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    18 Airbnbs For Anyone Who Just Fucking Loves Books

    Libraries to make Belle green with envy.

    1. This decadent New Orleans mansion.

    This plush mansion will have you feeling like New Orleans royalty. Nestled in the heart of the city's Garden District, you'll find yourself shaded by leafy palm and oak trees should you choose to venture out – though with hundreds of books, a sweeping carved-cypress staircase, stained glass windows, a music room, and a "ladies parlour" (ladies parlours are the best parlours, fact), it would be understandable if you wanted to stay in.

    Price: £99 a night / private room

    Book here

    2. This chic Edinburgh apartment.

    This generously spaced apartment is just so airy with its wide windows and classical white-panelled walls. The fireplace, writing desk, and wall of books complete the "Jane Austen reading room" feel. I also really enjoy that it comes with a minibar, so you can sip on a little whisky while you work your way through a novel.

    Price: £100 a night / entire flat

    Book here

    3. This magnificent Brittany castle.

    Like, this is a legitimate 17th-century French castle. You can't really get more Beauty and the Beast than that. Put on your best gown and sweep through the glorious four-poster-bedrooms, the gorgeous grounds, and historical architecture before settling into one of the four sitting rooms to read for a little while.

    Or you could strip off and jump in the jacuzzi in the garden. Your choice.

    Price: £220 a night / private room

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    4. This 16th-century Dirleton abode.

    Lavish dining rooms, roll top baths and a sprawling sitting room with shelves of books to sit in. This restored tower was originally built in the 1500s, but is now a five star private rental for up to 12 guests – the price may make you wince, but if you manage to source a party of six it's £200 each a night (which seems like the sweet spot, because after six, apparently a premium is added per night), which for accommodation this beautiful ain't too bad. FYI, there's also a private chef included, nbd.

    Price: £1,200 a night / entire property

    Book here

    5. This Somerset art deco cinema.

    A lovely little art-deco-themed property in England's smallest village (Axbridge) that also happens to have England's smallest cinema incorporated into the house. So feasibly, you could spend the day reading in the book-lined living room then go catch a screening of the film version of your book.

    Price: £375 a night / entire property

    Book here

    6. This pastoral Bellingham house.

    Sleep in a queen cherrywood bed, bathe in your pick of two bathrooms, and wander through the multiple gardens before venturing out to take in the views of the Canadian Cascades and Mount Baker (the location is 20 minutes south from the Canadian border). Then head back and snuggle up in front of the incredible stone fireplace with a good book. Bliss.

    Price: £66 a night / private room

    Book here

    7. This library bedroom in London.

    Literally sleep surrounded by books. Every inch of the bedroom in this Chiswick house is covered with books. Plus there are tea-making facilities in the room, so you've got everything you need – all you need to do is hunker down and get reading.

    Price: £43 a night / private room

    Book here

    8. This Scottish Lowlands bookshop.

    For legit book-lovers only. This gorgeous flat sits on top of a bookshop in Scotland's National Book Town, and guess what, you get the bookshop with the room. For a week, live out all your book keeper fantasies, running the shop (with a group of friendly volunteers to help you out). BuzzFeed's Dan Dalton gave it a go, and you can read about his experience here.

    Price: £28 a night / entire property

    Book here

    9. This bohemian German apartment.

    A charming literary flat situated in a house built in 1903, located in the West German town of Wiesbaden, that comes with terrazzo floors, high ceilings, and old wooden floorboards. Turn on the fireplace in the bedroom, and get tucked up in bed – the wall behind the headboard is lined with books, meaning you can stay there for the long haul.

    Price: £34 a night / private room

    Book here

    10. This gorgeous Sydney house.

    Not only have the people who own this house been named one of Australia's top hosts by the CEO of Airbnb, they're also currently the No. 1 rated hosts in Sydney. You know, casual. Expect to be welcomed "just as we would our family and friends", then either head out and explore Sydney or get cosy in your queen bed with a book from the well-stocked library.

    Price: £63 a night / private room

    Book here

    11. This stunning Cornwall castle.

    The most expensive property on this list, but come on, you can see why. Plus, it sleeps a maximum of 20 people, which works out at about £97 a night, so while it's not exactly budget, it also isn't horrific if you're going as a big party (this would be a dream hen-do weekend).

    The 55 acres of surrounding woodland gardens and massive pool are out of this world, but for me the best bit of all is the ridiculously pretty sitting room, where you can enjoy a book (or two, or three, or four...) in complete peace and quiet.

    Price: £1,950 a night / entire property

    Book here

    12. This grand Edinburgh apartment.

    A Georgian apartment with panoramic views, just five minutes walk from Edinburgh castle. And, as if that isn't dreamy enough, there's also a sitting room with a wall of books.

    Price: £90 / entire flat

    Book here

    13. This writers retreat in Blue Mountains, Australia.

    A farmhouse and orchard built in 1910, surrounded by mountains. A 25-minute drive from civilisation, with valley views, a historic garden to potter around in, and a reading nook, this is the ultimate literary getaway, whether you want to get some writing done or just read as much as you can.

    Price: £70 a night / entire property

    Book here

    14. This house of books in London.

    If you want to know what this "house of books" feels like, imagine the labyrinthine library in The Name of the Rose, but with less murder. Whatever you want to read, they have it all: philosophy, surrealism, Marxism, film theory, and even a novel or two. There's also Lego to play with. I honestly don't know what more you could want.

    Price: £54 a night / private room

    Book here

    15. This historic library in Vermont.

    This is an ACTUAL honest-to-god library that has been converted into a beautiful home. Don't worry though – even though it's since been converted, there's still books and a plush reading nook to snuggle up in and brush up on your Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro.

    Price: £79 a night / entire property

    Book here

    16. This writers retreat in The Redwoods.

    American woodlands surrounding an idyllic main house full of literary types looking to get away from it all. The Library House is a separate cabin a little way off from the main house for those who really want some solitude. Sure, it has no electricity, but it looks down on to the ocean, it's beautiful in candlelight, and you have access to an amazing library.

    Price: £79 a night / private room

    Book here

    17. This scenic Malta studio.

    Grab one of the many books in this studio flat, then head up to read on the rooftop with beautiful views of Malta. Take a book down to the beach and read there. Or read indoors in the hammock or bed, surrounded by contemporary art. Basically, if you want to read, this is the place to do it.

    Price: £97 a night / entire property

    Book here

    18. This writer's home in Lisbon.

    This home is owned by a writer who'll be more than happy to walk you through his extensive book collection (as well as provide any recommendations for things to do in Lisbon). The house itself is located in the city's beautiful historic centre and is just as unique as the surrounding town, with three open-plan floors and a treasure trove of nick-nacks dotted all over the place.

    Price: £80 a night / entire property

    Book here

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