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July 20, 2012

Relatable Romney: A Meme For Rich People To Relate To

I hope to relate to this meme too someday.

Guess Who Travie McCoy's New Rock N' Roll Girlfriend Is On Lana's Land's Blog

Well Katy Perry, Russell Brand isn't the only One That Got Away, as news breaks that Katy's former boyfriend and lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, Travie McCoy is allegedly dating singer/actress Juliette Lewis of Juliette and the Licks. The duo recen…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Keith Buckley Of Every Time I Die Lends His Warped Tour Advice (VIDEO) On Sara Scoggs' Blog

Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die was kind enough to chat with me at Warped Tour -- he was one of my favorites! He shared how he "gambled with his life" in Las Vegas, his favorite part of being part of Warped Tour and what advice he has for kids who…

The Trailer For "Bachelorette" Is Here

The "Bridesmaids"-esque comedy starring Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson, James Marsden, and Adam Scott is scheduled to be in theaters on September 7th of this year. The trailer is hilarious.

Is Miley Cyrus On Official Baby Bump Watch On AmehKristine's Blog

It seems like just yesterday that Miley Cyrus was getting her big break as the lead role on Disney's hit show Hannah Montana. Fast forward six years and the former tween star is all grown-up and engaged to her mega-babe boyfriend Liam Hemsworth! Whi…

Spain's 2012 Olympics Outfits Are Hideous, Hulk Hoganesque

By way of Sportress Of Blogitude come these pictures of Spain’s real, actual 2012 Summer Olympic uniforms, and to say they make the country’s best athletes look like pizza delivery boys or some sort of anthropomorphic kethups and mustards is an unde…

Rory McIlroy Is A Victim Of The Tiger Woods Expectations Effect

The world's #2-ranked golfer is struggling at the British Open and has missed four of his last six cuts. But he's still doing pretty great.

Bloomberg Blames Guns

As Democrats and Republicans tiptoe around talking policy the day of a massacre, the New York Mayor is blunt:

The Scariest Thing In Baseball

"Look out! It's a run-away Prince Fielder!"

17 Ways "Clueless" Would Be Different If It Came Out Now

Clueless is officially 17 years old. Here are the ways it'd differ if it came out in 2012.

How To Wear Heels And Shorts Without Feeling Awkward And Uncomfortable

It's not an easy look to pull off but! The Fashion Mailbag is here to help with your shorts-and-heels messaging.

Sjakie The Baby Sloth And His Teddy Bear Mama

Sjakie was born at Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands and, although his mom tried to care for him, she didn't have enough milk to keep him healthy. Workers at the zoo struggled to find a surrogate for Sjakie (pronounced "Sharkey") to hold on to when a 2-year-old girl met him and gifted him with the right bear for the job.

Infographic: Should You Cover A Piece Of Tragic Breaking News?

Homemade infographics are stolen from Tom Scocca.

James Eagan Holmes Kills 12, Wounds 50 In Theater Shooting

Jesus, this is what I get for sleeping in on my Friday. A gunman, since identified as 24-year-old  James Holmes (full name James Eagan Holmes, according to the Chicago Trib), opened fire at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.

Andrew Cuomo Times Release Of Embarrassing Letter To National Tragedy

The New York Governor had resisted releasing a 2,200-word letter to the New York Times, which protests way too much about business groups' influence on him. He finally released it to a Westchester newspaper today.

White House Photos: Obama Responds To Aurora Shooting

The President spoke with the Mayor of Aurora and met with the FBI Director and Counsel.

11 Perfect Sponsors For The NBA's New Uniform Ads

Now that the NBA has agreed to put advertising patches on their jerseys, it's time to figure out who should sponsor, which teams.

Guy Turns His Bedroom Into A '90s Time Capsule

This is an incredible collection. Either this guy hoarded every important toy from the '90s or he hunted them down like some sort of toy-collecting Indiana Jones.

Cougars Are Flooding Television And Other Weekend Links

You probably be expecting corn prices to go up. Plus, the NBA is looking for some new sponsors.

The Essential 100, No. 81: Maniac Mansion From

Maniac Mansion turned all of those conventions on their heads. With the (notable) exception of 1985's Mac-based Déjá Vu, this was the first time the adventure genre truly embraced the point-and-click philosophy. Actions, items, and character mo…

13 Rain Hacks To Help You Deal When You Get Caught In A Downpour

There is nothing worse than wet socks. I repeat: there is nothing worse than wet socks.

