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August 12, 2011

Are You A Horse?

A flowchart to help you answer one of the tougher questions in life.

Accidental Glass Beach

Mother Nature is turning trash into treasure. For almost twenty years, residents of Fort Bragg, CA used the ocean as a receptacle for household garbage. The practice was shut down in the sixties and ever since then the surf has been beating the glass shards into beautiful submission.

Greatest Bookstore Ever

Does anyone know where this bookstore is? Can we send donations? This is a truly wonderful thing.

Poignant Stop-Motion Portal 2 Music Video

This is even more tear-jerking if you subscribe to the "Rat Man is Chell's father" theory. An awesome use of mix media to tell the story leading up to the beginning of Portal 2.

Short Circuit: Temporary Tattoo Of The Future

I, for one, am not sure if I welcome our new cybernetic overlords. Developed by engineers as a way to monitor vitals or speak with computers via movement, these circuits only last for a couple of days...for now.

Horsemaning On "The Today Show"

It's official: horsemaning has gone Kathie Lee and Hoda viral, which is the viralest of all virals. Once a meme gets the Fourth Hour imprimatur, it is forever enshrined in the meme pantheon.

Coming Soon: Doctor Who Specials!

It's two weeks 'til we get more Doctor Who on BBC America, but they're going to be tiding us over with a series of specials (beginning tomorrow - Saturday, August 13, at 9/8c) about the 11th Doctor and his friends (and enemies). Here's a sneak peak from the first one. Looks like they've pulled together an eclectic bunch of famous nerds for the occasion.

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