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27 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Growing Up In Australia

"No hat, no play, no school today." —Old Australian Proverb

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1. On birthday cakes:

2. And party food:

3. And lollies:

4. On fairy bread:

5. And Dunkaroos:

6. On learning to dance:

7. On urban legends:

8. On Halloween:

9. On icons:

10. On the legacy of Play School:

11. On summoning Australians:

12. In more ways than one:

13. On the Round the Twist plot:

14. And the questions we still have about it:

15. On H20: Just Add Water:

16. On "Waltzing Matilda":

17. On quality cinema:

18. On the news:

19. On the law:

20. And flouting it:

21. On being confused by America:

22. Especially their cafeterias:

23. On being similar to the UK:

24. On learning about fire safety:

25. On being strong:

26. On being sneaky:

27. And on this startling truth: