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July 24, 2012

Amelia Earhart Chain-Smoked Across The Atlantic

Endorsement ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes from 1928.

Is Chick-Fil-A Anti-gay Marriage? 'Guilty As Charged,' Leader Says // Current TV

We're a TV network available on DirecTV, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, and more. Find us on your TV. While you are here you can watch videos from our TV shows, check our TV schedule, and participate in discussions with members of our c…

Anthony Davis' Spectacular Block Sums Up Team USA's Win Over Spain Today

The U.S. Men's Basketball team won 100-78, with Melo scoring 27 and LeBron 25. But it was the squad's most junior member who added the exclamation point.

5 Inspiring Quotes From Hillary Clinton's Speech On Ending AIDS

"Every woman should be able to decide when and whether to have children...There should be no controversy about this," she said.

Dress Yourself Up As Beyoncé

Upload a photo of yourself and try on one of the super diva's signature outfits. Pose with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, or kick it like it's 2001 with Michelle and Kelly. (Or just dress up the cat provided.)

See Sarah Robles Model Some New Dresses

Robles, the USA's best chance at an Olympic medal in weightlifting, wears gym clothes all the time, and has spoken frankly about how hard it is to find non-gym things that suit her. Designer Jill Alexander, swept in with some fancy dresses and things for Robles to wear. "She’s one of the top athletes in the world. She’s not unhealthy, she’s not lazy, but she has trouble finding clothes that fit well," Alexander says. "She’s empowering women to speak out and say, ‘I deserve better from the fashion industry.’"

R.I.P. Sherman Hemsley, 74

The star of The Jeffersons passed away of natural causes at home in Texas.

Could Ann Romney Shield Her Husband From Character Attacks?

"Suggesting there was something illegal or untoward ... they're talking about Ann by extension."

Wallis Simpson Or The Queen Mother?

Two years ago I read William Shawcross’ immense official biography of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother of England and became enamored of the story of lady who had a front-row seat to the entirety of the 20th century (and a little bit beyond).

27 Beach Towels You'll Want To Show Off Immediately

Everyone puts so much effort into their swimwear, but a cute beach towel can make an equally awesome fashion statement. Just think of how adorable you'll look sitting on one of these while having a picnic on the beach.

How To Host An Amazing Olympics Party

From the food and drinks to the music, atmosphere, and decorations — we've got you covered with these 52 tips!

Romney Advisor Who Hit Obama On Leaks Was Involved In Scooter Libby Scandal

Special advisor Eric Edelman sent out a statement today attacking the White House over national security leaks. Not the ideal point man: Edelman was the first to suggest leaking info about Joe Wilson's CIA-sponsored trip to Niger in 2003 when he served as Scooter Libby's deputy in the Bush White House.

Apple Sinks After Big Miss: Live Blog

The eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 is expected to debut in September or October, so investors will be keen to see whether consumers are delaying their iPhone purchases. Apple sold a massive 37.04 million iPhones last quarter with the smartphone accoun…

BUZZNET Exclusive Contest: Win Tickets To McFly's NY Or LA Shows On We've Got You Covered's Blog

McFly is coming to the US! The UK based band will be touring in the US for a few shows this September, and we want YOU to be there! We have two pairs of tickets to giveaway; one for the show at The Roxy in LA on September 7th and one in We've Got Yo…

Heres The First POS Suing Over The Dark Knight Rises Shooting

71 people were shot when James Holmes opened fire during the midnight premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on Friday, but Torrence Brown, Jr. wasn’t one of them. He was there (he works in the movie theater and a friend of his was killed) but he…

What Is Leonardo DiCaprio Doing?

What are you hiding Leo??? I hope your face is okay.

Exclusive Clip of Bane's Morning Radio Show

Enjoy this clip of Bane from 2007, when he was a morning radio host.

The Most Paranoid Photoshop Artist Of Our Time

Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Thomas Kincaide. They're garbage compared to Davo Dees's Photoshop creations featuring chemtrails, Ron Paul, a fear of flouride in the drinking water, and other totally sound deology.

A Doomed Relationship As Told Through GChat

A look into the GChat and email history of a world-traveling college student and her hitchhiker boyfriend reveals the ups and downs of their long-distance love.

