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July 17, 2012

Piranha Scissors

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President Obama Hits Romney Hard With His 'No Holds Barred' Campaign Style

Michael Hastings, reporter for Rolling Stone and BuzzFeed, helps Cenk break down why President Obama’s team has been so successful at knocking Mitt Romney down a peg in the 2012 election campaign. “President Obama — one of his greatest talents is go…

The Essential 100, No. 93: Cave Story From

Yet Cave Story is, to be frank, a much stronger game than its '80s-era inspirations. Unlike adventures such as Zelda II, Metroid, or Maze of Galious, nothing about Pixel's creation comes across as needlessly opaque. Its secrets exist to intrigue and…

The Essential 100, No. 95: Jet Grind Radio From

ne look at the borderline-racist commercial for Jet Grind Radio, and you can tell Sega had absolutely no idea how to sell this game to an American audience. Anxious to grab onto something -- anything -- the company sunk its advertising claws directl…

8 Outfits That Prove You're A Dentist

Fact: pretty much anyone will let you stick your fingers in their mouth if you dress the part.

The Rich Kids Of Instagram

Oh, look! It's a new tumblr that chronicles the instagrams of the one percent. Or at least, the children of the one percent.

Why The Knicks Didn't Re-Sign Jeremy Lin

This is the only possible explanation.

The Unexpected Ways Marissa Mayer's Pregnancy Turned Out To Be A Big Deal

Yahoo's new CEO doesn't want to make a big fuss over her pregnancy, which is one thing that makes it so unique.

Rotten Tomatoes Bans Eric Snider Over Dark Knight Troll Prank

Enter Eric Snider from, who thought it’d be funny to post a fake review snippet, saying “The Dark Knight Rises is easily the most disappointing Batman film so far – and I’m including Schumacher’s Batman & Robin in that statement.” It was a …

Mormon Teens Vs. Internet Teens

The teens I see on the internet everyday are truly truly awful. The Mormon teens I met at this weekend's Hill Cumorah Pageant were wonderful. What's the deal?

Murder Suspect Stole A Plane, Crashed It, And Killed Himself

This is insane. A 40-year-old pilot accused of killing his girlfriend broke into a Utah airport early Tuesday morning. He stole an empty plane, crashed it into the parking lot, and shot himself.

JoJo Is Back With A Brand New Single!

It's called "Demonstrate," and it sounds like she is allllll grown up.

10 Peaches That Resemble Pat Sajak

You'll never look at the fruit the same way again.

How To Cure Duckface In One Easy Step

How did we not see this before?

"The Dark Knight Rises" Early Reviews, Minus Spoilers

And the consensus is? With few exceptions, overwhelmingly positive.

16 Forgotten Jewelry Trends That Could Make A Comeback At Any Moment

Stranger things have happened. You never know what trend from the '80s or '90s could rear its ugly head again.

How To Travel The World Like Hillary Clinton (In 30 Steps)

Learn from the woman who just became the most traveled Secretary of State in United States history. Like a boss.

The Stupidest Injuries In Sports History

The dumbest of the dumb.

Romney Was Asked Why He Still Signed Bain Documents After 1999 In A 2002 Debate

Fairly consistent with his answer today. "When I left Massachusetts to go run the Olympics, and left my organization, I was out there full time."

Guy Who Played Mitt In "Rombo" Ad Aims For Career As Romney Impersonator

"I can own this whole thing. All I have to do is get the voice close and I own it."

Kate Moss And Naomi Campbell Take Their Lowest Paying Jobs Ever For The Olympics

The closing ceremonies for the London Olympics are shaping up to be quite a fashionable extravaganza. The Mirror is confirming that a band of British supermodels led by Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell will in fact be strutting their stuff in an ode to …

The Lego Wire

Sheeeeeit, it's perfect.

Weightlifter Sarah Robles's Journey To The Olympics Is Looking Up

Robles's story of fighting poverty and body-image issues on her way to the London games has resonated with thousands of people since appearing in Time magazine and on BuzzFeed Shift. Thanks to their help, she's raised a bundle of money and accrued a legion of supporters rallying to get her sponsorships, magazine covers, and more. Here's a full update on what's new with her career.

