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July 19, 2012

27 Things You Didn't Know About "The Dark Knight"

Trivial tidbits about the prelude to "The Dark Knight Rises." If you're into arbitrary nerd analogies, it's sort of "The Empire Strikes Back" of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

Gay Soldiers For First Time Can Wear Uniforms To Pride Parades

The Department of Defense announced the new rule Thursday, just in time for pride events in San Diego.

The 23 Openly Gay Athletes Of The 2012 Olympics

Out of more than 12,000 athletes, 20 are openly gay. Get to know them. Updated!

Style Boards Inspired By BuzzFeed Verticals

BuzzFeed's sections for Politics, Tech, Lifestyle, Sports, and Animals each have distinct perspectives, color schemes, and expert voices. I have interpreted each of our distinct verticals as fashionable outfits using Polyvore because, well... dresses are pretty!

From Pick-Up Artist To Standing Craftsman

Dan McDonley launched his first business selling medicinal herbs online as a college student before becoming a professional pickup artist. Now, he builds something no trendy office can live without.

The Prehistoric Animal Alphabet

Only slightly more complicated than Dr. Seuss.

The Library Of Congress Twitter Archive Won't Be Online

A somewhat unexpected twist in the Library's quest to save every tweet: it's not going to be "available by web." The archive will, however, be accessible to "anyone with a library card."

Cantor Urges Tolerance On Gays, Muslims

In an interview with BuzzFeed, a top Republican leader says the GOP needs to be "the party of inclusion." Also: He's always on Intrade.

Fred Willard Got Fired From His PBS Show

After being arrested for "lewd conduct," the Anchorman star and all around funny guy has been dropped from his T.V. show.

TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" Looks More Troubling Than Expected

On the other hand, it's pretty amazing this network managed to find what is being called a "new low" in reality television.

Hear Google Translate Give An Emotive Reading Of "50 Shades Of Grey"

You may have read excerpts from the book, but nothing beats Google Translate giving little robotic "oohs" for sexual effect. It really captures the romance.

Wildlife Bridges May Be The Best Idea Ever

Why aren't these everywhere?

19 People Who Owe Their Mom An Apology

Some people just can't give their mom a break!

20 Everyday Things We're All Guilty Of Doing

You think you're the only one? Reddit's DAE subreddit helps us find out all the things we never knew we had in common.

What Do Oil Barons, Rappers, and Jeremy Lin Have In Common?

How the Houston Rockets can find their team's true identity.

BREAKING: Miranda Kerr Accidentally Exposed Her Thong

She was putting her son into the car, and the entire incident was caught on camera.

Sizing Up The 16 New Project Runway Contestants

OMG new season starts tonight! Let's pigeonhole all of the contestants based on what they look like and what little information is available on the Project Runway site.

The Dark Knight Rises: Reviewed

We answer the questions everyone's asking about The Dark Knight Rises... and deliver the AskMen review of the five star movie - spoiler-free.

Batman Movies

We live in the age of the superhero blockbuster, but one costumed crime fighter remains by far the most popular and successful when translated to film. No, it’s not Superman despite what your grandfather says, nor is it Iron Man despite what your 7-…

Marissa Mayer Doesn't Like The Word "Feminist" And Other Links

Kevin Durant is going to do really well in the Olympics. Also, did you ever notice how some sidekicks are better than their counterpart?

When 'Terminator' Meets Hooters

Behold the tank-like fembots of Japan's Robot Restaurant. Which will presumably be catering the apocalypse.

Bills Fan Recreates Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium With Lego

As a kid who could never get past mindlessly trying to fit as many Legos onto one flat green piece as possible, this is especially impressive. 57-year

17 Awkward Celebrity And Cat Portraits

The cats are adorable, it's just too bad they got sucked into these photo-ops.

Tracking The Biggest Star In The World

One thing is for sure: David Johnson knows Jay-Z. But does Jay know him?

Man Narrowly Develops BUBONIC PLAGUE And Narrowly Escapes Death After Cat Bite

Sue Previsor, Doncaster HSE, 18/7/2012 cat owners are some off the most deluded people on the planet jujing by this sight. i dont see why i should have too put up with the blooming things defocating on my garden. trampling over our cars and now kill…

Inside The Secret Online Arms Trade

The 90s sci-fi cyberpunk wannabe in me recognizes this as extremely cool. But as a rational human living on Real Earth, man, this is just terrifying.

Teach Me How To Brushy

A friendly PSA from the Oregon Dental Association about brushing your teeth set to the tune of "Teach Me How To Dougie."

Robert Pattinson Was Randomly Photographed In A Street Style Book Years Ago

The most famous vampire of this decade was once just another struggling actor in London. Oddly enough though, Nylon magazine took a photo of him randomly on the street one day for their street style book because they thought he looked cool.

Batman 101: The Many Complicated Lives Of Bruce Wayne

As Christopher Nolan's trilogy wraps up with The Dark Knight Rises, here's a survey of the range of the Caped Crusader's mythos.