Young Gorillas Successfully Dismantle Poacher's Traps

Mountain gorillas: 1. Evil poachers: 0. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund reports that while this behavior has been seen in adults before, this is the first time that juvenile gorillas have shown off their impressive cognitive skills by disarming a poacher's snare.

Lindsay Lohan Wants To Remake "Thelma & Louise" With Jennifer Lawrence

And she's already come up with a new concept.

The Spice Girls Will Be Closing The Olympic Ceremonies And Other Links

Why wouldn't someone take advantage of US tax laws if they could? Also, you may have Drunkorexia.

Cute Dog Confused About When To Start Swimming

I think he's just practicing his doggie paddle. Safety first!

Online Boutique Apologizes For Using #Aurora To Promote A Kim Kardashian Dress Knockoff

"Aurora," the Colorado town where a man shot and killed at least 12 people in a movie theater, is trending on Twitter. An online boutique had no idea why it was trending when they used the hashtag to promote their "Aurora" dress.

Why Politicians Won't Talk About Gun Control After A Mass Shooting

An unspoken rule, broken today by Mike Bloomberg. "The sad thing is that Obama knows better," says a gun control advocate.

Selena Gomez's Life In 20 Photos

For her 20th Birthday!

35 Coolest "Game Of Thrones" Items On Etsy

Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire fans are very dedicated. Here are some of the best things they've made based on the books and show.

Sparrow Users Want Their Money Back

This question always seems to come up when one of the big companies buys a little one.

The Women Behind The (Bat)Man

The latest viral buzz from

Is This The Return Of Tiger Woods?

He's still a few strokes back, but there was a major blast from the past on the 18th hole of the British Open today.

Craft Wars: Two New Ways To Display Your Photos Without Boring Frames

Grab your gel medium and a clothes hanger and get to work.

Both Campaigns See June Contribution Spikes

Individual contributions to Romney for President peaked on the first of the month, then soared again following SCOTUS's health care decision. Those to Obama for America started the month slower but rose precipitously during the last days of June.

Genderswapped Doctor Who

Ever wonder what the universe's favorite Doctor would look like as a woman? Gladys created this series of lovely Time Lady portraits.

Out: Birtherism. In: Islammunism.

A new wave of Obama “vetters” have abandoned the Kenya angle and reconciled seemingly contradictory theories about the president’s secret agenda. It's quite a feat.

Romney Mourns Aurora Victims

A ministerial tone. "We can offer comfort to someone near us who is suffering or heavy-laden."

Gabrielle Giffords's Husband Offers Message Of Support To Colorado Victims

The Aurora, CO mass shooting has already drawn comparisons to the crime that wounded Giffords last January. Now her husband Mark Kelly is offering his condolences.

This Crab Looks Exactly Like Osama Bin Laden

The Canfield family of Washington State caught this crab last weekend. Obama and Romney are both trying to take credit.

Why Washington's Elite Rallied Around Huma Abedin

Michele Bachmann attacks, and Hillary Clinton's many allies, Republican and Democrat alike, swing into action.

The Most Ironic Refrigerator In The World

Reddit user kingfirley presides over some kind of refrigerator Brooklyn. I wonder if any of the other food will even talk to that clean-shaven watermelon.

Twitter Reacts To The Aurora Shooting

Stars and public figures sent their condolences to the victims of the tragic shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado late last night.

New York's New Point Guard Has A Lot To Prove

And he'll get around to doing it later.

How 18-Year-Old Morgan Jones Told The World About The Aurora Shooting

His Reddit posts from his Denver bedroom offered the best live coverage through the night and morning. "It feels like I'm helping out people who need to know this stuff."

A Dark 'n' Stormy With A Chance Of Sunshine

This dark rum drink is a pre-party winner in any kind of weather. Try the classic recipe or my new favorite unexpected take on it.

The Essential 100, No. 82: Fallout From

"It gave you tremendous freedom to let you wander wherever you chose," Chris Avellone told us a few years back. Considering his work on Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, Alpha Protocol, and Fallout: New Vegas among other RPGs, he might know a thing or…

Baby Polar Bear Gets A Helping Paw From Momma

We all need a little boost sometimes.

Matt Lauer Careful Not To Give "Dark Knight Rises" Spoilers While Reporting On Shooting

Perhaps the wrong priorities while reporting on this tragedy.

