Racist Tinder User Shamed Online After Making Indigenous Petrol-Sniffing Joke

    "Is it true that abos have two different-sized nostrils?"

    A racist message sent to an Aboriginal woman on dating app Tinder is gaining traction online with women calling out the man over his remarks.


    Ali Murphy-Oates, a producer who works for Moogahlin Performing Arts, an Indigenous theatre company, received the vile message from a man called Nicholas yesterday. She said it "made the bottom of stomach drop".

    "Is it true abos have two sized nostrils - one for unleaded and one for leaded?," the message reads, referencing the stereotype that Indigenous people sniff petrol.

    "That really shocked me, this person had gone to the extra step of super liking me to then say something so disgusting to me," Murphy-Oates told BuzzFeed News. "I suppose it's worth me saying that in my Tinder profile I say straight up I am Aboriginal."

    Murphy-Oates says her decision to put the response on Facebook was inspired by former Labor senator Nova Peris, who decided to publicly name and shame a man who racially abused her online.

    "I took the lead from Nova Peris and her bravery in addressing someone over racist comments. I really went: now that kind of ignorance is a choice and it's not something that is acceptable and should always be called out and addressed."

    Hundreds of women and men, including actor and writer Nakkiah Lui and The Sapphires actor Shari Sebbens, have shared Murphy-Oates's post, saying they stand against racism.

    Does anyone know this guy? He is/was 4kms near Glebe, likes cooking and has a penchant for RACISM #auspol #racism RT

    Hi @clementine_ford, @superfishali is getting tinder trolled by this guy & wants to track him down. Pls can you RT?

    "What's been really wonderful is I have had so many wonderful Aboriginal sisters and brothers comment on this, share it on Facebook and Twitter, and really I feel so supported by my community who won't stand by racism," Murphy-Oates said.

    Murphy-Oates has made a formal complaint to the man's employer and to Tinder.

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