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    Use PVC Pipe And A Hair Dryer To Dry Out Your Boots In Half The Time

    These boots are made for walkin', rain or shine.


    PVC pipe

    4 PVC 90º elbow

    3 PVC tee pipe

    PVC cutter or saw

    Power drill

    Measuring tape

    DWV flexible PVC coupling

    Hair dryer

    1. Measure and cut 4 2-inch pieces, 2 5-inch pieces, and 4 11-inch pieces of PVC pipe.

    2. Drill a few air holes into each 11-inch piece.

    3. Fit the 5-inch pipes into the tee pipes to create the base. The middle tee should face upright.

    4. Fit the 2-inch pieces in the open tees and attach the elbow pieces so they face upright.

    5. Fit the 11-inch pieces into the elbows.

    6. Attach the coupling piece onto the middle tee pipe and tighten the bottom screw.

    7. Place the hair dryer into the top and tighten the coupling again.

    8. Place your boots on the 11-inch pieces and turn on the blow dryer.

    Watch the full tutorial here.

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