To Rush Limbaugh: Bane In 'The Dark Knight Rises' Has Nothing To Do With Mitt Romney

Rush Limbaugh asked his radio show listeners if they think it’s a coincidence that the villain in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” is named Bane, suggesting the movie is meant to help advocate for President Obama. Cenk explains exactly wh…

11 GIFs Of Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Dancing Before A Race

This pre-race dance routine will be talked about for years to come. The best part about all of this may not even be the dancing - she actually smokes the competition.

19 Reasons Why Prince Charles Is The Quirkiest Member Of The Royal Family

Someone needs to cast him in the next Wes Anderson movie.

45 Reasons Why Supermodels Were Better In The '80s

You may not remember them that well, but they were equally fabulous if not more so than the '90s models. The models of today should really bring back the exaggerated poses that were so popular back then.

82-Year-Old Former Apollo Dancer Jacqueline ‘Tajah’ Murdock Tells Us How She Became The Face Of Lanvin’s New Fall Campaign (Even Though She Hasn’t Seen It Yet)

Today Lanvin unveiled their fall campaign featuring real people as models, ranging in age from 18 to 80. We were quite taken by the campaign image featuring the most senior model–a beautiful women with her hair pulled back tight, a severe look on he…

10 Surprising Things We Learned About The Modeling Industry From Jerry Hall, Isabella Rossellini, Pat Cleveland And More In New Doc About Face

Last night we went to the NYC premiere of About Face: Supermodels Then and Now, which you can catch on July 30 at 9pm on HBO. Besides everything we learned from the models on the red carpet before the premiere, the documentary itself was really eye-…

19 Reasons Why Fred Willard Should Be Able To Do Whatever He Wants

So, Fred Willard got arrested for "lewd conduct" last night. So what!? Let the man do what he wants! FREE FRED WILLARD!

A New Baby Cheetah Has Been Born And Is Bottle-Fed

Born at the Cincinnati Zoo on June 22, Savanna's mom couldn't provide adequate care, so she's being fed with a bottle every 2.5 hours. Did I mention that she's ridiculously cute, or does that go without saying?

Congressional Candidate Tammy Duckworth: Military Needs More Female Officers To Reduce Sexual Assault

The Illinois Congressional candidate and former Veterans Affairs official has been exhorted by her opponent Joe Walsh to stop talking about her time in Iraq. She talked to BuzzFeed Shift about why she won't be doing that — and how the military needs to change to reduce sexual assault.

Will Ferrell And Zach Galifianakis Should Read All Major League Starting Line-Ups

Who knew Geovany Soto was an accountant at a styrofoam cooler company in his spare time? Thanks Will and Zach!

Burger King Employee Stands In Lettuce, Gets Busted By 4chan

This is why you don't mess with people's food or the internet.

Dennis Rodman Reunited With His Father After 42 Years Of Estrangement

I want to make a joke about the "strange" part of "estrangement," but I'm too busy crying like it's the end of Field Of Dreams. Don't mind me.

Mitt Romney Promised Porn Crackdown In 2008

The Romney campaign ignored questions from Steven Nelson of the Daily Caller today about claims they "quietly promised a 'vigorous' porn crackdown." Romney also promised to crack down in pornography in 2008, noting it in stump speeches and ads throughout Iowa.

Zipper, The Motorcycle-Riding Pet Squirrel

A random act of kindness -- driving a drunk stranger home -- was rewarded with the gift of a baby squirrel. Suki Mixson, the squirrel's owner, says she's given him a chance to live in the wild but he prefers the domestic life. He sleeps in her bed, roams her house freely, and loves to ride along with her on her Harley.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Is Earning Millions For The Royal Family

According to financial records, the British monarchy's foundation made £10 million off selling admission tickets to view Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Overall, the foundation's income went from £8.5 million in 2011 to £50.2 million in 2012.

The Happiest Kitten Ever

Look at that smile! Nothing like lounging around on your favorite day-glo pink blanket.

Romney Plans Anger Polish Conservatives

They hate Lech Walesa. It's complicated over there.

Here Is The Best Video Of A Kangaroo Wearing A Diaper You'll See All Day

This is definitely in my top 5 favorite baby kangaroo videos.

The Internet Photoshops Mitt Romney Into Batman Villain

Mitt Romney was involved in Bain Capital and Bane is the villain for The Dark Knight Rises. I wonder if anyone's going to make a joke about that.

10 Most Controversial Images From Madonna's World Tour

Madonna's current concert series features the singer pointing a gun at her head, guzzling from a bottle of Jack Daniels, stripping, and projections of Nazi imagery. She flashed her nipple to a crowd in Instanbul and a now political Party in France is suing her for the use of swastikas. Has she gone too far? Or is she desperately trying to be relevant again?

Meet The 82 Year Old Lanvin Hired To Model In Its New Ads

Jacqueline Murdock spent her life working as a dancer at the Apollo theater in New York. After getting photographed for senior style blog Advanced Style, she caught the eye of Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz, who hired her to model in his fall ad campaign.

