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July 9, 2012

Ron Perlman Pretty Much Won The Internet’s Man Of The Year

When I saw this story on Saturday, I wanted nothing more than to post it first thing this morning, but when I tried to start writing about it, I really couldn’t think of the right words to say. The story, of course, is that a young boy named Zachary…

Apple's Green Gadget Certification Goes Dark

Until this week, the world's biggest tech company had 39 EPEAT-certified products. Then it went a step further: It deleted its entire history of green products.

In Praise Of Kate Upton

The pro-thin community on the Internet is hating on Kate Upton's body. But actually, unexpected supermodels like her are just what the fashion industry needs.

Sweden's Weird Rockabilly Car Festival

Every July, a classic car festival called Power Big Meet takes place in the town of Västerås, Sweden. "Raggare" are Swedes who love '50s Americana culture - Elvis, rockabilly music, greaser style, and a somewhat tone-deaf use of the Confederate flag. Here are photos from this year's fest.

Dan Gilbert's Comic Sans Letter Explaining Why He's Helping Dwight Howard Get To Brooklyn

Because when you write angry letters condemning superstars being able to choose where they want to play, you probably shouldn't turn around and facilitate Dwight Howard going to Brooklyn.

William Shatner Wants Fans To "Get A Life"

Boldly going where no man, in normal clothes, has gone before. Pretty much everything Bill touches turns to ironic gold.

4 Things You Definitely Need To Know About Putting Panties On Goats

Yes, goat-pantying is a real rodeo event. And some people want to put a stop to it.

6 Things That Will Simultaneously Save And Ruin You

Almost daily, new studies come out saying some habit or pill will either benefit your health, or destroy it. If you look closely, the studies end up contradicting each other.

Pro-Israel Voices Blast RNC's Hire Of Paul Staffer

A spokesman's move seen as a concession to the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. Meanwhile, Romney plans a trip to Israel.

What Is An iPad, Asks Tricia Lockwood, An iPad

I did not expect to read a fantastic and surreal poem about the iPad today, or ever. And yet: "I am supposed to run 98.6. I run sometimes as hot as 103. OH CHRIST I am burning up, in the lap of a techno-dad. OH CHRIST I burn up while I read him the news."

Girls' Anxiety About Math Could Be Hurting Their Futures

The girls in a new study didn't do any worse at math than the boys. But they were more anxious about it — which could have implications down the line.

30 Definitive Twitter Feeds For Comic-Con

All the benefits of being there without the crowds. And the swag, and the celebrity sightings and the amazing cosplay and...okay it's not the same but it's close.

Yesterday's Future Never Changes

Curated by @tedp, a growing collection of companies' weirdly similar, always slick, never correct videos of The Future.

Lil Wayne's Mom Got Married And The Wedding Looks Awesome

The cake is pretty much the best cake ever.

A Day In The Life Of A Rock Musician

Wait, no groupies, booze OR drugs?! Boy, this job sucks.

The Pauls' "Internet Freedom" Crusade

Following her exclusive report, BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray discusses Ron and Rand Paul's new manifesto to defend the internet on HLN.

Learning And Sleep

Here's the crazy way in which you can learn while you sleep.

Kourtney Kardashian's Baby Girl Name

Kourtney Kardashian has had her baby girl, and according to People, the reality TV star and her boyfriend, Scott Disick, have named her Penelope Scotland Disick. We were kind of iffy on the name Penelope, which is a Greek name that means "weaver…

‘Spider-Man’ And ‘Prometheus’: The Not-Even-Mildly-Amazing Blockbusters Of Summer

Having gabbed at some length regarding Hollywood's abject betrayal of our cultural hunger for narrative, Elmo Keep and Maria Bustillos repaired to the movies to remedy the defects in their Summer Blockbuster education this weekend. Keep took in The …

Texts From Jane Eyre | The Hairpin


Canadian Crime News Is Everything You Want It To Be

BBQ Chip Bandits? I can't make this stuff up.

