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August 23, 2011

Earthquake Interrupts DSK Press Conference

Apparently God believes Nafissatou Diallo. Towards the end of the clip, pay attention to the woman in the striped shirt who's closest to the camera. Her expression of mild panic and perturbed confusion basically sums up all of New York today.

500 People In 100 Seconds!

500 people in Israel holding 1,500 separate photographs make this lovely stop-motion music video. Don't get dizzy! (via Ze)

11 Cringe-Worthy OSHA Violations

Safety third! Or fourth? Safety eventually? I'm going to assume most of these take place in countries where OSHA isn't waiting in the wings like some sort of lawsuit vulture.

Louis CK's TV Daughter Is Crazy Talented

When she isn't fighting for mango pops, being bored in the car, or telling would be muggers to "stop being scary!" Ursula Parker is an amazing violinist. Which wouldn't be impressive except that she's 6-years-old (at least when this was filmed).

The Best Twitter Responses To The Earthquake

The east coast just had an Earthquake. I know it's scary, we're still recovering ourselves. But some people have already been funny about it. Here are some of those people.

Earthquake Hits East Coast Of North America

An earthquake stretching from South Carolina to Toronto struck the East Coast just minutes ago. The epicenter appears to have been near Washington D.C. in Virginia. Initial reports from the United States Geological Survey say it was a 5.9 magnitude. We felt it in our office in New York. Pretty freaky. More as it develops.

The Teaser For Charlie Sheen's Roast Is Scary

Comedy Central, I like your roasts, but come on. I think this teaser might be a step too far. The man is literally (and that is the appropriate word) killing himself in public. Highlighting that aspect of the story and not all of his zany sayings or whatever is a weird angle to take for an advertisement.

Cat Doesn't Understand Glass

Glass... how does it work? To be honest, though, probably anyone would be furious if a tiny pink mouse were just sitting there, taunting.

This Might Be An Overreaction

But you know, just maybe. Also I'm pretty sure what he's proposing would make driving a bit more difficult. So there's that too.

Lady Gaga's Childhood Classmate Also Makes Music

Poppy Chaos was a childhood friend of Ms. Gaga, and has recently decided to follow in her friend's footsteps. But then, you know, pass her. Because f*ck footsteps, right? This hilarious video also features Nick from BriTANicK and a bunch of other awesome people. Also, I have to be honest, the song is pretty catchy...

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