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August 15, 2012

The Top 10 Photos From Subway's Facebook Page [NSFW]

Subway fans on Facebook have recently decided to show their appreciation for America's favorite sandwich in a whole new, creative direction. Here are some of the best ones. [Ed. note: These are literally from Subway's official fan page. You can see even more here.]

City Air In A Can

Czech artist Kirill Rudenko is selling a line of canned air from cities around the world. According to the labels, each city's blend "relieves stress, cures homesickness and helps fighting nostalgia." Your move, bottled water.

Dope Bird Ghost Rides McDonald's Drive-Thru

A cattle egret won't leave the roof of a hungry McDonald's customer's car. Best part: the unfazed drive-thru lady saying, "oh yeah, that's Charlie. He likes to ride."

The Hero Gotham Needs Is This Cat

This odd-eyed, "two-faced" kitten was posted to reddit as "the coolest cat ever." Finding it hard to disagree.

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