Twitter Verifications That Need To Exist And Other Links

Because not all verified accounts are created equal. Also, Tampa prepares for the RNC and why American prefer cow milk over any of the other 6000+ mammals.

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Being Adorable Together

Are they just the cutest couple or are they just the cutest couple?

The Wordsworths Of OkCupid

Ladies love poetry. Sometimes. But these guys on OkCupid aren't exactly Pablo Neruda.

Gwen Stefani: Queen Of Buns

No one in modern times has done more for bun-based hairstyles than Gwen. If a Gwen Stefani hair-themed diner ever opened, here's what would be on the menu.

Obama Previously Called National Security Leaks "Shameful" Said They "Should Never Happen Again"

The President took a harsh stand against politically motivated leaks from the Bush Administration in 2007.

22 Things You Probably Shouldn't Buy At A Yard Sale

Some things are better off just going in the trash.

5 Pictures Of Queen Latifah Laughing

Try not to laugh along. Just try.

A Bizarre Collection Of In Memoriam Blingees

Because the classiest, sassiest way to pay homage to the dearly departed is with a Blingee. Duh.

Here's A Fun Little Commercial For AR-15 Rifles

The Dark Gun Rises. The assault weapon of choice for varmint hunters. And spree killers.

Tim Heidecker Wrote A 14 Minute Song About The Titanic

It's heart wrenching, heart breaking, and heart warming. Look for a twist around the 7-minute mark.

James Dean - My Teenage Icon Photo We've Got You Covered's Photos

With his legacy preserved as the Rebel Without a Cause , I find James Dean to be the epitome of a teenage icon. From the major way in which he influenced fashion to pioneering the creation of the bad boy persona, this fiery Indiana boy will forever …

How To Launch A Fashion Brand On Kickstarter

Just last week, small Boston-based fashion start up Ministry of Supply raised over $400,000 to fund their line of sweat-resistant men’s shirts. That’s significantly more money than the winner of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund gets and they didn’t even …

Gorgeous Timelapse Footage From Wimbledon

I'd love to pick my jaw up off the floor, but I can't. London has never looked more amazing.

Donald Karpel Suing Aurora Theater, WB In Wake Of Shooting

When a gunman opens fire in a crowded movie theater, the sad truth is that it’s only a matter of time before some slimy lawyer convinces someone to sue the theater. CONGRATULATIONS, DONALD KARPEL! YOU WIN THE SLIMY D*CKLICKER SWEEPSTAKES!

Mitt Romney's 2007 Defense Of Scooter Libby Could Come Back To Haunt Him

Mitt Romney is planning to hammer President Obama for national security leaks in a major speech today. But Romney's past defense of Scooter Libby in the Valerie Plame leak case shows he hasn't always taken a hard line against suspected leakers. Asked in two 2007 debates if Libby should have been pardoned, Romney called the investigation of Libby a "political vendetta" and "prosecutorial indiscretion."

What Has Happened Since New York Legalized Gay Marriage

It's been one year since gay marriage became legal in New York State. As you can see, LOTS of scary shit has happened since.

Can Ann Romney's Horse Defeat The Gay Dressage Champion At The Olympics?

If Rafalca and Jan Ebeling are going to win gold in London, they're going to have to defeat Edward Gal, one of three openly gay male Olympians.

Meet The Sarah Palin "Porn Double" Headed To The RNC

Lisa Ann, star of the Nailin' Paylin porn videos is headed to the Republican National Convention. Why, exactly, I'm not sure — but here's a pictorial introduction to Lisa so that you don't happen to mistake her for the real thing (not that the actual Sarah Palin was invited, anyway). [NSFWish]

The Amazing Story Of The Woman Who Survived Aurora Shooting Because Of A Brain Defect

22-year-old Petra Anderson took a bullet to the brain in the Aurora shooting that killed 12 and injured 58. Her pastor explains the remarkable way she survived.

8 Style Lessons From Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart, who would have been 115 on July 24, was not only a groundbreaking pilot, but also a fashion icon.

Hey Look, It's Bar Refaeli Under Water

This might be something you want to see if you are interested in super models in bikinis.