Anne Hathaway Breaks Two Subway Riding Rules

Yes, these rules are set in stone and shall not be broken.

Kris Humphries Has Apparently Been Saving His Kanye Diss For A While

When ex-Kardashian Kris Humphries signed a contract with the Brooklyn Nets today, he made a subtle jab at current Kardashian-beau Kanye West on Twitter. More amusing, though, were his teammates' reactions.

Vivus Weight-Loss Pill Approved -- Maybe?

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (TheStreet) -- U.S. regulators have apparently approved Vivus'(VVUS) weight-loss pill Qsymia on Tuesday, which means obese Americans now have a choice in prescription diet pills.

I'm Moving My New Home Wish List Photo

I finally found a place I wanna move to. It's a really special, one of a kind space that has a lot of history and a lot of nature around it. I'm excited to build my dream home out of it and made a little wish list/gallery of all the stuff I wanna ge…

Only In Florida: Man Stabbed Over Pork Rinds

Being a lifelong resident of Florida, I’ve grown immune to the jokes that my UPROXXian colleagues make at my expense, but I’m also the first to admit that this state will eventually lead to the opening of several portals to hell. That said, today’s …

Explain This Photo And Other Links

My best guess is a real life adaptation of The Emperor's New Groove. Also, terrifying ways your brain can betray you and working My Little Pony firearms.

Most Important Tech Company You've Never Heard Of Releases Surveillance Data

In a blog post, communications and surveillance firm Neustar details the numbers on their cell phone surveillance requests from law enforcement.

Pitbull Is Banished To A Frozen Wasteland, Thanks To Internet Prank

Pitbull will be going to the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska as a result of prankster gaming a contest to win a visit from the rapper. He's making good on his promise, but he wants the guy who arranged the prank him to come along.

Katy Perry Threw A '90s-Themed Birthday Party For Her Friend

It was at a roller-skating rink and there were beanie babies EVERYWHERE.

Romney Aims Corruption Charge At Obama

Facing accusations of shady business dealings, the candidate tries to get back on offense. "Crony capitalism does not create jobs."

Hard Right Embraces New Romney Attack On Obama

Fischer, Wheeler, Riehl, et al. back Sununu's questions about whether Obama is American enough. "I think it’s about time they took the gloves off," says Joe Farah.

U Mad OkCupid Bro?

If you're looking for love on the internet, try to control your anger issues.

What's Going On With Lana Del Rey's Bottoms In This Picture?

I had to look at this for a good long minute before I realized they just photoshopped some nude colored jeans in a visually nonsensical way. (This is Lana's new H&M ad campaign, by the way.)

Monkey Discovers A Hidden Camera

This is basically me if I was a monkey in Borneo.

Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Had An Awesome Career

He went from cute little kid to bona fide movie star. Gotta love JGL.

7 Creepy Marionettes You Can Own

Watching, always watching. If you have money to burn and enjoy disturbing yourself, you can't do much better than these puppets.

Facts Matter: Eliot Spitzer Refutes Maria Bartiromo’s Claims About Case Against Hank Greenberg, AIG

“Maria, every statement I’ve made about Hank Greenberg’s role in these frauds is proven and accurate,” Spitzer says. “It’s too bad Wall Street’s leadership — and some of their favorite voices — can’t learn the lessons from the past and move forward.…

Shocking Video Shows Gaddafi's Body 'Being Used By Rebels As Ventriloquist's Doll'

A gruesome new video which appears to show Muammar Gaddafi's dead body being abused by rebels has surfaced online.

Obama: Texas Will Be A Swing State Soon

The president's prediction is likely based on the increase of Hispanic voters in the state, but we like to think the real secret is that decriminalization recently made it onto the Texas Democratic platform.

The 24 Weirdest Sleeping Positions For Dogs

Ever see your dog sleeping totally awkwardly and think it's random? After seeing this you'll realize it is probably quite normal.