Hand-Feeding An Injured Dragonfly

A woman named Noelia found this dragonfly injured on the Willamette river bank. She was able to get it eating by feeding him tiny ants with a pair of tweezers.

Rafael Nadal Pulls Out Of The London Olympics

The 2008 gold medalist says he's "not in condition" to compete.

This Is Easily The Best Table Ever Made

Please tell me this is what my future holds. My life has had a train set/dining room table sized hole for far too long. Check out all the track designs at their website. (via

Using Rubber Bands To Explode A Watermelon In Slow Motion

After seeing it in real time, how could you not want this video to happen?

17 Tips To Make Your Life Easier

The latest viral buzz from

"Parks And Rec" Cast Is Seen Filming In D.C.

Spoiler alert, kind of? I have no clue what's in store, but I can't wait until season 5!

Jeff Goldblum Has A Girlfriend Who Is 30-Years Younger Than Him And Other Links

Liking superheroes doesn't mean you are a kid anymore. Also, Google+ users are apparently happier than you think.

Justice Scalia Interviewed By Piers Morgan, As Told By GIFs

We had a feeling we'd need to fire up the old GIF machine when we heard that CNN's Piers Morgan landed the Supreme Court's most outspoken member.

Elizabeth Olsen Gives Her Best "Derp" Face

These photos were taken while filming a movie, so let's all applaud her acting skills, I guess?

Look At The New Kids On The Block Shirtless And With Mustaches

Just something Donnie tweeted for your own viewing pleasure.

Particularly Horrible Random Ad Placement

The Internet is sometimes a heartless bastard.

Oh Simple Thing Where Have You Gone Photo

Check out this video of my cousins Lauren and Christopher singing along to one of my favorite songs. I love when my family gets together -LOL! Here are a few more photos from my New Jersey summer so far, I've had a great time. Family BBQs, boyfriend…

Checking In With The Patriarchy

@leon.saintjean I think the point was made above, but "dude" does not equal "representative of the patriarchy". The next time someone calls themself a representative of the patriarchy I will assume they are indeed engineers of our patriarchal oppre…

Why Gmail Design Changes Drive You Crazy

There's too much going on in your brain.

The Best Highlight Of NBA Summer League

That may not be saying much, but damn is this play gorgeous.

Best Tweet About The Boy Scouts Banning Gays

As a former Cub Scout (for one month), I approve.

Medieval Bras Shock Archaeologists

Four linen undergarments found in an Austrian castle have now been carbon-dated to the 1400s, making them the world's oldest known bras. Archaeologist Beatrix Nutz says at first, "We didn’t believe it ourselves. From what we knew, there was no such thing as bra-like garments in the 15th century.”

Impressive "Dark Knight Rises" 3-D Street Art

In Madrid. In case you're already not quite shitting your pants enough in anticipation.

Comedian / Actor Jimmie Walker Speaks With Tavis Smiley 7/17/2012

Comedian / Actor Jimmie Walker Interview w/ Tavis Smiley Originally Aired on 7/17/2012

Watch: Sh*t Fashion Girls Say On The Internet With Guest Appearances From The Man Repeller And Rebecca Black (No, Seriously)

In the new episode–Sh*t Fashion Girls Say On the Internet–P’Trique is “supes bus” being totes amaze on the ‘Net–manning social media marketing at The Platform (which, for those of you who don’t know, is an awesome YouTube channel for all things beau…

The Essential 100, No. 89: Myst From

rowing up in the 8-bit era, I always had to use my imagination to picture what a video game world would look like in real life. I had to close my eyes in order to envision what the Mushroom Kingdom would be like if our perspective was freed from the…

Fox News' Lies Keep Them Out Of Canada // Current TV

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Reader Supported News As America's middle class battles for its survival on the Wisconsin barricades - against various Koch Oil

What “Real Life” Means On Wikipedia

The title of the Wikipedia entry for "Real life" differs from its disambiguation page "Real Life" through the absence of one capital letter. But while the "Real Life" (upper case) page will lead you to many films and books and songs of that name, th…

Pete Rose Is Getting His Own Reality Show

With the widespread use of social media and, more specifically the popularity of a jackass like Jose Canseco, I’m surprised that we don’t hear more from or about Pete Rose. Hell, I’m surprised that what may or may not be his Twitter account only has…

18 Reinterpreted Photos From The White House Flickr Feed

Put your blackberry down, Jay Carney.

Dark Fairytales Photo - Buzznet

Dark fairytales by Eugenio Recuenco I'm in love with this editorial Eugenio Recuenco shot for Vogue in 2006. See the Princess and the Pea, Snow White, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast in a different, dark and moody…

The Essential 100, No. 90: XCOM UFO Defense From

With its unrivaled balance of tactics and tension, XCOM remains a masterpiece.

Crazed Beaver Attacks Two Girls Swimming In Lake Leaving Them With Serious Injuries

Eight-year-old Annabella Radnovich and her 11-year-old sister, Alyssa, were playing with their cousins at Lake Anna in Virginia's Spotsylvania County when the 65 pound animal bit and scratched their legs.

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