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    "Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai" Is Returning As A Web Series; Watch The Cast BELT OUT Its Theme Song


    We have been hungry for a Sarabhai vs Sarabhai reboot for the last 10 years. So we just couldn't keep it together when the show's producer J. D. Majethia tweeted this photo saying that he has "good news".

    Just to whet your appetite, here is a video Sahil Sarabhai a.k.a. Sumeet Raghavan 'grammed of the entire cast singing the show's theme song.

    Mumbai Mirror just reported that the sitcom is coming back as a web series.

    Majethia told Mirror that none of the cast members want the show to be a "never-ending TV series" but they are psyched about it coming back as a "shorter term online" series.

    Considering that Sarabhai is one of India's very few sitcoms that was actually hilarious and kinda ahead of its time, its comeback as a web series sounds perfect.

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