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    15 "House Hunters" Tweets That'll Make You Want To Watch It Immediately

    "My heart goes out to the guy on House Hunters whose only requirement was 'no ghosts' and yet still got shown a house next to a cemetery."


    {House Hunters} WIFE: I make sharp-edged baby toys out of old harmonicas. HUSBAND: And I throw oranges at people by the overpass. THEM: Our budget is $800,000.


    HUSBAND: I leave comments on podcasts about ambient house WIFE: And I saw a lamb yesterday HUSBAND: Our budget is $2.5 million


    house hunters international never gets old. i never understood it as a kid, but watching a butterfly therapist and a stay at home astronaut with a budget of 3 mil look for a house is absolutely fascinating.


    Mom why is my cousin called Rose? Bc your aunt loves flowers What about me? Shut up House Hunters Intl Collection 3


    My heart goes out to the guy on @HouseHuntersUSA whose only requirement was "no ghosts" and yet still got shown a house next to a cemetery.


    I want to see an episode of House Hunters where both spouses have minimum wage jobs with a budget of $150k, and watch as the realtor loses their mind trying to find them a home that isn’t a complete shit hole.


    House hunters shows : Ted and Kathy are looking for a home in Malibu and their budget is 8.6 million. Kathy sells old fabrics on her Etsy store and Ted sells used shower curtain rings


    {at Home Depot job interview} Any home improvement skills? Me: No, but I often guess correctly which home they'll pick on House Hunters.


    Ok there's a House Hunters on right now where the main concern is where all their birds will go. Where ALL THE BIRDS will go.


    Me: *panicking about everything I have to do this week* Me to me: just keep watching House Hunters


    Watching House Hunters and once again wondering if it should be renamed Can We Save This Marriage? #HouseHunters #TalkToEachOther


    *Typical house hunters episode* Husband: well I like the beach and to be next to water Wife: well I'm allergic to water so


    House Hunters would be an infinitely better show if it were just people shooting crossbows and flinging polearms at McMansions.


    People on house hunters: we need 14 bedrooms, 9 baths, private multiplex cinema & 17 acres of land. Our budget is $12.44 & a paperclip.


    House Hunters: "We are looking for a modern turn key house in the city. Our budget is 1.2M" *picks a rustic 2.9M fixerupper by the ocean*