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July 11, 2012

The Dating Rules

In our quests to do everything right on a date, we forget that the other party has to impress us, too. Here is the dating test for women.

Healthy Snack Recipes

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, here are some easy-to-pack snacks that’ll keep you satisfied and in shape. Whip ‘em up the night before your trip and toss them in your carry-on. Or enjoy them whenever you need a healthy snack…

“Don’t Even Brush Your Teeth”: 91 Hangover Cures From 1961

Much like the philosopher’s stone or the Holy Grail, the perfect hangover cure has been the subject of endless inquiries by some of history’s greatest minds, and has proved just as elusive. Those who do possess it are often fictional or demigods, or…

The Daytime TV Version Of FMK

Good Afternoon America forced Anna Chlumsky to decide between Ryan Gosling, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Macaulay Culkin. Who will survive?!

Gus Fring On Sesame Street

Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus Fring on 'Breaking Bad,' was in five episodes of 'Sesame Street' in 1982. It's hard not to be afraid for Big Bird when you watch the supercut.

Is Toe Nail Art The New Nail Art?

So it’s no secret that nail art is at the all-time height of its popularity now–girls are going gaga (as is Gaga) for bedazzled, tricked out digits. Hell, even Chanel got on board. The constant onslaught of new polishes, special effects topcoats and…

The American League Can Blame Kate Upton For Losing

According to people who keep a much closer watch on who athletes are dating than we do, Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander has been in a relationship with the same girl since college. But apparently that may have changed recently – or perhaps durin…

‘Independence Day 2′ Actually Has A Script?

Last week, AMC made thousands of drunk 30-somethings ecstatic when the network aired the 1996 cheese-and-corn casserole of an action film, Independence Day, starring Will Smith and Bill Pullman, in the wee hours of America’s Independence Day. Despit…

In 2008 Obama Promised To Stop Offshore Tax Havens

President Obama and Democrats often attack Mitt Romney for having offshore bank accounts. During the 2008 campaign, then candidate Obama promised he would close the same tax loopholes that Romney and his company Bain Capital took advantage of.

How VCs Turned My Startup Into A Nightmare

All you hear about in tech today is entrepreneurs and VCs and money changing the world. I was an entrepreneur and I met a lot of VCs and I asked for some of their money. Changing the world is not the business that you think it is.

If You Want To Lose, Sign These Basketball Players

Rashard Lewis surrenders 14 more points per 100 possessions than he produces. The Heat just signed him. If you're trying to give up more points than you score, here are some other guys who will help a bunch.

The Rescued Raccoon Who Is About To Make Your Day

This story starts off incredibly sad: this raccoon was found in the under-cabin of a boat at an impounded marina, in a filthy cage full of rotten food where he had been living since he was a baby. Harbor was left 80% blind due to his poor nutrition and lack of sunlight, and he was turned over to rehabilitator, MaryEllen Schoeman, who named him Harbor. In his new home, Harbor didn't just recover well enough to survive, he found a boundless exuberance and a love of life that should inspire us all.

Introducing The Bob Marley Crustacean

A marine biologist at Arkansas State University recently discovered a new crustacean and named it after the famous reggae singer. Turns out its more like an underwater tick than a reggae superstar.

Royal Historians Have Predicted Kate Middleton's Due Date And Baby Name

A British family history website has issued its official royal baby prediction: Kate Middleton will give birth on Aug. 27, 2013. That's 851 days after her wedding — the average length of time it takes for royals to give birth. Taking the crazy to the next level, researchers predict the baby's name will be Charles, George, Henry, James or Michael for a boy, or Carole, Elizabeth, Mary, Philippa or Victoria for a girl. But hey, no pressure, Duchess.

Andy Warhol Eating A Hamburger

This is a five-minute video of Andy Warhol eating a Burger King hamburger accompanied by Heinz ketchup. The scene is part of a

Jane Lynch Backs First-Ever Lesbian Issues Super PAC

The political action committee, called LPAC, hopes to raise $1 million to fight for LGBT rights and women's reproductive rights around the country. In addition to Glee star Jane Lynch, it's backed by former tennis player Billie Jean King and by Laura Ricketts, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs.

Every Game Is Indiana Jones From

Everything from the movement to the combat in the game was inspired by Spielberg and Lucas' creation. Considering that, in turn, Prince of Persia influenced numerous successive game makers, and the games that spawned out of the original game, such a…

Meet The New It-Bags: Here Are The 10 Buzziest Bags Right Now

It-bags, while not quite as flashy these days as their Baguette ancestors, are definitely still thriving. Much like the new It-girls, they’re more simply adorned and low-key. But despite a lower profile–and lack of logos plastered all over–they’re …

New Kate Upton Photos

GQ has just released more photos from Kate Upton's photoshoot with Terry Richardson. Trust us, you want to see them.

Hot Or Not Demi Lovato's Pastry-Like Hair-Do Photo Yasi's Photos

Demi Lovato has definitely been experimenting with new styles in the hair department lately. She has gone from dark brown to reddish to blonde, and most recently dip-dyed her ends a pretty pastel pink. But maybe her experimenting has gone a weeeeee …

Pantone Colors Of Human Flesh

Artist Angelica Dass pairs photographs of people with the Pantone colors of their skin colors. More of the project can be found

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