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August 4, 2011

30 Badass Shark Tattoos

You may not believe it from your own personal experience, but I guarantee that these people are watching more Shark Week programming than you are. In fact, I'd say few others are more dedicated to shark culture than these fellows.

How To Make An Alcoholic Snow-Cone

Snow-cones aren't just for kids anymore. Summer may be over in just a few weeks, but that's even more of an incentive to take full advantage of it with these chilling beverages. They're easier to make than you think--especially when you're drunk!

Dow Falls 513 Points, Worst Plunge Since 2008

Wall Street posted its worst single day loss since the depths of the recession in 2008, with the Dow Jones today plummeting 513 points. Fears of a double dip recession at home and further market instability in Europe drove stocks over the cliff.

The Benjamin Franklin Theme Song: 'That Kite'

Why did Benjamin Franklin fly that kite? It may not be entirely historically accurate--as I'm unsure whether Franklin invented electricity after getting drunk off Hennessey--but it sounds like a pretty great revision of history, if you ask me.

Upper-Middle Class Suburban Housewife Tweets

@PeanutFreeMom is a parody Twitter account where a guy based out of Natick records quotes he overhears at the upscale children's care center where he works. Using them, he's crafted the personality of Debra Jones-O'Brien, who apparently has a lot to say.

If You Need To Raise Money, Get Your Financing Done ASAP

At first blush it makes little sense for early and even growth stage company financings to be driven by the cycle in the public markets.  After all, if you are doing a Series A, B or even C financing it is usually with the expectation that the compa…

Wigger Day

An African American student from predominantly white Red Wing High School in Minnesota is suing the school district for failing to prevent a student-organized event called Wigger Day. Quera Pruitt says that students of Red Wing would celebrate Wigger Day, also known as "Wangsta Day," by coming to the homecoming dance sporting "oversized sports jerseys, low-slung pants, baseball hats cocked to the side, do-rags and gang signs." Pruitt's lawsuit claims that school officials turned a blind eye to the event and let it happen three years in a row. Reminds me of this moldy old meme.

Captain Kirk And Batman Together At Last

Holy egos, Spock! They were fated to star together on this failed buddy comedy based on Alexander the Great (wut?) from 1964. A clip from the pilot shows William Shatner and Adam West sharing screen time and fueling fanfics. Somehow the technology of the past was able to withstand this much awesome in one frame.

11 Ways People Kept Cool Before Central Air

Other than wishing for death. Most of us take air conditioning for granted. After all, it's always been there and it always will be. But until sixty years ago, it was virtually unheard of. But yet we did not, as a people, succumb to lethargy and sunstroke.

Is This D.B. Cooper?

An Oklahoma woman named Marla Cooper has come forward to say that she is the helpful person of interest who has provided the new lead in legendary D.B. Cooper case, claiming it was her late uncle who successfully skyjacked a plane in 1971. He probably stashed the $200,000 in his sideburns.

Prague Street Art Is Watching You

Anybody who has been to a major European city (and New York is starting to catch up stateside) can tell you how true this is. Big Brother is on every corner. Or in this case he's everywhere on one corner.

Chris Christie Defends Muslim Judge Against Racists

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defends his appointment of Muslim-American Sohail Mohammed to the state bench with totally justified indignation. Republican or Democrat, it's refreshing (in this day and age, etc.) to see a politician calling out the racists in no uncertain terms rather than dancing around the topic.

Most Insane Amazon Author Bio Ever

I don't care if this is real or not. Thurgood Meddlethorp is both a vision of masculinity and named after a one-eyed vagrant. That means both he and this bio must be shared.

Steven Spielberg's Congratulatory Letter From Jaws To Star Wars

When Star Wars finally passed Jaws as the most rented movie of all time, Spielberg took out a full page ad in Variety to congratulate his friend. And the image shows what we all need to remember during this, the holiest of Shark Weeks: Droids>Sharks.

The Urinal Of The Future Is Awesome

The urinal needs a facelift. It's long past time. I think we can all agree this proposed version is better. So let's send this along to President Obama and he can make it happen. Because that's how laws and countries work. Right?

Blink-182's New Music Video Is Made Exclusively From YouTube Clips That Featured Their Music Without Permission

I've never been much of a Blink-182 fan, but this is really cool. The band has just released the music video to their first single in years, "Up All Night," and to reward their fans, they've made it exclusively from clips people have posted to YouTube that used their music without permission. It's really cool to see a band not lash out at people using their music creatively, but endorse it in such a loud way. The song isn't bad either.


A beautiful little short film from 3 guys traveling across 11 different countries over the course of 44 days. BRB, booking a few flights.

7 Cold War-Era Photos Show That East German Secret Police Were Hipsters, Terrible At Disguises

Newly discovered photos currently on display in Berlin at the Morgen Contemporary Gallery show East German secret police in various disguises. The photos, originally part of an internal course called "the art of disguise" are ridiculous. They all look like costume tests for a Steve Martin movie. That or the photo evidence of the average Brooklyn man's wardrobe.

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