things first, Chrissy and Selorm went to see Jenn Ervin, the Science Program Specialist at the Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena.


    Jenn explained that it's totally possible to lift a person using hair. She said, "The hair isn't the problem. It's the neck breakage." Wait. What?

    So, in order to keep Chrissy's neck intact, Jenn suggested she use the leverage in her arms and the leverage in her legs and torso to pull up another person using her hair.


    But before they could try any of this out, Chrissy got celebrity hairstylist David Dang to put in some serious hair extensions, ya'll.


    David explained that hair can actuallly hold up to 12 tons. Whaaaaat? That's, like, two whole elephants.

    Okay, so 70 feet of long luscious golden hair was impossible, but David did create a 5-foot long weave of hair that he sewed onto Chrissy's head.


    David warned Chrissy about the edges being snatched, or the scalp being removed if she went through with this experiment. Dang! The whole process took about four to five hours.

    The plan was to start small by trying to lift an 8-pound frying pan first, then taking it up to a 50-pound television set before going for the real deal.


    More importantly, though: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

    Okay, so Chrissy lifting the frying pan with her hair was super easy peasy. On to the next thing!


    It was time to try and lift the 50-pound TV and Chrissy was legit scared. The situation got real, real fast...but she did it!


    Then it was time for the real thing. They ended up using a 110-pound dummy because nobody would sign a waiver. LOL!


    Chrissy took her spot by the "tower," and was ready to lift using a pulley and a few extra inches of rope attached to the end of her hair.

    She gave it her all in her first and second attempt and managed to get almost half of the dummy off the ground.


    It required a lot more upper body strength than Chrissy anticipated. "I'm having, like, a real moment. I'm not as strong as I thought I was. It's really heartbreaking, you know?"

    Then both Chrissy and Selorm tried to lift the dummy together by combining their strength...and pulled it off!


    But they still wanted to see if one person could do it by themselves so they went to get one of the strongest people they know — their co-worker Swasti Shukla.


    On a good day, she can deadlift 205 pounds. Nice!

    Aaaaand Swasti totally did it. Yep! She lifted an entire 110-pound dummy using a rope pulley attached to Chrissy's 5-foot-long hair.


    So it's possible! Chrissy and Selorm proved that it's totally likely for someone to lift another person using only their hair, just like Disney's Rapunzel.


    Selorm said, "I feel like Rapunzel was super toned. Like she must've been in that tower just lifting." So this Disney beauty myth is not bogus.

    Watch the entire episode of Bogus Beauty here!

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