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The Defense Secretary Says North Korea's Actions Could Lead To The "Destruction Of Its People"

The Secretary of State said "there is no imminent threat" from North Korea, following an incendiary statement Tuesday from President Trump.

Cora Lewis 2 years ago
Amber Jamieson 2 years ago

There's No Agreed Upon Strategy For Afghanistan But The Fallen Keep Returning

The 8th and 9th US troops killed in combat in Afghanistan this year died as the US continues to debate its strategy during the 16th year of the war.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

Maybe It’s Time The US Talked To North Korea About Its Missile Program

The US remains stuck on China as the one country that can solve North Korea's rogue missile program.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

Just Another North Korean Missile Test? Not If You Live In Chicago.

The missile that North Korea fired Friday flew nearly 600 miles higher than any previously tested missile, according to estimates.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

This Is The Retired General Who Is Taking Over For Reince Priebus

Meet John F. Kelly, president's new chief of staff.

Lissandra Villa 2 years ago

It Takes More Than A Tweet To Change Pentagon Policy

Twenty-four hours after Donald Trump tweeted he was banning transgender people from serving in the military, the Pentagon took pains to stress that nothing had changed.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

Trump Says Transgender People Cannot "Serve In Any Capacity" In The Military

He made the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday.

Cora Lewis 2 years ago

Iraq Military’s Human Rights Abuses Draw Few US Complaints

Extrajudicial killings of suspected ISIS members at the hands of Iraqi security forces in Mosul are no secret. But US troops embedded with Iraqi forces have reported only a handful of possible human rights violations, none as serious as what human rights groups and news reports say have taken place.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

At Least Sean Spicer Held Briefings. His Pentagon Counterpart Hasn't.

In the six months of the Trump administration, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has appeared before television cameras in the Pentagon briefing room only twice. It's just another sign of the decreasing information available on US war efforts.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

Sean Spicer Has Resigned

And Trump just hired a new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci.

Adrian Carrasquillo 2 years ago

The US Is Furious Turkey Published Location Of US Troops In Syria

A senior State Department official tells BuzzFeed News that the US has raised “strong concerns” to senior Turkish officials after a report details the location and numbers of US troops in Syria.

John Hudson 2 years ago

Trump Administration "Paralyzed" Over Russia

The problem isn't only whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, but how the US government wants to deal with Russia — as a friend or as a foe. Until that's clear, fixing a strategy is all but impossible.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

Looking For Details On Syria Ceasefire? Don’t Ask US Military.

President Trump hailed the new US–Russia ceasefire in Syria as a success on Sunday. But Pentagon officials on Monday said they knew nothing about how the ceasefire was being monitored or enforced.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

Iraq's Prime Minister Has Declared The "Liberation" Of Mosul From ISIS

Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been displaced and traumatized in the nine-month operation to retake the city.

Amber Jamieson 2 years ago

The War In Afghanistan Just Got Harder To Follow In Real Time

The US commander in Afghanistan will no longer issue an initial statement within hours of a US combat death. Instead, deaths will be announced by the Pentagon 24 hours after family members have been notified.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

It’s Too Soon To Declare Victory Over ISIS. Iraq Did It Anyway.

The Iraqi government's declaration that ISIS had been expelled from Iraq goes against both the current situation on the ground in Mosul and the experience other Iraqi cities freed have gone through.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

Why Does The Syrian Government Keep Looking To Use Chemical Weapons?

Deir Ezzor and the suburbs of Damascus are among the areas the Pentagon and outside observers believe would be prime targets should Assad defy the White House's warning.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

The White House’s Warning To Syria Was Kept Close — But Not From Russia

The Trump administration has yet to make clear whether the late night warning to Damascus was part of a new policy on chemical weapons use.

Nancy A. Youssef 2 years ago

White House Says Syria May Be Preparing Another Chemical Attack, Warns Assad Will "Pay A Heavy Price"

On Tuesday, a Pentagon spokesperson said that there was evidence the regime was possibly preparing to use chemical weapons. But many in the department were left in the dark ahead of the White House statement.

Claudia Koerner 2 years ago