21 Simple Ideas For Adorable DIY Terrariums

For even the most botanically inept, terrariums are super easy to make and incredibly low-maintenance. They also make pretty much the best gifts or party favors ever.

"Brave" Cosplay

This Brave cosplay is so good, I don't even need to see the movie now. Which is nice, because two hours of Billy Connolly is more hours of Billy Connolly than is strictly necessary, IMO.

5 Ways To Fix The Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby is not the greatest All-Star event in sports. It's not. But it could be.

26 Reasons Why The World Needs Instagram

Instagram isn't just for useless, stupid pictures of your food or feet at the beach.

Does Cindy Crawford Support Mitt Romney?

She endorsed Obama in 2008, but appeared in a video for Romney's fundraising software ComMitt this year. Her team says she's "not politically aligned." Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour are firmly pro-Obama.

What Planets Do Celebrities Come From?

If Tom Cruise is from Mars...

New Book Reveals Mick Jagger And David Bowie's Steamy Affair

Tales of David Bowie and Mick Jagger's sexual escapades together have been published in a new book by Christopher Andersen. The Daily News gave us a sneak peek. Here are a few excerpts.

If The "Golden Girls" Were Superheroes

Any excuse to listen to the "Golden Girls" theme song is a good excuse.

Ass Crack Cleavage T-Shirts

You'll never look at a plumber's pooper the same way again.

Saudi Arabia Won't Be Sending Any Female Athletes To The Olympics After All

No Saudi women will compete at the London Olympics, despite the government lifting the ban on female competitors earlier this year. Turns out, years of barring women from sports has left the country without any trained female athletes. The only realistic candidate was equestrian Dalma Rushi Malhas, whose injured horse left her unable to compete two weeks ago.

Buffalo Wing Flavored Milkshakes And Other Links

Hope you weren't planning on eating any time today. Plus, when elaborate lies go wrong and the Imperial System rules despite what Metric System naysayers think.

This Cat Has An Old-Timey Mustache

Handlebar style. Possibly a member of a feline barbershop quartet.

17 Animals All Ready For Bed

Somebody get them a blanket and a pillow stat!

Here's What Women Think Christian Grey Looks Like

Thanks software designed for catching criminals, we now have a depiction of how women picture the Fifty Shades of Grey character. This has officially gone too far.

Your Cellphone Or Your Privacy

"Your cellphone is one of the most common ways you're going to encounter a law enforcement officer," according to the ACLU. And it's only getting worse.

All Time Low's Jack & Rian On How Well They Know Each Other (VIDEO) On Danivitale's Blog

After a little switch-a-roo that I did on the previous All Time Low interview that was a huge hit, I now did a little quiz for guitartist Jack Barakat and drummer Rian Dawson on how well they know each other. Favorite female attribute, smell, sound,…

The NBA Surprisingly Doesn't Approve Of The Miami Heat's Porn Star Fans

We’re less than a month away from the most important basketball event of the summer, and it appears that the NBA is trying to ruin the fun for everyone. I’m not talking about the 2012 Summer Olympics, because I’m an American who lives with the foreg…

The 20 Best Pro Wrestling GIFs For June

One of the best part of our popular The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column is the amazing collection of animated GIFs from Casey at Hammerlock Dialectic.

Caroline Stern And George Hess Arrested For Dancing On New York City Subway Platform

Caroline Stern, a dentist, and George Hess, a movie prop master, were waiting for a train at the Columbus Circle station after a late evening at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing last year when they began dancing the Charleston to a m…

Box Office News: America Hates Katy Perry

On Friday, I begged America to take a step in the right direction toward financial responsibility, and for the most part people listened. Katy Perry: Part of Me opened to a colossal fart noise, earning just $10 million. Overall, the film’s per scree…

In Hyperlocal Controversy, Concerns Over Mormon Church's Political Role

A zoning fight becomes "a matter of fasting and prayer in the temple." Apostle Elder Nelson intervenes.