24 Ways To Make Traveling To Your Summer Vacation Destination Less Painful

I'm going to get all Gwyneth Paltrow on you and tell you about all the things that have gotten me through four years of constant touring and airplane travel with my band. I still dread the long lines, carrying stuff, and the utter boredom that comes with flying, but hopefully these tips can help you feel a little more prepared.

Sweet Brown Made A Commercial

Get that $$, Sweet Brown. I love this woman.

Can You Draw Batman With Your Eyes Closed?

Blind As A Batman is a website that challenges you to close your eyes and attempt to draw Batman Can you do it?

Hair Dryer Circa The 1920s

Or, a hair dryer as imagined by Dr. Seuss. You know how we laugh at old computers from the 70s for being comically large? Yeah, exactly like that.

There's A New Naked Man In Times Square

Introducing The Naked Indian! The New guy on Broadway is stirring up all kinds of trouble with his legendary "competitor," The Naked Cowboy.

Tavi Gevinson Thinks "Seventeen" Magazine's Headlines Are Just As Bad As Its Photoshopped Models

The 16-year-old Rookie editor applauds the girls behind the Seventeen Photoshop petition, but thinks that the magazine's body-shaming goes beyond its images: "The effects of headlines under the 'health' section about your back-to-school body are still there. It took me a little bit once middle school started to realize that if I didn't read Seventeen, I didn't feel obligated to watch what I eat. Language is powerful, along with photos."

16 Ingredients You Might Want To Stay Away From

Most ingredient labels are pretty scary. These are extra scary.

So, Is The Library Of Congress Still Archiving Twitter?

Officially? Yes. But it's still not clear what that means.

Michael Clarke Duncan Still Sedated After Heart Attack

LOS ANGELES, July 17 (UPI) -- Actor Michael Clarke Duncan has been on a ventilator and sedated since he was hospitalized after a heart attack in Los Angeles last week, TMZ reported.

Peter Jackson Talks Splitting Hobbit Into Three Movies, Is Bad At Editing.

The Hobbit is by far my favorite of the Tolkien books, and my only sticking point in seeing the movie (beyond general hobbit-fatigue) is that it’s going to be split into two movies, with the first part reportedly being two and a half hours long. Fiv…

Guess The Famous Works Of Art (And The Artists Who Painted Them)

Can you figure out which masterpiece is being described in only three clues?

Why A Legendary Gadget Needs To Die

If there is such a thing as a router of myth, the Linksys WRT54G is it. But it's time for the geek community's nostalgia to stop clouding the fact no one should buy it anymore.

Romney's "Braveheart" Strategy

Sununu Day continues with the former New Hampshire governor likening the Romney campaign's "discipline" strategy to Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" film. Sununu adds that he'd never hire any of the Romney supporters who want to the Republican nominee start "real engagement" as soon as possible.

Here Are All Of Mitt Romney's Personal Financial Disclosure Filings From 2001-2005

The forms, filed with the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission during Romney's run and tenure as Governor, show various Romney investments in Bain Capital funds and membership of boards until 2003. After 2003 time all of Romney's assets became listed in a blind trust. While the years 2001,2002 are 27 pages long each, after 2003 the forms are just seven to ten pages long.

The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2012 Playlist

The Gathering of the Juggalos is actually a premiere rap concert.

Romney Backer Wishes Obama "Would Learn How To Be An American"

Sununu grabs the third rail. The Romney campaign lets the dogs out.

Glamour Accidentally Runs A Photo Of Daul Kim, The Model Who Committed Suicide Three Years Ago, In Its August Issue

For Glamour‘s August 2012 issue, the magazine used three images of models backstage to illustrate an article about all the ways you can wear denim. Sounds pretty innocuous, right? It would have been, except for the fact that one of the models commit…

The 8 Best Ways To Use Blueberries This Season

If you don't devour your blueberries before you get them home from the market (or the field — if you picked them, more power to you), you should definitely try cooking them in one of these dishes. In fact, just stock up, and start cooking — now.

