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July 9, 2012

Sweden's Weird Rockabilly Car Festival

Every July, a classic car festival called Power Big Meet takes place in the town of Västerås, Sweden. "Raggare" are Swedes who love '50s Americana culture - Elvis, rockabilly music, greaser style, and a somewhat tone-deaf use of the Confederate flag. Here are photos from this year's fest.

Yesterday's Future Never Changes

Curated by @tedp, a growing collection of companies' weirdly similar, always slick, never correct videos of The Future.

The Pauls' "Internet Freedom" Crusade

Following her exclusive report, BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray discusses Ron and Rand Paul's new manifesto to defend the internet on HLN.

The Furby Is Back And I Hate Its Guts

Hasbro is bringing back the Furby toy. Let's examine just what these devious creatures have planned for us as our inevitable ghoulish robot overlords.

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