Goodbye, "Dark Night Rises" Red Carpet

Following the harrowing shooting at a midnight showing of the film in a Colorado theater, Warner Bros. has canceled the Paris premiere that was supposed to take place tonight. A crew has moved in to tear down what would have been a flashy display.

7 Conservatives Who Denounced Michele Bachmann This Week

Rep. Michele Bachmann received widespread Republican criticism for linking Hilary Clinton's deputy chief of staff to the Muslim Brotherhood, Politico reported. "Huma Abedin has three family members — her late father, her mother and her brother-conected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives or organizations," Bachmann wrote.

Aaron Paul: The Best "Price Is Right" Contestant That Ever Was

Or at least the Breaking Bad star was the most hyperactive contestant that ever was.

Video Of Colorado Shooting Victim Jessica Redfield

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post urged his followers to retweet this video to remember Jessica rather than focusing on the shooter. Here she is interviewing hockey player Chris Summers, her first professional interview as an intern. It's incredibly endearing, and equally heartbreaking.

Want To Have A Say On Legislation? There's An App For That

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor navigates the rise of social media. "You better be on your toes and you better realize no back room deals, no secrecy."

Photos Of Alleged Colorado Shooter James Holmes

Courtesy of the University of Colorado (via Reuters) and There is still no motive.

A Baby Sloth In A Giant Wine Glass

This little guy looks like he has some big questions on his mind. I just have three words for you, baby sloth: We. Love. You.

11 Amazing Things Women Have Done While Pregnant

Some have speculated that Marissa Mayer won't be able to handle her new CEO duties while pregnant. But women have been doing impressive things while pregnant forever. Here are just a few examples.

This Is What The NRA Tweeted Today, Unfortunately

There is no sign that whoever posted this knew about the Aurora shooting when they tweeted it. UPDATE: The @NRA_Rifleman Twitter account has been deleted.

Heartbreaking Photos Following The Tragedy In Colorado

Horror and sorrow in the wake of the nightmarish attack in Aurora. Survivors and families of victims, gathered at Gateway High School near the theater where the shooting took place.

The NBA Will Have Jersey Ads In 2013

I can't wait for the Samsung Los Angeles Lakers to play the M&M Miami Heat in the 2013 Finals.

Buildings Turned Into Huge Flash Drives

Smart ad stunt pulled off in Mumbai.

Texting Is Nature's Most Dangerous Form Of Communication

How to handle being friends with benefits and texting: If it's not broken, don't text it. Also, the polite way to internet stalk a crush.

Show Us Your Lunch

What are you eating today? Something delicious, hopefully. Snap a photo of your midday meal and post it below.

Obama And Romney Respond To Colorado Tragedy

The two presidential candidates take time out of their contentious campaign to unite in their grief and shock over the mass shooting in Colorado.

Conservatives Outraged At Suggestion Colorado Shooter Belonged To Tea Party

Conservatives took to Twitter to denouonce ABC News reporter Brian Ross for passing off a simple Google search as proof that Aurora theater shooter James Holmes has ties to the Tea Party.

Jessica Simpson May Have Given Up On Her Weight Loss And Other Morning Links

Guns N' Roses lead guitarist says they will never get back together. Also, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David get a cup of coffee together.

The Aurora Shooting Timeline

Here's the sequence of events at the Colorado movie theater where a gunman opened fire on a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

The Greatest Indiana Jones Theme Music Cover Ever

Nick McKaig, the 'Star Wars' a capella cover guy, is back with a take on the 'Indiana Jones' music. This is one of the best things that's ever happened.

The Beginning Of The End Of DSLRs

The consumer DSLR isn't going anywhere for a while, and pro-grade cameras will stick around even longer. But now, three years after the first mainstream mirrorless interchangeable lens camera hit the market, Canon appears to be making its own. There's no turning back.

Nikki Finke Asks The Wrong Question About Colorado Shooting

The box-office take of The Dark Knight Rises is probably the least important thing about this right now.

Unfortunate Facebook Users Share Name Of Accused Colorado Gunman

"It wasn't me." A couple of Facebook users with the name of James Holmes, the suspect in the Colorado Dark Knight Rises shooting, are forced to issue denials.

Who Is James Holmes?

James Eagan Holmes is the 24-year old man in police custody for the shootings last night at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Details about his life are slowly emerging.

Aurora Shooting Victim's Last Tweets From The Theater

Aspiring sportswriter Jessica Ghawi survived the Eaton Center shootings in Toronto, and wrote hauntingly about them. She died in a Colorado movie theater this morning.

