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July 20, 2012

Sjakie The Baby Sloth And His Teddy Bear Mama

Sjakie was born at Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands and, although his mom tried to care for him, she didn't have enough milk to keep him healthy. Workers at the zoo struggled to find a surrogate for Sjakie (pronounced "Sharkey") to hold on to when a 2-year-old girl met him and gifted him with the right bear for the job.

Andrew Cuomo Times Release Of Embarrassing Letter To National Tragedy

The New York Governor had resisted releasing a 2,200-word letter to the New York Times, which protests way too much about business groups' influence on him. He finally released it to a Westchester newspaper today.

11 Perfect Sponsors For The NBA's New Uniform Ads

Now that the NBA has agreed to put advertising patches on their jerseys, it's time to figure out who should sponsor, which teams.

Young Gorillas Successfully Dismantle Poacher's Traps

Mountain gorillas: 1. Evil poachers: 0. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund reports that while this behavior has been seen in adults before, this is the first time that juvenile gorillas have shown off their impressive cognitive skills by disarming a poacher's snare.

Online Boutique Apologizes For Using #Aurora To Promote A Kim Kardashian Dress Knockoff

"Aurora," the Colorado town where a man shot and killed at least 12 people in a movie theater, is trending on Twitter. An online boutique had no idea why it was trending when they used the hashtag to promote their "Aurora" dress.

Gabrielle Giffords's Husband Offers Message Of Support To Colorado Victims

The Aurora, CO mass shooting has already drawn comparisons to the crime that wounded Giffords last January. Now her husband Mark Kelly is offering his condolences.

The Most Ironic Refrigerator In The World

Reddit user kingfirley presides over some kind of refrigerator Brooklyn. I wonder if any of the other food will even talk to that clean-shaven watermelon.

7 Conservatives Who Denounced Michele Bachmann This Week

Rep. Michele Bachmann received widespread Republican criticism for linking Hilary Clinton's deputy chief of staff to the Muslim Brotherhood, Politico reported. "Huma Abedin has three family members — her late father, her mother and her brother-conected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives or organizations," Bachmann wrote.

11 Amazing Things Women Have Done While Pregnant

Some have speculated that Marissa Mayer won't be able to handle her new CEO duties while pregnant. But women have been doing impressive things while pregnant forever. Here are just a few examples.

Heartbreaking Photos Following The Tragedy In Colorado

Horror and sorrow in the wake of the nightmarish attack in Aurora. Survivors and families of victims, gathered at Gateway High School near the theater where the shooting took place.

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