The 55 Best Things Found In MTV's "House Of Style" Archives

Great news, everybody! MTV has released old episodes of House Of Style online for you to stream in their entirety. Here's why you should be excited.

Bo Knows...Gaming's Original God Mode From

But after writing about Tecmo Bowl for the NES last week for our Essential 100, I came to the realization that I had experienced God mode long before I stormed the various monster-infested compounds of Doom. I felt that same rush of unbridled …

The Nastiest Ad Of The Campaign Cycle

The SuperPAC Texas Conservatives Fund released a gut-wrenching attack on Ted Cruz, a Republican Senate candidate in Texas. "Ted Cruz should be absolutely ashamed of himself," says the grieving mother of a teen who killed himself after his time in a detention facility whose proprietor Cruz later represented.

Goat Man Wears Goat Suit And Hangs Out With Goats

A man wearing a DIY goat costume was seen on a Utah mountain among wild mountain goats. Works for me.

Boy George Covering Lana Del Rey's "Video Games"

Well this is unexpectedly pleasant. Enjoy.

6% Of Humans Go Out Of Their Way To Hit Animals On The Road

According to this super scientific research study. What is it about driving a SUV that makes you more likely to be an awful person?

When The Holograms Invade

Part two. A short story about the horrifying future of the music industry.

Look At All The Fun Movies Filming Right Now

Looks like a good crop of films are in the works. Exciting!

6 "New Faces" Of The Olympics

With every Olympics season comes a fresh batch of athletes considered the "new face" of their sport (inevitably replacing the "new faces" of just a few years ago). Here's a look at a few American women the media has already labeled the defining personas of the London Games.

The Most Amazing Flying Cat Amazon Customer Images

Da Bird cat toy really makes the fur fly, apparently.

The 8 Best Summer Seafood Dishes

Not able to make it to the beach for a long, lounge-y getaway? These eight fresh and easy dishes will transport you there, anyway.

Allstate Street Ad Embraces Drag Queens

Via San Francisco. The Million Moms are running out of companies to do business with.

The Truth About Instagram

Nailed it. The photo app is just one more way to make your life look better than it is.

Boehner Urges House GOP, Bogged Down In News Cycle, To Refocus On Economy And Spending

“We have the high ground in this fight, and the Democrats know it … Let’s stay on offense,” Boehner told colleagues.

Morrissey With A Cat On His Head

Morrissey with a cat on his head.

Look, It’s The New Saint Laurent Paris Logo!

While we got a sneak peek at the logo last week (when the under construction YSL store in SoHo revealed the new logo on its boarded up walls, which were promptly covered by some poster spam), YSL just quietly posted the official new “Saint Laurent P…

Death Cab's Ben Gibbard Wrote A Song About Ichiro

After the Seattle Mariners traded their long-time hero Ichiro Suzuki to the New York Yankees, Mariners die-hard and Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard put his love for the Japanese legend to music. First Zooey Deschanel and now this? It's been a tough year for Ben.

Sales Of Katie Holmes's Clothing Line Soar Following Divorce

Nothing livens up a stagnant luxury label like one of the world's most famous divorcee's making a few trips to Whole Foods wearing clothes.

Here Is Owl City And Carly Rae Jepsen's "Good Time" Music Video

It's here! The music video you've all been waiting for, I think.

The New Carly Rae Jepsen Music Video Is Finally Here!

Owl City is in this too. But who really cares about him. Sorry!

Obama Adminstration Has Sent Mixed Message On Banning Assault Weapons

Since the deadly shooting in Colorado on Friday, the White House has shut down the idea of pushing for more gun control legislation, citing a political climate unfriendly to such efforts. Even before the events in Aurora, the Administration's position on the issue has been hard to pin down.

Zach Galifianakis Delivers A Message From The Future

Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Chloe Moretz, Marisa Tomei and Isaiah Mustafa (aka the Old Spice Guy) have some interesting tidbits about what the world will be like in 2015.

The Mission To Define, And Destroy, Mitt Romney

The Obama campaign has alluded to Mitt Romney's "weirdness" and called him a "felon" and a "James Bond villain." Here's how the president's uber-confident Chicago attack factory orchestrates the undermining of his enemy's reputation.

