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August 29, 2011

Mass Grave Of Gaddafi Opponents Found In Libya

The charred remains of 53 people, more than likely rebels and rebel sympathizers, were found in a warehouse outside of Tripoli today. Yet another reason Gaddafi must be found and brought to justice. WARNING: Disturbing images.

Okay, So Michele Bachmann Didn't Say "Who Likes White People?"

She's still crazy, but she's not crazy enough to say that. This unedited footage clears up the remark. She says, "who likes wet people?" The event was being held on a rainy day and her next sentence discusses how they "have the god of the winds and rains."

Stunning Photos Of London From Above

This collection of beautiful photos were taken by Jason Hawkes while in a helicopter flying over the city. A night photographer, he captured unique, glowing pictures of all the main sights of London--from Big Ben to Piccadilly Circus--and much more.

When A.I. Collide

What happens when two chat programs chat with each other? It doesn't take them long to figure out there's no human in this equation.

Fallout Monopoly

What do you mean this isn't available at retail? Deviant artist Pink Axolotl made this one of a kind board for her boyfriend's birthday. Now if we all work together, we can steal it.

Monopoly: Fallout Edition

What do you mean this isn't available at retail? Deviant artist Pink Axolotl made this one of a kind board for her boyfriend's birthday. Now if we all work together, we can steal it.

The Ninja Of Yeovil

Feeling that the hooligans in the midsize English town of Yeovil were getting a little too out of control, 33-year-old Ken "Shadow" Andre decided to take matters into his own hands. He has spent the past six years patrolling the streets by day and night fighting violence and tomfoolery, like stopping kids from shooting swans with BB guns.

Star Wars Meets Drive Mash-Up

Han Solo just wanted to get paid. He never asked for this. Until today, I'd never heard of "Drive" but now I kind of want to see it.

Insane Footage Of Historic Flooding In Vermont

No more joking about Irene being a non-event. The governor says the flooding in central and southern Vermont is the worst in over a century. A dozen bridges have been washed away, tens of thousands are without power, and at least two are dead in the tiny New England state. If you'd like to help Vermont and the many other victims of Irene, please make a donation to the Red Cross.

What Happens When Two Chatbots Talk To Each Other

This is fucking terrifying. Cornell Lab's Creative Machines hooked up Cleverbot (the chat program that learns to be more human with every conversation it has) with another Cleverbot. They should get a room. And then, presumably, destroy us parasite humans before we try to shut them down.

Introducing Linda Robbins: Photoshop Supermodel

Linda Patricia Robbins had a Flickr account with 169 pictures of herself convincingly photoshopped onto various scenes and, presumably, bodies. The account no longer exists, but fortunately, some of the photos and captions were saved before its removal. Words fail to capture the magnificence of these images.

Hurricane Irene By Bike

Late Saturday night, four friends went out on a bike ride to see what the tropical storm was really like. The video starts off with biking during the afternoon drizzle, and resumes during the torrential downpour and high winds, notably biking down the middle of a wholly deserted Times Square and Chinatown. Sweet soundtrack too, guys.

The Funniest Old English Measurements

It's no secret that the English language has some pretty fantastic old-timey words, but you probably don't know most of these. Find out what the world was like when it was divided up into barleycorns, knight's fees, and hogsheads.

Disturbing, Racist Facebook Image Sparks Investigation

Disgusting. Authorities in South Africa are trying to find any information regarding this photo and the welfare of the child therein. The Facebook user who posted it goes by the name "Eugene Terrorblanche." Police contact information can be found here. WARNING: This is truly an awful image. We can only hope it's staged.

20 Pieces Of Jewelry Inspired By The Internet

From Nyan Cat to Hipster Ariel, the internet has certainly made its mark on fashion. And with this awesome jewelry, you can always carry a piece of the internet with you wherever you go.

Space Oddity As A Children's Book

Andrew Kolb has turned David Bowie's epic story about Major Tom into a gorgeous children's book. Here are the first couple of pages to give you a taste, but you should check out the book in all its (.pdf) glory here. The story breaks your heart even harder this way. It's good for you.

CDC Is Prepared For More Than Hurricanes

Do they know something we don't know? Sure, this is probably a PR stunt to cash in on disaster awareness but I'll be stockpiling sawed off shotguns can goods just in case. Get your free copies of these posters here.

The Hunger Games Sneak Peek Clip

Any doubters about Jennifer Lawerence as Katniss after this just refuse to be pleased. My only complaint about this clip is its brevity. March can't get here soon enough.

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