A Brief Evolution Of Rap

Nothing gold can stay.

The Furby Is Back And I Hate Its Guts

Hasbro is bringing back the Furby toy. Let's examine just what these devious creatures have planned for us as our inevitable ghoulish robot overlords.

What A Wheelchair Warning Sign Looks Like In South Africa

Add this to the list of reasons not to move there.

Eight Democrats Who Disagree With Obama On Raising Taxes On Those Making More Than $250,000

President Obama called for extending the Bush tax cuts today only for middle class Americans, defined as those making under $250,000. But several prominent Democrats have voiced disagreement with the President's long held postion in the past.

Kyrie Irving Blew Everyone's Minds At The Olympic Basketball Practice

The Cavs star is on the US Select team, which means he's there to give the Olympic team some competition. He was able to do that and then some.

The Impaler: Being Tortured By Roger Federer

At 30 years old, Federer's game has become a mixture of technical skill and psychological warfare.

8 Reasons Why Katie Holmes Would Make A Great Fashion Mogul

As Katie enters the Next Chapter of her life, she might be best off putting acting on the back burner while she focuses on her fashion brand. She's already been fairly successful with her clothing line so far — and could have a very promising future in the business.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Making Snow Angels...

...while "singing" "Take My Breath Away."

Mac Miller Explains "Call Me Maybe" To Adam Levine

This conversation is ridiculous.

The Story Of Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively's Summer Kiss

They had a dunk machine at a family party, and then things got steamy!

Mahatma Gandhi's Amazing Letter To Hitler

Gandhi wrote this amazing plea in 1939 to Adolph Hitler asking him to stop what he was doing.

15 Easy DIY Ways To Add Color To A Room

Don't shy away from bright shades! This home decor is both colorful and chic.

Awesome Shark Bench

I need to go to Thailand.

Kate Upton Drinks, Dances To Journey At Detroit Tigers Game

I’m not one to narc on a beautiful woman having a good time, but here’s a clip of Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton — 20-year old Kate Upton — enjoying a clear, yellow-ish beverage in a transparent plastic cup at a Detroit Tigers home game ov…

Lion Pose Is The Best Pose

Starts off serene, goes batshit crazy around 0:40, then settles down into serene again. Look up at your third eye and roar, everyone.

Why I Want To Believe In UFOs

It's not about science, it's about belief. Inside a meeting of the Mutual UFO Network, where I learned about the "horse-moose" and other alien "entities."

"Game Of Thrones" As An NBC Sitcom

This is so much nicer than the real thing. Good thing HBO got to it first.

David Axelrod's 1980s Advice For Romney

The Obama strategist offered a bit of advice for then Democratic presidential candidate Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, that could double for advice for Romney today.

How Mitt Romney Became The World's Best Fundraiser

Every aspect of his campaign is geared toward a single goal. After a career spent raising money, a final challenge.

Lady Gaga Joins Instagram

BuzzFeed's Matt Stopera joins Mike Galanos on HLN to talk about the latest A-lister to join Instagram. Lady Gaga follows sharp tongued Rihanna and the most-followed user, Justin Bieber, on the photo sharing social network.

The 28 Different Types Of Leonardo DiCaprio

Alternate title: Leonardo DiCaprio being adorable. Just because it's Monday and you should start your week off right.

Tiny Pony Having A Dream

I don't presume to know what tiny ponies dream about, but if I had to guess, I would guess that it was about pony world domination. Which would be the cutest world domination of all time. Sign me up.

Two-Face Kitty

She's cute, but don't get on her bad side. Because her bad side is pure, adorable evil!

Inside Every Corgi Is A Nightmare Waiting To Get Out

I knew it. No creature could possibly be that happy all of the time.

Hilarious Playgirl Rejection Letter

This raises so many questions. You've got to admire the honesty of this rejection letter from the '70s.

