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How To Make An Alcoholic Snow-Cone

Snow-cones aren't just for kids anymore. Summer may be over in just a few weeks, but that's even more of an incentive to take full advantage of it with these chilling beverages. They're easier to make than you think--especially when you're drunk!

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The Basics

You'll want to serve your custom alcoholic snow-cones in either a highball or a 'Collins' glass, or, if you're particularly daring, actually use paper cones (they could get messy after a couple drinks, though). Once you mix all the ingredients, put 6-12 ice cubes in a blender and blend till frozen. Then, transfer them to your desired snow-cone receptacle and pour the mixed drink over them. Enjoy.

Pro-tip: if you're lazy, which you certainly will be after one or two of these snow-cones, you can just put all the ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously.

1. The Classic


2oz. Schnapps, raspberry

1oz. grenadine syrup

1oz. Blue Curacao liqueur

fill remainder with 7-Up (typically 12oz.)

Special instructions: Fill glass with crushed/blended ice, then add Schnapps and 7-Up. Add grenadine and let it settle to the bottom of the glass. Carefully float the Blue Curacao over the top of the drink.

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