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    22 Kids Movies That Defined Every '90s Childhood

    The movies that raised us.

    1. My Girl

    Vada cries as she looks at Thomas J in his coffin

    2. Hook

    The Lost Boys point at Rufio as Peter stares at him

    3. Toy Story

    Buzz holds onto Woody as they "fly" in the sky

    4. Free Willy

    Willy the whale leaps over a smiling Jesse

    5. Matilda

    Matilda stares ahead while Lavendar shields her eyes

    6. Hocus Pocus

    The Sanderson sisters stand in front of their house looking angry and perlexed

    7. The Mighty Ducks

    Coach Bombay talks to three of the Mighty Ducks in full gear

    8. Casper

    Casper and Kat press their faces together while dancing

    9. The Lion King

    Simba lies next to a dead Mufasa

    10. Jumanji

    Alan and Sarah huddle with Judy and Peter on the ground, looking at something in fear

    11. Now and Then

    Samantha, Roberta, and Teenie stand in bushes smiling while holding clothes

    12. The Secret Garden

    Mary looks at a crow while standing in a frost-covered garden

    13. The Sandlot

    Benny frowns at Smalls

    14. Home Alone

    Kevin screams with his hands on either side of his face

    15. Babe

    Babe the pig looks up towards the camera

    16. Beauty and the Beast

    Belle looks in awe at the library

    17. The Little Rascals

    Porky and Buckwheat stand on a wooden platform and look up

    18. Space Jam

    Bugs Bunny kisses Michael Jordan in front of an animated background

    19. Aladdin

    The Genie holds up three fingers while six paler versions of himself stand in the background, smiling

    20. A Little Princess

    Sara wears an elaborate white hat, a white coat, and a gold locket, and stares upwards at something

    21. George of the Jungle

    A shirtless, glistening George stands in a living room with a dazed look on his face and a hand on his head

    22. Anastasia

    Anastasia and Dimitri wear torn clothes and stand close together on a boat, smiling at each other, with Dimitri's hand around Anastasia's waist