Important: "Justin Bieber As A Cat" T-Shirt

Now you can have both of the things that are obviously your favorite two things, all on one T-shirt. And it's called "Baby Baby Baby Meow," which is a clear sign that this was invented by a genius. (Thanks, Joel!)

Ellie Kemper Got Married And Her Funny Lady Friends Attended The Wedding

She tied the knot this weekend in New York City. Congrats!

If You Haven't Watched "The Front Desk" Then You've Been Missing Out

The Front Desk is a hilarious web series about a hotel front desk clerk. The latest webisode features Fred Armisen as a guest who has recently taken a vow of silence. This should be a real show.

Orphaned Baby Beluga Drinking Out Of A Bottle

Stay strong, little guy. We're here for you.

22 Reasons Why Design Was More Awesome In The '80s

They may have been way more advanced back then. Disclaimer: if you don't love unicorns and rainbows, you might be inclined to disagree.

What Was Your Senior Quote?

Come on. Out with it. Also, explain yourself. What the hell were you thinking?

Here's 43 Seconds Of Britney Spears Dancing To A Contenstant On "X Factor"

Ladies and gentleman, here is the back of Britney Spears dancing courtesy of an audience member at a recent taping of "X Factor" in North Carolina. Looks like she'll be a fun new judge!

How Do Baseball Players Respond To Surprise Lightning?

In the 4th inning of yesterday's Twins-Rangers game in Texas, some good old fashioned thunder and lightning scared a bunch of millionaires. It was funny.

9 Very Complicated Diva Outfits From London's Wireless Festival

Jessie J., Rihanna, and many more performed in London's Hyde Park wearing more layers, nail art, and statement hosiery than we've seen in the past 12 issues of Nylon combined. Let's take a look at their wild performance attire.

Inappropriate Holocaust Museum Ad

This is really not the place for a stupid visual joke.

Congressman Compares Social Security To Slavery

The Florida congressman who's "heard" that 80 House Democrats are members of the Communist Party served up another doozy on Fox News yesterday.


63-year-old Ina Garrett thought her pastor had a demon in him, so she threw a Bible at his head. I think I love this woman.

Is This Video Why Rob Portman Won't Be Romney's Running Mate?

Rob Portman's close ties to the Bush White House, including serving budget director (seen here in his nomination) will be fodder for Democrats. "The OMB has an essential responsibility of implementing the full range of my administration's agenda"

Urban Decay Won't Sell In China Due To Testing Requirements

The cosmetics brand had planned to sell its products in China, but the Chinese government requires animal testing. After customer backlash, the company — which has been animal-testing-free in the US for over 15 years — decided to put operations in China on hold until laws there change.

I'm In New Jersey Trick Photo Ashlee Holmes' Photos

MAMA! Here are a few photos of my first few days in New Jersey! I'm going to be in New Jersey for a little while for business --and to visit my family &friends of course. So far since I've been back east, I've gotten to see all of my family and frie…

Best Dressed Couture Edition: Alexa Chung In Chanel, Kirsten Dunst In Louis Vuitton And More

Paris Haute Couture Week is officially over. We’ve already reviewed the shows, picked the prettiest looks, rounded up the critiques, traced the history of the brides, and taken a look at the beauty; but obviously one of the most important parts of a…

Paths Of Glory: Metal Gear's Portrayal Of The Soldier From

Sympathy for the solider stands as the strongest theme of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which couches the entire series and the back story of its most important figure in terms of betrayal by the United States government. The Boss, a powerful fem…

How’d You Get There, Standup Comic Kate Wolff?

Kate Wolff always knew she was funny, but when her classmates growing up told her she was going to be on "Saturday Night Live," she laughed and informed them she wanted to be a teacher. Well, life is funny sometimes. Teaching wasn't the dream job Wo…

Michigan's Crystal Spencer Battles Flesh-eating Bacteria

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., July 6 (UPI) -- A southeastern Michigan woman is in serious condition in the intensive-care unit at a Detroit hospital with a rare, flesh-eating disease, her husband said.

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