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July 15, 2012

Schwarzenegger Showed Up To Comic Con, Talks Twins 2

The majority of yesterday’s Comic Con buzz in San Diego was focused on the Twilight panel, featuring all of the film’s stars as they talked about things like telepathic babies, life after the franchise, and shaving Taylor Lautner’s back for the summ…

"Adventure Time" Yearbook

And the vandalized version of that "Adventure Time" yearbook. Another of Mondo's seemingly endless Comic Con exclusives, this time by Mike Mitchell.

Surfing Goats? Surfing Goats!

Goatee and Pismo's owner Dana McGregor loves to surf, so he figured he'd see if his two goats liked riding the waves as well... Not entirely sure about that logic, but these beach goats do look like they have pretty good form out there.

28 Sexy Pictures Of Older Actors When They Were Young

From Ian McKellen to Dame Judi Dench, many of these thespians are respected actors today, but did you know they were all once total sex-ba-bombs? Okay, so we all knew that Gary Oldman is attractive across the entire space-time continuum, but what about Christopher Walken? You might be surprised...

"Item 47" Clip Starring Lizzie Caplan

She's always right. This Avengers one-shot takes place after the climatic events at the end of the first film and follows one couple's descent after acquiring alien tech.

Having A Threesome

You should enjoy fond memories of your threesome - not worry about it.

19 Catwomen Posing With Catwoman-Man

There were a TON of Catwoman cosplayers at Comic Con this year, including our very own Gavon Laessig. All the catwomen we met were nice enough to pose with Gavon, but most of them were visibly upset. It's pretty clear why.

"Lord Of The Rings" Mondo Posters

A trio of Tolkein posters, exclusive from Mondo at Comic Con. These are from JC Richard and are yet another example of Mondo's Comic Con dominance.

Topshop Is Coming To A Nordstrom Near You

More exciting Nordstrom news! Even more exciting if you live in a city that doesn’t have a Topshop. The department store has just announced plans to install Topshop departments in 14 of its locations in the U.S. Each one will get a 2,500-square-foot…

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