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    Here's What You Need To Know About That Whole Flower Vase Hair Trend On Instagram

    Maybe you could be a vase for Halloween??

    When it comes to keeping the rest of us on our toes, the devil works hard, but Instagrammers work harder. Enter the latest Insta-viral trend you should know about: Flower Vase Hair.

    This trend (or, alternately: the madness, if you have little patience for fun 'dos) first cropped up when the YouTuber Taylor R. became inspired by Beyoncé's September Vogue cover and decided to make a tutorial for a more "wearable" floral hair look:

    It's since inspired hundreds of other Instagrammers to concoct their own Marge Simpson creations, which you can check out via the #flowervasehair hashtag.

    If you ask us, it's the best use of a plastic water bottle and fresh flowers we've ever seen:

    And some of these looks are giving us serious Cindy Lou Who vibes, just in time for the holidays:

    You can experiment with the number of "vases" created...

    The type of plants you're putting on the noggin...

    And throw in a Grecian-looking braid or two, for optical nature goddess vibes.

    Basically, it's this season's answer to the flower crown...

    Only with some serious height involved:

    And while jury's still out on whether you may or may not need perfect posture to maintain this kind of 'do throughout the day...

    Or how long fresh flowers last when they're sitting on your bean...

    We **do** know that this isn't just a look for spring or summer. Just check out the extremely autumnal vibes going on here:

    And if you don't have fresh flowers, fake ones work, too!

    Anyway, in summary: Hair should be fun, flower vase hair is fun, and anyone who says differently is not being fun.

    This post was translated from Spanish.