The Knicks Are Psychotic To Let Jeremy Lin Go: A Comprehensive Case

There is not any possible universe in which letting Jeremy Lin walk would be better than the alternatives. If you read one piece on Lin, read this one, then stab yourself.

Rider Strong Re-Emerges As Star Of "Hooker Lawyer"

USA's new hit show! Okay, not really: it's a parody. But I would watch anything with the man who played Boy Meets World's Shawn Hunter, especially a court drama all about prostitutes!

Adidas' Strategy For The NFL's Newest Star? Be Super Creepy

At least that's the takeaway from their first commercial featuring Robert Griffin III. The idea is that he's haunting defensive players, but some of these moments will probably haunt you.

Romney Backer: Obama Is An Un-American Pot-Smoker

The former New Hampshire governor and Romney supporter also told Fox News that the president has no idea how the "American system" functions because he, "spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something."

14 Ways To Tell Whether You Support Obama Or Romney

CivicScience harvested polling data to compile a list of characteristics that correlate with presidential candidate preferences. It's mostly about cats and dogs.

Puppy Nibbles Kitty's Ear

Extreme cuteness ensues.

Lana Del Rey Is The New Face Of H&M

Here are the first pictures from the campaign: fab or drab?

Russian "How I Met Your Mother" Casts Look-Alikes Of American Version

In Soviet Russia, casting directors will put you on a show if you happen to look like somebody on the original edition of the show. Apparently.

New Republican Attack Focuses On Defense Cuts

Group run by former Cantor aides plans assault on the sequester, and Obama. “Keeping defense cuts a secret is just plain dangerous."

The Story Of Obama And The Kiss Cam

"It's a love story, baby just say yes."

"Sherlock Holmes" And "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea" Reimagined As Gay Love Stories

Thanks to the astounding popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey's witless eroticism, Total-E-Books will publish a series of classic novels with the addition of new sex scenes. The series of ebooks called Clandestine Classics includes tales of Sherlock and Watson's gay love affair; Jane Eyre's sexual submissiveness; and Mr. Darcy's naughty attempts to screw Elizabeth Bennett in the meadow. Here are some excerpts.

London-Bound Plane Forced To Divert To Canada After Losing 20,000ft While Half-way Across The Atlantic

Passengers on the flight from Washington DC to London said the aircraft suddenly 'dipped like a ferry' and cabin crew reportedly 'ran down the aisles' while the plane spent two hours flying back in the direction it came from. It was diverted to Cana…

Gallagher Is Alive And Well And Still Smashing Watermelons

Sure, it's for a Geico commercial, but this is good news considering we had last heard the comedian wasn't in good health.

Remember When Jennifer Lawrence Was On A Sitcom?

It's okay if you don't, it didn't last long. But these are the amazing promo photos for The Bill Engvall Show, where Jennifer played the "scheming teenage daughter." Thank god for Winter's Bone. Oh and, The Hunger Games.

Amazing Video Of Girl Getting Caught After Falling From Third Floor Window

Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

Kobe Dissed Obama For Getting Kiss-Cam Rejected By The First Lady

The President disagreed with Kobe on whether the 2012 U.S. National Team could be the 1992 Dream Team. Sure enough, Kobe got his revenge.

Guerilla Group Hijacks 30 UK Billboards, Pre-Olympics

Six artists, including Banksy collaborator Paul Insect, have postered their own work over existing outdoor campaigns to "challenge the destructive impacts of the advertising industry."

Cuomo, Under Fire For Secrecy, Won't Release Letter To Newspaper

His aides sent a mystery 2,200-word dispatch to the Times. PIN messages and deleted emails.

Glenn Beck's Online TV Network Adds New Host

Conservative Sirius XM talker Andrew Wilkow will join TheBlaze in ongoing effort to add original programming.

