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Varun Dhawan And Virat Kohli Got The Same Haircut And The Outcome Was Cute As Hell

Come look at these extremely good-looking men showing off their new hairdos.

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This is some brand new information to make you all happy. Varun Dhawan and Virat Kohli, aside from being a pair of gorgeous lads, are also bros.

So, gather around as I tell you about how utterly adorable these bros were being recently when they went and got the same haircut.

More like haircute, amirite?

More like haircute, amirite?

Varun documented the event by instagramming the photo with this caption, and you possibly cannot deal with the fanboyage:

They were probably trying to trick their fans into thinking that the haircut makes them look like twins. The mirroring exercise may not have worked out as expected, but the haircuts did make the men look more attractive than they already were.

Thank you, god for making this whole thing happen.