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July 15, 2012

"F*ck Capitalism" T-Shirt Sighting

Maybe it was his last clean t-shirt.

Schwarzenegger Showed Up To Comic Con, Talks Twins 2

The majority of yesterday’s Comic Con buzz in San Diego was focused on the Twilight panel, featuring all of the film’s stars as they talked about things like telepathic babies, life after the franchise, and shaving Taylor Lautner’s back for the summ…

Things You Can Buy At The Zombie Apocalypse Store

Your one-stop shopping center for the impending face-eating zombageddon. This store was stumbled upon in San Diego during Comic-Con. We bought something that we shouldn't have.

"Adventure Time" Yearbook

And the vandalized version of that "Adventure Time" yearbook. Another of Mondo's seemingly endless Comic Con exclusives, this time by Mike Mitchell.

The Rarest Of Achievements At Comic-Con

Seriously, after four days of cosplay in Southern California in July, some sections of this convention hall smell like sweat and pleather.

Sauron Launches His Presidential Campaign At Comic Con

The Lord of the Rings baddie throws his hat into the ring. Pun partially intended.

Surfing Goats? Surfing Goats!

Goatee and Pismo's owner Dana McGregor loves to surf, so he figured he'd see if his two goats liked riding the waves as well... Not entirely sure about that logic, but these beach goats do look like they have pretty good form out there.

When Joe Biden Plagiarized Bobby Kennedy

It was a key moment in the 1988 Democratic primary, described in Richard Ben Cramer's What It Takes and revived today by the @whatittakes2012, a social reading of the classic.

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Beautiful Artwork

Artist "My Dog Sighs" picks up discarded cans and bestows them with soulful, quirky faces. "Can" you remember the last time you saw something this creative?

First Look! "Fringe" Season 5 Trailer

To save our future we must look to our past. The last season is shaping up to be wild ride.

12 Most Dangerous Governors

While they all wine and dine in Virgina (whose Gov. Bob McDonnell was spared from inclusion on this list simply because there was too much competition), we've rounded up — in no particular order — the 12 most dangerous governors to keep an eye on:

New York City's Douchiest Real Estate Ad

The economic meltdown put a temporary halt to these types of ads. But they're back.

28 Sexy Pictures Of Older Actors When They Were Young

From Ian McKellen to Dame Judi Dench, many of these thespians are respected actors today, but did you know they were all once total sex-ba-bombs? Okay, so we all knew that Gary Oldman is attractive across the entire space-time continuum, but what about Christopher Walken? You might be surprised...

The Knicks' Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Weird Weekend

Or "A Storied Franchise Reminds The World How Dysfunctional It Can Be In 5 Easy Steps."

"Solomon Kane" Trailer Debuted At Comic-Con

And this is why you don't pillage mysterious castles. Has renouncing a life of violence ever ended well?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Preview For PS3 From

For the best Previews of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PS3, check out this page on

How Different Can One Man Look? Hilarious Portraits Of Photographer Gordon Stettinius That Are A Lesson In Bad Taste

For the past five years, photographer and adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University Gordon Stettinius has been sending intentionally awful images of himself dressed as one of more than two dozen creepy-looking characters, as follow-ups t…

"Item 47" Clip Starring Lizzie Caplan

She's always right. This Avengers one-shot takes place after the climatic events at the end of the first film and follows one couple's descent after acquiring alien tech.

Twitter HQ: Your Little Sister Circa 2010

They're really into flash mobs and Justin Bieber! And cute boys in letterman jackets! It's kind of adorable how dorky this is.

The Cutest Nyan Cat At Comic-Con

Accompanied by the most dedicated mom at Comic-Con.

Everyone Is Sick Of Dwight Howard

Seriously, just shut up.

Having A Threesome

You should enjoy fond memories of your threesome - not worry about it.

19 Catwomen Posing With Catwoman-Man

There were a TON of Catwoman cosplayers at Comic Con this year, including our very own Gavon Laessig. All the catwomen we met were nice enough to pose with Gavon, but most of them were visibly upset. It's pretty clear why.

First Look! "Man Of Steel" Teaser Poster

Superman returns...again! Zach Snyder heads up the latest attempt to do the Superman franchise right.

"Lord Of The Rings" Mondo Posters

A trio of Tolkein posters, exclusive from Mondo at Comic Con. These are from JC Richard and are yet another example of Mondo's Comic Con dominance.

Marvel Unleashes Dates For Next 4 Movies

They're calling it "Phase Two". Find out the titles to the sequels for Thor and Captain America. Plus art for Ant Man and Guardians Of The Galaxy.

"The Dark Knight Rises" Gets A New Mondo Poster

Yet another awesome Comic Con exclusive. This time from artist Olly Moss. Mondo + Comic Con + "The Dark Knight Rises" = Unyielding Gold.

I Love This Animated GIF

The latest viral buzz from

Topshop Is Coming To A Nordstrom Near You

More exciting Nordstrom news! Even more exciting if you live in a city that doesn’t have a Topshop. The department store has just announced plans to install Topshop departments in 14 of its locations in the U.S. Each one will get a 2,500-square-foot…

First Look: Mila Kunis Returns As The Face Of Miss Dior, Styled By Carine Roitfeld

Mila Kunis returns as the face of Miss Dior in a role the actress should find very familiar. According to WWD, the campaign, which was shot in Los Angeles, depicts Kunis as “the kind of woman accustomed to attention from throngs of paparazzi.” You d…

Mitt Romney 'Deliberately Got Booed By The NAACP To Appeal To White Racists'

Democrats united in saying that Romney planned to get booed to appeal to his conservative base. But O'Donnell and his guests went a step further by saying that Romney was making a play for white racists.

Here Comes Jason Biggs And The Fake ‘Magic Mike’ Audition Videos

When not taking a wholly unnecessary trip to the American Pie cash machine, Jason Biggs is still trying to make sincere, earnest films like Grassroots. He’s also grown quite fond of making humorous attempts at viral videos on today’s hot topics, lik…

First Look! "True Blood" Extended Season 5 Trailer

Everyone's favorite Viking killer returns. Alternate title: Bon Temps is about to get dark!

Twilight Sparkle Sings "Failure" Song In Season 3

She was not prepared. The Hub manages to give a 2 minute musical clip that doesn't give away a single plot detail. Well played.

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