These Guys Tried On Their Girlfriends' Underwear And Found Out How Much It Sucks

    "I feel like my fatherhood is being threatened."

    All women know that the underwear made and marketed toward women is distinctly more form-fitting, fancy, expensive, and uncomfortable than the boxers and briefs made for men. We asked boyfriends to try on their girlfriends' underwear to get a taste.

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    For most of the guys, the way they feel about women's underwear "is kinda the way I feel about my own underwear..."

    Some of the guys thought they knew what kind of women's underwear they would prefer to wear.

    But when it came to what underwear they liked their girlfriends to wear, "comfort" wasn't everyone's priority.

    And that discrepancy did not go unnoticed.

    What did the girlfriends want out of this? Well, for their dudes to get some recognition of the pain that is beautiful underwear, for starters.

    And the annoyance that is thong wedgies.

    Let's take a look-see at the underwear that the women chose for their boyfriends.

    Reactions were mixed.

    Yes, welcome to our world.

    The girlfriends' reactions? See for yourself.

    The guys were getting a moment in the life of wearing small, non-supportive underwear.

    While some girlfriends felt they needed to "wash their eyes out," others were more excited about the whole thing.

    Final thoughts while still wearing the underwear?