False Equivalency - Talking Liberally With Stephanie Miller // Current TV

I watch “Meet the Press” every Sunday because, as you may have heard by now, I’m a bitter, elderly, shut-in loser. Instead of brunch with friends, I choose to spend the morning with David Gregory.

HIV On Rise Among Young Gay Men In America

A new study shows that HIV prevalence actually rose between 1994 and 2008 among gay and bisexual men aged 18 to 29 who lived in cities. Stigma and socioeconomic factors may be keeping young gay men from getting tested — more than three-quarters of those who tested positive in the study had been unaware of their status before.

How Dare The Chicago Cubs Dress Up As Super Heroes After Losing

Despite being absolutely mauled in a three-game sweep at the hands of their villainous arch-rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals – this is how I assume every article in the Midwest began last night and this morning, by the way – the Chicago Cubs left Bus…

The Unblemished Truth About Skin Whiteners And Dark Spot Correctors

When Lady Macbeth famously exclaimed, “Out, dam’d spot!,” she wasn’t referring to skin issues like freckles, sunspots, moles, and residual acne scars. While the Lady’s concern was more of the figurative sort, the beauty industry has been tasked wit…

'Man Of Steel' Teaser Trailers: A Tale Of Two Fathers

Two teaser trailers for Zack Snyder's upcoming "Man of Steel" debuted ahead of "The Dark Knight Rises" in theaters this weekend, with the character's two fathers--from Krypton and Kansas--offering different words of wisdom for Henry Cavill's disheve…

Updated: Some Questions For Marc Jacobs’s Ex And His New Fashion Week-Themed PETA Campaign Aimed At Gays In The Fashion Industry

The former model had a brief, but publicized affair with the designer back in 2008. He’s since starred in LOGO reality show The A-List New York and gotten married to a Brit. But it’s his relationship with Jacobs that seems to have landed him this mo…

Warner To Reshoot Gangster Squad In Wake Of Aurora Shooting

And the studio moved swiftly Friday to pull from exhibs and online outlets the trailer for “Gangster Squad,” a period drama that featured a scene in which agents spray machine-gun fire into a crowded movie theater from behind the screen. Given the e…

When To Have Sex

The latest viral buzz from

A Model Strolls Naked(Ish) Through A Cemetery In The First Issue Of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book

First, we saw a video from a mock-up of the mag (dubbed “issue 0″), then heard rumors that Kate Upton may be Carine’s first cover girl. Now there’s a real image from the actual magazine, and it’s in WWD this morning. Model Juliet Ingleby, shot by…

Madden Through The Eyes Of... From

t's a tale as old as time. Well, at least as old as sports video games. A new Madden game comes along with an updated roster, new menus, a slightly tweaked offensive or defensive feature, and improved sweat physics. There simply isn't enough time fo…

Why Isn't The Sky Blue?

This segment of the most recent episode of Radiolab about color is super interesting. It seems that people haven't always seen colors in the same way we do today.

Turn Your Twitter Stream Into Your Friends' Linkblog

A few weeks ago, Twitter added an option to search the tweets of only the people you follow. This is useful for several different reasons (try searching for [recent pop culture key phrase] to see what I mean) but for those who use Twitter primarily …

Why OPI’s New Top Coat ‘Black Spotted’ Is The Latest Impossible-To-Get Nail Polish Craze

Special effects top coats–like holographic, crackle, and sparkle–are now a nail polish aisle staple, with everyone from Essie to Deborah Lippmann releasing versions. But there’s one that has had the nail polish blogs gushing for the past month and i…

Katie Holmes Got Another Well-Timed Glossy Cover And Tom Cruise Needs A New Stylist

Katie Holmes has so much going on right now, a divorce from Tom Cruise almost seems like an afterthought for the actress/designer. Just a couple of weeks after Holmes’s Elle cover hit newsstands, WWD has just revealed that she’s gracing the cover of…

Dreamzone Entertainment Announces Hairy Twatter, W/Jessie Andrews

Being that I’m one of the few movie writers around who follows the adult film industry as closely as I do the regular film industry (film is film, dammit!), the adult industry has been kind enough to return the favor. Which is how it came to be that…

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