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July 24, 2012

See Sarah Robles Model Some New Dresses

Robles, the USA's best chance at an Olympic medal in weightlifting, wears gym clothes all the time, and has spoken frankly about how hard it is to find non-gym things that suit her. Designer Jill Alexander, swept in with some fancy dresses and things for Robles to wear. "She’s one of the top athletes in the world. She’s not unhealthy, she’s not lazy, but she has trouble finding clothes that fit well," Alexander says. "She’s empowering women to speak out and say, ‘I deserve better from the fashion industry.’"

The Most Paranoid Photoshop Artist Of Our Time

Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Thomas Kincaide. They're garbage compared to Davo Dees's Photoshop creations featuring chemtrails, Ron Paul, a fear of flouride in the drinking water, and other totally sound deology.

Mitt Romney's 2007 Defense Of Scooter Libby Could Come Back To Haunt Him

Mitt Romney is planning to hammer President Obama for national security leaks in a major speech today. But Romney's past defense of Scooter Libby in the Valerie Plame leak case shows he hasn't always taken a hard line against suspected leakers. Asked in two 2007 debates if Libby should have been pardoned, Romney called the investigation of Libby a "political vendetta" and "prosecutorial indiscretion."

Meet The Sarah Palin "Porn Double" Headed To The RNC

Lisa Ann, star of the Nailin' Paylin porn videos is headed to the Republican National Convention. Why, exactly, I'm not sure — but here's a pictorial introduction to Lisa so that you don't happen to mistake her for the real thing (not that the actual Sarah Palin was invited, anyway). [NSFWish]

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