'West Wing' Actor Josh Malina Ate On $31.50 A Week, And So Should Everyone Voting On Food Stamp Funding

Cenk talks to Josh Malina (“The West Wing” and “Scandal”) about Malina’s week on the “SNAP Challenge” — living on $31.50 worth of food, the weekly amount provided by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. “In my constant attempt to avoid bei…

Oh So Creepy '50s Boy's Underwear Ad

Check out the expression on the elevator operator's face.

Career Confidential: The Photo Retoucher Who Usually Doesn't Have To Distort Bodies

Skin, however, is an entirely different story. And mascara ads? Those may be more photoshopped than anything else.

The Dark Knight Rises

Picking up eight years since the Joker turned Gotham upside down and Batman (Christian Bale) took the fall for Harvey Dent, Rises introduces Bane (Tom Hardy doing wonders with limited expression), who comes to town to burn it down. Bane’s drawn-out …

12 Shot Dead At "Dark Knight Rises" Screening In Colorado

Survivor thought the gunman — now in custody — was part of a "publicity stunt." "Alex is still missing."

Cenk: 'Tell The Truth -- But If You Did, You'd Have To Shut Down All Of Fox News'

Cenk slams Fox News for purposefully taking President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment from a recent speech about job creation in Boston out of context. Fox News ran 42 segments about Obama “insulting” the work of small businesses. “It’s not …

The Most Messed-Up Pregnancy Scare Prank Ever

Redditor sirrypie decided to use one of those roadside sign things to play a prank on everyone named John. Ha ha... ha?

Hurdler Michelle Jenneke: Pics, GIFs And Slow Motion Video

Yesterday afternoon we shared with you the video of 19-year old Australian track and field star Michelle Jenneke winning the 100m hurdles at the 14th IAAF

How Not To Die Of Rabies! A Chat With Bill Wasik And Monica Murphy

Is there a disease more sensationally gruesome, more thrillingly disturbing than rabies? The macabre virus, which has haunted the imaginations (and nightmares) of nearly every human culture for thousands of years, is the subject of a new nonfiction …

J.Crew Is Maybe Coming To Williamsburg And The ‘Employee Handbook’ Has Leaked! And It’s Hilarious!

Hey ladies and gentle hipsters of the greater Williamsburg area (sorry, Bushwick–East Williamsburg doesn’t count): Is busking for change at the Bedford L stop not enough to supplement your weekly PBR expenditures? Have the taxes on American Spirits …

News Flash: ‘Pro-Skinny’ And ‘Pro-Ana’ Are The Same Thing

If you were around on the interwebs last week the site Skinny Gossip might ring a bell. Last month the site wrote an excessively nasty post criticizing Kate Upton’s body (the phrase “squishy brick” was used, among other, ickier descriptors). You mig…

What’s The Best Car Gear For A Roadtrip?

Summers are filled with road trips and road trips are about junk food pit stops, managing gas station bathroom filth and also the car itself. For some reason, every time I get a car, I begin to fill it with lots of extra little things that I imagine…

7 Things You Didn't Know About Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate For President

Dr. Jill Stein recently beat out comedian and actress Roseanne Barr to become the Green Party’s candidate for president. Barr was running an aggressive campaign on Twitter, but it is 62-year-old Stein whose name will be on the ballot (in most states…

The Essential 100, No. 85: Minecraft From

The fact is, the single greatest contributor to the resounding success of Minecraft is undoubtedly the culture that has sprung up around it. Sharing one's creations isn't simply satisfying, it opens the eyes of the unindoctrinated to the raw potenti…

Batman-Ish: What Comic-Book Movies Are Missing

Let’s start with my bias: I write comic book scripts for a living. As a kid, reading Batman for the first time, I was immediately drawn to the idea of a man dressing up as a Bat to prey on the superstitions of the wrong guy on the street. As bad as …

Rush Limbaugh Says Bane/Bain Capital Is A Liberal Conspiracy

This just in: Rush Limbaugh is an idiot, and political pundits make outrageous statements so that people will pay attention to them. A transcript from his show yesterday:

TSA Agents Question Man With The World's Biggest Penis

A man was questioned by TSA agents at San Francisco International Airport recently, over a suspicious bulge in his pants that turned out to be his enormous penis, and I swear this isn’t the beginning of an adult film.

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