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People Are Calling Out The Celebrities Who Don't Have A Single Hater, And Honestly, It's An Impressive Feat

Go ahead and try to cancel Julie Andrews.

Let's face it: It's almost impossible to be a celebrity in the year 2021 without attracting some internet hate. Sometimes that hate is deserved, sometimes it's not — but either way, it's bound to happen when you're in the public eye.

HOWEVER...there are a select few celebrities out there who've seemingly achieved the impossible: They have basically zero haters. These people are so universally beloved that even the worst internet trolls can't touch them.

Well, a recent viral Reddit thread asked people to name some of the most unhateable celebrities in Hollywood...and boy, did they deliver. Here are some of the top responses:

1. "Rick Moranis. The guy stopped acting to take care of his kids after his wife’s death."

Rick Moranis

2. "Maggie Smith. Professor McGonagall is the most underrated character in the Harry Potter series. She is so funny, even when she is strictly serious! But I mostly praise Maggie Smith for her line delivery in general."

Maggie Smith wearing a colorful neck scarf


Julie Andrews smiling

4. "Anybody who says anything bad about Mister Rogers is a monster and I don’t want to associate with them."

Mister Rogers smiling at a desk and wearing a sweater

5. "Dolly Parton! She’s so cool. How could you hate on someone who isn’t a billionaire because they keep donating so much to charity?"

Doly Parton smiling

6. "Alex Trebek. RIP."

Alex Trebek in suit and tie on the Jeopardy set

7. "Someone said Jim Henson. I 100% agree…you can never go wrong with Sesame Street or the Muppets."

Jim Henson with Kermit the Frog

8. "Tom Holland. There is debate over who is the best Spider-Man, but Tom hasn't done anything controversial."

Tom Holland smiling and wearing a denim jacket

9. "One of the best things about 2020 is that we didn’t lose Betty White."

Betty White smiling

10. "Dev Patel. Seems like the most lovely of people, and everyone who works with him sings his praises."

Dev Patel smiling and wearing a bow tie

11. "Hugh Jackman. I’ve literally never read or heard a bad thing about him."

Hugh Jackman sort of smiling

12. "Paul Rudd is just like his characters in real life. There's a great Hot Ones with Paul. He's just an honest, funny dude!"

Paul Rudd looking ageless at the Golden Globe Awards

13. "Chadwick Boseman. Fucking legend. Every Marvel fan loved that man."

Chadwick Boseman smiling and wearing a denim jacket in front of a background of foliage

14. "Weird Al. He seems like such a sweet guy. Every time I've seen him on camera, he just has such a caring attitude. Not to mention, he's genuinely funny and doesn't overdo it."

Weird Al with hands held up and to the sides

15. "I love how Danny DeVito can play some vile characters, but his personality outside of them can overshadow that and make you a fan. Like, normally I would be alarmed and not support a slimy, alcoholic, former businessman who crawls around the floor of his dirty Philly apartment, but it’s Danny, so I’d probably join in, tbh."

Danny DeVito smiling and giving the V sign

16. "Keanu Reeves. A real man of the people!"

Keanu Reeves on the red carpet looking intensely at the camera

17. "Robin Williams. If I found out someone genuinely hated him as a person and it wasn’t just a 'don’t care for his movies' situation (which still seems unheard of), I don’t think I’d be able to continue knowing that individual. That’s just a red flag."

Robin Williams looking up

18. "Jack Black. He's probably one of the top 10 happiest human beings. He always looks like he's enjoying himself the most, which is amazing."

19. "Tom Hanks comes to mind. I forget where I read it, probably on Reddit, but someone described him as the only person who could drunkenly punch out a nun in an alley and the world would wonder, 'Damn, what was wrong with that nun?'"

20. "Cher. Icon, queen, and a rich man."

Cher on the red carpet

21. "LeVar Burton. I met him in person. He made an appearance at the Department of Education during Barack Obama's administration. A whole room of young kids, and he read Shel Silverstein's 'Peanut Butter Sandwich' (with the king whose mouth got stuck) in his perfect Reading Rainbow voice. It gave me chills."

LeVar Burton in bow tie on the red carpet

And finally...

22. "I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with a bad story about Daniel Radcliffe."

Daniel Radcliffe looking serious and casually dressed on the red carpet

You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.