Actually, Louis C.K. Didn't Defend Daniel Tosh's Rape Joke After All

You know that tweet that we all thought Louie sent Tosh in support of the backlash he was receiving about his rape jokes? He was actually in Vermont on vacation at the time and had no idea what was going down. So he went on The Daily Show last night to clarify.

Exclusive: Dov Charney Offered American Apparel’s Factory To Ralph Lauren To Help Produce ‘Made In The USA’ Uniforms For The Olympics

Looks like American Apparel may be designing the uniforms for some proud red, white, and blue-wearing Olympians…who aren’t American. In a conversation about clothing manufacturing and national pride that has come to a head today because of the Ralph…

President Obama And The First Lady Can't Fight The Power Of Kiss Cam

Sure they passed on the PDA the first time it found them at last night's USA-Brazil exhibition basketball game, but then they learned a hard lesson: Kiss Cam always wins in the end.

Brendan Fraser Allegedly Battered His William Tell Producer

For too long, notorious Hollywood tough guy Brendan Fraser has been leading with his fists, punching first and asking questions later. This knuckle-dragging philistine has been playing by his own rules for far too long, but finally, one movie produc…

Making Sense Of This Jeremy Lin Ordeal: Exotic Dancer Edition

Here’s an abridged version of the NBA offseason to date: The lockout changed nothing, owners didn’t learn, nor did they want to learn, because they’re still giving out awful contracts, and they just wanted to make sure they’d get more back from the …

First Look: There Are Tiny Little Men Crawling All Over Naked Lady Gaga In Her Super Creepy New Fragrance Campaign

It has been a long time never that a fragrance campaign provoked such a strong reaction in me. But leave it to Gaga. Here is the Steven Klein-lensed campaign for Lady Gaga Fame, her new black-but-turns-clear-and-smells-like-belladonna-and-maybe-spe…

Buzznet Exclusive: Travis Clark Tour Bus Diaries (VIDEO) On Danivitale's Blog

We The Kings frontman Travis Clark and I had a little arguement before I got to interview him at Warped Tour from not letting him know that I was the interviewer for Buzznet at Warped Tourl. We talk about pooping on a tour bus, what shenanigans go o…

Marissa Mayer, New Yahoo! CEO, Announces She's Pregnant

A huge day for the longtime Google star. And nobody on the Yahoo! board was fazed in the least, she says.

Hilarious Grand Jury Testimony

David House testified in front of a grand jury about his potential association with Bradley Manning. On the advice of his lawyer, he took the fifth on every question except his name and birthdate.

President Obama Kissed Michelle On The USA Basketball Jumbotron

POTUS and FLOTUS had shown up on the Kiss Cam earlier in the night, when Michelle turned him down. But you know what they say: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Top Dem Leaves Fundraising Debate To Attend Fundraiser

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse slipped out of this evening's all-night floor debate on fundraising bill to attend fundraiser for a nonprofit health group. "No line to draw," says an aide.

Who Is This Nicholas, Who Loves Cats And Would Like To Propose?

Dear guy named Nicholas who works in social media: You left a notepad in a Zipcar. Also, this seems like a bad idea:…— Anna

The 18 Best Faces Watching Octomom Strip

Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, performed at a Florida strip club for $5,000 this past weekend. The best part of the performance was the faces in the crowd. (But seriously, in all honesty, she looks pretty amazing for having 14 babies come out of her.)

People Really Like ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

With just 4 days until it’s release, Warner Brothers is finally giving critics who have seen ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ permission to publish their reviews, and according to the few that are online now, it seems Christopher Nolan is still really …

A ‘Hyper-Real’ Illustration Of ‘Kate Middleton’ Bizarrely Covers Marie Claire South Africa

Kate Middleton is undoubtedly one of, if not the most sought after cover star for magazines–fashion or otherwise. Both the British and American Vogue editors have reportedly tried to get her to no avail, but there’s one tactic they may not have cons…

Here's A 1962 Blurb For The Rolling Stones' First Gig

"I hope they don't think we're a rock 'n' roll outfit," said Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger in a 1962 blurb for their first-ever performance at the Marquee Club in London.

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