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    27 TV And Movie Jokes That Went Straight Over Your Head As A Kid, Ranked From "Mildly Off-Color" To "Surprisingly Risqué"

    "And my personal favorite, Lonely Space Vixens. That's for when you go to bed."

    There's a long and noble tradition of TV shows and movies meant for children sneaking in the occasional adult joke. And while some of them are just a little out there, others make me wonder, "How the hell did they get away with this?"

    I've ranked these 27 jokes from kid's TV shows and movies by how surprising it is that they survived long enough to make it to air.

    Just so you know, when I say "censor," I mean a combination of studio executives, the Standards & Practices department, lawyers, and anyone else who has the power to say, "Hey, let's maybe not include a circumcision joke in The Rugrats Movie." 

    As you'll see toward the end of this ranking, they lost that particular fight. 

    27. When the "Welcome to Duloc" song almost went there, then didn't.

    the puppets sing, "please keep off of the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your...face!"

    26. When Shaggy met Mary Jane.

    Shaggy says Mary Jane is his favorite name

    On another note, CGI Scooby is a haunting creation.

    CGI Scooby sitting next to Shaggy on the plane

    25. When Stu was broken by a pot of chocolate pudding.

    Stu makes chocolate pudding at 4am and tells his wife it's because he's lost control of his life

    24. When the three little pigs paid tribute to their fallen father.

    A pig plays the piano and in the background, a photograph of sausages labeled "father" hangs on the wall

    23. When Zuko interrupted Suki on her way to Sokka's tent and then found Sokka doing the absolute most.

    Zuko walks in on Sokka, who is surrounded by roses and lit candles

    And then the next morning, when Sokka is fiddling with a random necklace of flowers, implying he got "lei'd." (According to Twitter, at least.)

    Sokka fiddling with a necklace made out of flowers

    22. When this robot mom-to-be told her husband that's it's OK that he missed the delivery of their baby-in-a-box.

    21. When the Wolf read the swimsuit edition of Pork Illustrated.

    The wolf in bed while reading Pork Illustrated

    20. When a donkey, otherwise known as an ass, appears over Squidward while he mocks SpongeBob...

    a real image of a donkey appears over an animated squidward

    ...and then again when he receives a kind Christmas gift from his victim and realizes the error of his ways.

    The donkey appears again when Squidward confesses he feels like a real jerk

    19. When Grandpa rented a few videos for the kids and one for himself.

    Grandpa holds up a DVD and says, "And my personal favorite, lonely space vixens. that's for after you go to bed.

    18. When Mr. Potato Head silently called someone a kiss-ass.

    17. When a doctor with a frankly intimidating name made a cameo appearance.

    A sign for a doctor named Dr. Bendova

    16. When Timmy's dad got too real with him.

    Timmy's Dad says his dreams were shattered many years ago, and when Timmy asks how many, he responds by asking how old Timmy is

    15. When Colette thought Linguini was trying to be very, very honest with her.

    Linguini says he has this tiny little something, while Colette glances down at his pants

    14. When Robin opened up to the Professor.

    Bubbles tells Robin, he made us in his laboratory by accident. And Robin replies, don't worry, professor, I was an accident too!

    13. When Puss in Boots is found carrying a baggie of catnip during a Cops parody sequence.

    Puss in Boots is found to be carrying Catnip, which he claims isn't his

    12. When someone felt the need to stick a Post-it reading, "Don't touch yourself," on the bathroom wall.

    A sign on a bathroom wall that says "don't touch yourself"

    11. When someone read Playslug magazine. For the articles, most likely.

    A slug reads Playslug magazine, with a slug cover model

    10. When the Sanderson sisters encountered the world's creepiest bus driver.

    The witches say, we desire children. The bus driver responds, it may take me a couple of tries but I don't think that'll be a problem

    9. When Shrek made this dick joke.

    8. When Stephanie casually burned Kimmy all the way to the ground.

    Stephanie says, "horoscope? what's that, Kimmy? A telescope that can only see your face"

    7. When the Cat scolded a gardening tool and called it a "dirty hoe."

    The Cat calls a gardening hoe a dirty hoe, then says, "I'm sorry, baby, I love you"

    6. When Grandpa Boris couldn't take another moment of watching vacation videos.

    Grandpa says into the phone "Hello, Dr. Kevorkian?"

    5. When Gary walked in on SpongeBob watching some sea anemone porn.

    Spongebob rapidly changes the channel when Gary walks in

    4. When a wild circumcision joke appeared in a song about newborns being less than impressed with life after birth.

    A baby says "man, they cut my cord." Another baby responds "consider yourself lucky" while looking inside his disaper

    3. When Amy dusted for prints and found Prince.

    Someone tells Amy to dust for prints, she finds Prince (the singer), her brother clarifies fingerprints, and Amy looks disgusted

    2. When Helga said...this.

    Helga says, "Arnold, you make my girlhood tremble"

    1. When Rocko briefly worked at a phone sex line.

    Now it's your turn! Which adult jokes from kids TV shows and movies should've made the ranking? Tell us about them in the comments!